As from this date, May 11, 2017…

All workers recruited on this site are hereby duly informed that they shall be solely managed online, and cease henceforth to rely on coming for any particular work related business at any of the two Tecfclip’s office locations listed below:

  1. Plot 30 2nd Avenue, Federal Housing Estate, Agip, Rumueme, Port Harcourt, Rivers, Nigeria.
  2. #34, Airport Road, Rumuodomaya, Port Harcourt, Rivers, Nigeria.

The company has completely moved all its career related engagements to a virtual mode of operation, affecting any of the following listed operations:

  1. Advertisement of New Job Vacancies
  2. Description of Job Details and Requirements
  3. Application submission by applicants
  4. Screening of Applicants
  5. Processing of Payments for the Training of all New Recruits
  6. Training of all Enrolled Trainees Who Have made payments
  7. Coaching, Mentorship and Support for all new recruits
  8. Coalition of Progress Reports from all three levels of recruitment
  9. Provision of extra motivation, inspiration and direction of all workers
  10. Notification of updates and changes on this terms and conditions
  11. Briefing and all necessary memos on industry best practices for working completely virtually.
  12. Sending Payments to all members of the Tecfclip Staff.

All specifics related to the above listed moves will be added from time to time until all aspects have been fully clarified.

To this effect, all Tecfclip’s new recruits should desist from seeking to operate from the local offices and feel comfortable working absolutely virtually.

From the first step of interfacing with Tecfclip to the last step of receiving regular payments all new recruits should make themselves comfortable with the different aspects of the company’s BPM (Business Process Management) that have been moved online using all the integrated supportive virtual tools that workers should get conversant with as follows:

  1. Training Pages: This are sections on this site where only trainees who have paid for their training are given the login details to access the training videos, audios, and transcripts provided for their training. Integrated Online training for new recruits takes full effect as from May 11, 2018. So, as from this date, no training will be done locally, but all done virtually on the Training pages. So, trainees, should ensure they have sufficient data subscriptions before the time they access the training pages, in order to have unrestricted access to  all video presentations, audios and any other large data consuming add-on used on the training pages.
  2. Zoom: this tool should be downloaded by each staff member, for live video mentorship and coaching  provided by their superior, hence this will fill the gap of seeking to meet their superiors locally, and make it possible for superiors and those on their teams to interface in a live video conference mode, rather than merely relying of voice calls.
  3. Skype: this tool should be downloaded by each staff member, for staying connected with every one on their team and other team members they have access to, in order to interact effectively in a community mode, using the skype call and chat features of the tool effectively to stay in touch with one another.
  4. Vogue Pay: This tool is a wallet service provider where all staff members should open a personal account, in order to have their personal wallets where they’ll be sent direct wallet-to-wallet payment when due, in order that they can be paid at the spur of the moment, without delay from other payment methods, but be able to access their cash once payment is received, by logging on their wallets, and transferring any desired amount to their personal bank accounts for making cash withdrawals. Thus, once recruited and trained, the next thing expected of the new staff member is to create their personal account on Vogue Pay here.   And submit their email email and phone number used on that wallet to the HRM here so that payments can be sent directly to their wallets when due, based on their productivity.

These tools will completely eliminate the need for reporting to the office, and when other new tools are added, the staff members will be promptly notified on how to use them.

When purchasing any training program, both staff members recruited and others purchasing any training program should use the payment button provided on the page they’ve accessed the information, and feel free to provide all the required billing information that will enable them make instant payment for their purchases. This will ensure there is no delay in access the training contents, as once their payments are processed successfully, they’ll receive the login details to the training page where they can then commence their training, and start making use of the information they’ve acquired with or without supervision as the case may be, while where submitting application is required, the applicants should keep an eye on their email, as they’ll receive a voucher for making payments via their emails and this also makes it easy for them to access the training they’ve paid for quickly, and get started using the information they’ve acquired either independently or as staff members.

These are the basic terms that have been provided to guide everyone using Tecfclip’s site in a paid way to know what to expect from Tecfclip as well as what is expected of them as they make progress with the company.

For any other questions, or inquiries, leave a reply on this T&C page in the comment section below if available, or contact us with any of the contact details at the top of this page, and your query will be attended to, while you  click the back button at the address bar above to return to your previous page and finish up with the business you started.

Lastly, you’ll always find the Blue Button at the end of this page and the previous or any other page you’re viewing, it’s meant to help you easily make your payment online when you click it after selecting the program you’re paying for, in the select option menu you find above the the blue button. If the option appearing on the menu is not the program you’re currently interested in, click the menu to see the other options and click on the correct option to select it before clicking the blue button below it.

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Stay positive!

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