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Derek Halpern, the founder of Social Triggers, shared a personal story; which is of relevance here, saying:

I’ve got a quick story for you…

Back when I worked for a Fortune 100 company, the CEO retired and they appointed a brand new CEO.

I asked one of my colleagues, “How do you think he landed that job? He’s so you young.”

(He was like 40 at the time).

They said, “He’s real smart. He processes information so fast.”
“Wow – dude is like a computer,” I thought.

But then I asked another colleague, a colleague who wasn’t friends with and didn’t know the other person I asked.

I asked them “How do you think he landed that job? He’s so young.”

And that’s when they said, “He processes information so fast.”


I’ve never heard this expression in my life, and now I heard two separate people say the same exact thing.

So I went on a little “rampage.”

I started asking everyone I knew. “How do you think he got the job?”

And almost everyone said, “He processes information so fast.”

At the time, my brain was like 2+2 = ERROR.

Here I am, I don’t even know what processing information so fast even means, and everyone was using that exact arrangement of words.

What was going on there?

The chances of people creating the same sentence… some obscure sentence… like that is impossible.

But that’s when I realized something: The reason why people said the same things about him is because he must have shaped it.

It must have been PLANNED.

What Does This Have To Do With Whatsapp Jobs?

If you can plan how to manage a Whatsapp group like a newly appointed CEO, with the group created for you, as your own company, then everyone joining your Whatsapp Group becomes a source of hope for you to generate revenue for yourself.

If each Whatsapp group you lead is worth N250,000 or its equivalent in your own local currency, for you,

  1. How soon will you want to fill up one Whatsapp group and move quickly to fill up another group?
  2. How many groups will you like to fill up in a week, month or year?
  3. How much will you want your monthly revenue to be?

If you answered the questions above, you have just set up a revenue goal for yourself, and now is time to take action for achieving this goal by doing the following:

  1. Apply to join the SFPS global admins Whatsapp group
  2. Get the details on how to build your group from the admins guide
  3. Start building your groups
  4. Send your group members to learn about the opportunity on telegram
  5. We’ll follow up on telegram, for your group members to take action by attending our special paid seminar
  6. You get paid for each member of your group that pays for the seminar on Telegram.
  7. You earn residual income for members also copying from you, and doing what you do.

Ready to take the first of the above 7 steps, click the link below to join the Whatsapp admins group for getting paid N50,000, monthly, working from Whatsapp, learning on Telegram and Earning in CENCASH.


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