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Top Tier Commissions From High Ticket Affiliate Marketing


Traffic is not just about clicks, it’s about people sitting behind computers and looking at your offer.

There are different people behind each click. Money only comes from one source and that is people. Clicks are from real people. Making a sales is not just about the product, it’s about the audience. How do you communicate with the right people? How do you get your offers in front of these people. When you communicate through your marketing, you have to communicate as if you’re communicating with real people.

Traffic is about getting your offer in front of the right audience, the right people. Traffic Plus Conversion equals Sales. Just having traffic doesn’t mean you’re going to have sales. Just because you have a lot of traffic doesn’t mean you’re going to have a enough money. Conversion is the ability to put and offer on your website that persuades people to pull out their wallet, make their purchase and send you digits in your online wallet. If you can master this, then you’re going to have enough money.

Economics is the next thing. You need to know not just how much is coming in (gross numbers) but how much you’re getting to keep at the end of the day (net income). The economics of your business has to be profitable. So, you can’t keep on focusing on gross if more money is going out than you get to keep, because even though more money is coming in, if you’re not putting it back into the business rather than spending it than keeping it. You need to be focusing on building up your cash reserve.

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It’s much easier to getting a second sale from the customer than getting the first, because they’re more willing to buy more than buy the first. So, your focus needs to be on maximizing your existing customer value. When you’re looking for customer, a good customer to look for is those who when they purchase a first product, their purchasing power goes up. Help people do well, help them start getting money, help then get results, then they will feel more comfortable investing in your higher value products and pay higher prices.

When choosing a niche, look for a niche where there is already a competition. Choose a niche where you understand your target audience. Get an education in your market because you are your market. You’ll be grateful for time you are going through making a market study because you are your market. Choose the niche that has a million dollar potential. Internet marketing niche is a multi-billion dollar  niche.

In order to become wealthy, you don’t need to have a ceiling on what you’re earning and this happens especially when doing things that you’re exchanging time for money, so you have to think of ways where you can transcend trading time for money, and instead creating systems that get to function without needing you to be there, then you can get wealthy. You can figure this up. Focus on creating systems that work independently of you. You become wealthy through creating systems.

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When it comes to getting traffic, you have two ways to go, you either go free or you go paid. But free is not really free because you trade time for the traffic like posting repeatedly for this to happen. But paid traffic lets things happen really faster. Getting paid traffic is like building a system – it is like a vending machine.

You need to build an audience in your business – your heir- a group of followers that you influence – starting to build your own list is very important. It all starts there. Start building your list and email them every single day. make offers to them, but do it in a way where it is interesting to them.

You’ve got to have personality in your marketing, but you don’t need to have a good personality to be a good marketer. You want to polarize your audience. Don’t be in the middle. You’re not trying to appeal to everyone. You try to appeal only that audience that are going to want to buy from you. If you try to appeal to everyone, you’re going to go broke within a very short time.

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Get to manage time more productively. Don’t focus on other people’s marketing, you need resources and you need results. but don’t spend too long without getting your first sales. So, make your primary goal to try to make your first sale. Focus on making that very first sale.

Spend your time doing activities that actually bring revenue into your business, like writing an email to your audience, as well as putting up a webinar. You got to be challenging yourself. It’s a revenue producing activity, and this is where your business needs to be. Don’t focus in the wrong areas. Look at getting new leads, this is great because it’s getting you results.

Most of what you do, write down what you do in ever 10 minutes, you do busy work and that is not productive work. Don’t just feel busy going no where. Soon you’ll drown. You need to be swimming forward by focusing on activities that move you forward – the vital view – there are few activities that actually move you forward. You don’t need to know everything before you start executing, so doing admin is not really productive, all the book keeping is not necessary, be in action mode all the time, make all the mistakes along the way and learn by moving forward, being moment away from crashing.

Eventbrite - 1 Financial Market & Portfolio Management Consulting Training/Certification

Embrace that feeling of not having all the answers, be building your plane as you’re flying it. It will be really messy to be a successful entrepreneur. You don’t have to study and get all the answers before you start doing. You only just need to go and do it, make all the mistakes. Your focus at the very beginning must be about how you are going to sell more products. Always be in selling mode. Always be in promotion mode.

It’s possible for you to get a millions of dollars per year, it will require absolute dedication from you. But don’t look at this as work, learn to love it, let your business be always on your mind, it should be one of the most important things in your life.

What does your typical day look like?

What do you do when you wake up in the morning. You need to check your numbers, to know if you are moving forward. Be in active relationship with your list, as this is the most important asset you’ll have in your business. Keep your list alive, it’s an organic thing, it’s either degrading unless you’re keeping it alive by emailing them, and that’s the relationship that will keep them alive.

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Create new products, create new offers that will move the business forward and bring in new revenues. Improve your current sales funnel and improve your conversion model. Do less time-wasting stuffs, put your business first and love what you’re doing like your daily routine, become totally passionate about it. But you can still get the results you want without necessarily putting in 12 hours a day.

Know your environment, take your business a little more seriously. Treat your business like a job. You can rent an office, and have a better environment where you sit down and you’re ready to produce. The environment that you are producing within is going to influence you on how your getting things done. You don’t want to get dependent on one thing.   Always be thinking of what your backup plan is.

Enjoy the journey o entrepreneurship, the struggle you go through is not a burden that you bear it is an opportunity that you should enjoy. That’s just a little light from Tecfclip, and you’re now ready for the ride.

Eventbrite - 1 Financial Market & Portfolio Management Consulting Training/Certification

Five things you need to have a successful online business

You need Traffic

You need Funnel

You need a Filter

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You need a Follow-up System in place

You need a Tier Product Mix

The five essential elements of a successful online business

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Traditional affiliate marketing is dead…

An affiliate promotes another business, and if the products are bought, the affiliates are paid commission.

Your affiliate link is a unique link, only you owns that link, you place it online, and when people click that link and buy through it, then you’re owed a commission.

Eventbrite - 1 Financial Market & Portfolio Management Consulting Training/Certification

Affiliate marketing is a multibillion dollar business, and is a business model that has been online ever since the internet started and it has become very popular.

Advantages of being an affiliate:

You don’t have to go create product,

Eventbrite - 1 Financial Market & Portfolio Management Consulting Training/Certification

You don’t have to handle any of the payment processing

You don’t have to do a storage or handle product, you don’t have to do any shipping

You are completely mobile:

For the Flaws of Traditional Affiliate Marketing:

Low commissions: tiny little commisions

You don’t get paid on the back end: prospects by the front-end product through your link. but if they go have more spends on the back-end with follow up from the business, you don’t get paid.

There’s too much work for too little money, but with a top tier or high ticket affiliate marketing you don’t need to make too many sales to make much money. You make fewer sales to make more money.

With high ticket affiliate marketing popularly known as top tier marketing it is possible to make more in a day, than you will ordinary make on a traditional affiliate marketing.

How much will you want to start making a month to be able to quit your job?

Instead of marketing cheaper product, you can market a top tier product to achieve your goal faster, as you get paid higher commissions on single sales. it means you make fewer sales, but which is harder to do? To sell a lower commission product or higher commission product which is harder? It is harder to sell higher commission product, but not non-proportionately higher, and is much easier than you think.

Step 1:

“Secrets Of Millionaire Internet Marketers: What They Know (And The Masses Don’t)”

What You’ll Discover In This Step:

  • What is a “Top Tier” or “High Ticket Affiliate Marketing” business model
  • Why is it a must in today’s economy
  • Why traditional affiliate marketing is flawed
  • Why you need to “go deep, not wide” if you want to make $100,000 this year
  • Rising advertising costs and the necessity of having an amazing back-end

 Difficulty level:


 Video Time:


In this video I’m going to show you what is a Top Tier Business and why you will want to have one.

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Congratulations! Less than 91% make it to step 1.

My Prediction About You

I’m willing to make a bet: this is not the first “make money online” product you’ve ever bought, is it? For 95% of the people reading this right now, this will be one of many training products you’ve bought. If you’re like I was when starting out back in late 2008, you’ve probably spent more money than you’d like to admit on various “make money” programs.

How have those past courses worked out for you? Have you been able to use what you learned from them to make your first $100,000 online yet? If not, why do you think that is?

Here’s what I will promise: This training program which you now have access to is like no other; it works.

It’s worked for many, many people who’ve completed the steps you’re about to be coached through. However, what you get out of these steps and the coaching you receive will be equal to what you put into it.

If you go through these steps and follow your coach’s training in a passive, non-committal way, you won’t experience life-changing results.

But if you take this seriously—if you treat it as if it were the last training program you were ever going to take, and as if this business were going to be your one source of income for the next decade—then what you will be able to achieve in the next 12 months will astound you.

So let’s dive right in …


Five “Essential Elements” Of Online Business Success

There are many online business models you can follow but to succeed with an online business and get consistent and scalable results, you will need the following 5 essential elements, which we will cover more deeply in the upcoming steps.

What Are These Five Elements?

  1. Traffic: This is the constant flow of prospects that are interested in what you have to offer. Without traffic you can’t have sales. With no sales, you can’t have profits.
  2. Funnel: A funnel is systemized process that allows you to capture your traffic and turn them into leads and buyers.
  3. Filter: Filters allow you to show your prospects custom products and services that are specific to their needs.
  4. Follow-up: Well thought out follow-up processes allow you to stay in touch with your leads and buyers, get feedback and comments so you can offer them better solutions.
  5. Tiered product mix: This is a selection of products, services and solutions at various price points that address your buyer’s needs.

As we dig into each of these elements in the next steps, you’ll begin to get really excited about this program, and our proprietary MOBE system where all the elements are ready for you to plug into.

For now, let’s take a look at affiliate marketing, one of the more popular online business models.

Traditional Affiliate Marketing Is Flawed

There. I said it.

Everyone talks about how great affiliate marketing is, but there are some major problems with it as a business model.

In case you don’t yet know much about affiliate marketing, here’s a main concept expressed in Chapter 2 of my best-selling book Limitless (which I’ll be sending to you in the mail for free when you complete Step 3):

“In a way, affiliate marketing can be compared to a commissioned salesperson except you don’t have to do any of the selling if you don’t want—the website you’re placing ads for can do all of the selling for you.”

Here’s An Example

Let’s say I develop a training product for business owners who want to learn how to create their first website and start collecting leads. It’s priced at $1,500. They’re happy to pay it, because if they implement the strategies I teach in this training product, they’ll be able to generate thousands of leads for their business which could be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. $1,500 is a no-brainer.

I have a product and I have a website that explains all the benefits of the product and how someone can buy it. But I have no website visitors, I can’t make a single sale.

That’s where you come in: you become an affiliate for my business by joining my affiliate program. Your role is simple: bring potential customers to my website.

That’s it!

Once they are on my website, I can then sell him or her my course. If they buy it, I agree to split the $1,500 with you. After all, without you, I wouldn’t have made the sale in the first place.

Only seems fair, right?

Your affiliate link might look something like this: http://track.mobetrack.com/aff_c?offer_id=1555&aff_id=1760. which is one of our standard MOBE affiliate links for a course we sell, like our 21 step system (which pays a $44.10 commission to you).

  • “Mobetrack” indicates it is a tracking link for MOBE
  • “Offer ID” refers to the product
  • “Affiliate ID” refers to you

Every time someone clicks that link, the click is tracked as having come from your affiliate link through a combination of cookies (little pieces of code), and the IP address and email address of the person doing the clicking.

Don’t worry, you don’t need to know how it works, you just need to know that it’s very accurate and ensures that you get paid your commission on all people you refer to the website you’re promoting.

You can find thousands of affiliate products and companies that you can represent by going through affiliate networks like:

  • CJ Affiliate
  • ShareASale
  • Rakuten Affiliate Network
  • Affiliate Window
  • eBay Enterprise Affiliate Network
  • ClickBank
  • Amazon Associates

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Affiliate Marketing


  • No product creation
  • No payment processing
  • No storage, shipping & handling
  • Operate from anywhere
  • No minimum monthly sales
  • Scaled to any size you want


  • Low commissions (usually less than 40%)
  • Lower priced items
  • Rarely pay on back-end sales

Despite the advantages, traditional affiliate marketing is flawed because of the low price point, low commissions and restrictions on back-end sales which means you will have very low profits. With such low profits you will have to constantly be looking for hundreds of new buyers to make a decent income.

In short, it’s too much work for too little money.


Why You Need A Top Tier/High-Ticket Affiliate Marketing Business

“Top Tier” is defined as “the highest level or quality.” Direct sales companies use the term to refer to products that are much more expensive (and pay higher commissions) than items typically marketed this way.

“High-Ticket” is defined as “expensive” and High-Ticket Affiliate Marketing (HTAM, a term I coined) refers in particular to the online marketing of products and services that are more expensive that items offered by other online marketers.

Top Tier and HTAM are interchangeable terms that describe MOBE’s business model.

With Top Tier, it’s possible to make in day what you would make in an entire year in residuals from a typical affiliate marketing business!

Think for a moment of how much you would need to make before you could quit your job. Let’s say for example that it was $5,000.00 a month. That would break down to roughly 166.66 dollars a day.

Now with a traditional, non-Top Tier marketing system online, you would only earn a small amount on each sale. Let’s look at a few price points of a typical system and see how many sales it would take for you to generate $5,000 per month:

  • At $4.00 profit per sale, you would need 1,250 sales a month
  • At $7.00 profit per sale, you would need 714 sales
  • At $47.00 profit per sale, you would need 106 sales

To earn the income you need using the typical affiliate marketing model, you’d have to learn how to generate a lot of sales, month in and month out.

In a moment, we’ll talk about why this model will not work long-term when you add the marketing equation into the picture.

Now let’s look at MOBE’s Top Tier business model:

  • At $1,000 profit per sale, you only need 5 sales
  • At $3,000 profit per sale, you only need 2 sales (+ $1K profit)
  • At $5,000 profit per sale, you only need 1 sale
  • At $9,000 profit per sale, you only need 1 sale (+ $4K profit)

That is what Top Tier is. Now, many people think that it’s harder to sell a $9K product than it is a $1K product, but that’s just not the case. Most people simply have no idea how to do it right, but in this training you will learn exactly how to do it on a consistent basis. (No, you don’t have to sell on the phone with this system. Phone sales are all done for you!)

Another Way Of Looking At Top Tier

Now the Top Tier business model is not one that a lot of people know about. But it’s behind some of the most successful businesses online and offline.

Think about the logistics of an offline business this way: Let’s say you were the new owner of a hamburger shop similar to McDonald’s (but which makes much better burgers) and you want to make as much money as you can, as fast as possible.

Which way do you think would get you there faster—selling one million burgers, or selling just one franchise for $1 million?


Did you see the image above? Those are all the McDonald’s in the U.S. alone, most of which are owned by a franchisee.

Now, why would someone spend $1 million for a franchise when they could just open their own hamburger joint? It’s because with a franchise, you get a guaranteed system that is proven to work. You get the leverage of their billion-dollar brand, their advertising campaigns, their proven products and funnels that sell, etc.

That is why franchises have a higher success rate.

Consider this example of 28-year old Kristen Von Tersch, a college dropout who left her $35,000 a year job to open a drive-through coffee franchise that is on track to generate $4 million in sales leaving her with a $230,000 in profit in less than a year. This would be harder to achieve when starting from scratch with no systems and support.

And that’s why McDonald’s can sell so many of their franchises. It’s basically “wealth-in-a-box,” as long as you can afford the franchise cost. Go at it alone, and you’re just selling hamburgers at a few dollars a pop—no system in place to leverage and no process to scale.

So to answer the question of whether it would be easier to sell a million burgers, or just one franchise? It would take you much longer and would be a lot harder to sell one million hamburgers.

On the other hand, there are tons of people looking to start their own restaurant. And they want a proven system that works, not something that’s going to put them in the “broke” house!

So the odds are very good, if you have a proven system like McDonald’s, that you’ll be able to easily sell a few franchises with minimal effort, especially when you’ve been trained by the company on how to attract these people to you.

This just makes sense, right?

You’ve Found A Business Model Better Than McD’s

The reason we’re so successful as a company is because of Top Tier, high-ticket offers. But you have something much more powerful with the business model we use, especially for someone who can’t dig in their pockets for $1 million to buy a franchise, and then wait several years for it to start turning any profit.

You see, even a model like McDonald’s has its drawbacks. Being a physical business, there is overhead to consider: you have to pay a manager a salary, you’ve got employees, payroll, and all kinds of different headaches to deal with.

What sets us apart is that we are a digital company. Since we focus on digital products (information that buyers download to their computers), our profit margins are extremely high:

  • We don’t have high costs of fulfillment
  • We don’t have to maintain a warehouse of inventory with lots of warehouse staff
  • There’s none of the high costs associated with producing physical products.
  • There’s no need for shipping

It’s really the ultimate profit model. And it allows MOBE to pass on much higher profit margins to our partners, i.e. YOU.

About The “Marketing Equation” I Mentioned Earlier

The economics of business today requires Top Tier, high-ticket products & services.

As every day passes, advertising costs go up. With rising advertising costs, if you’ve got a low-ticket offer, there is just no room for any profit. But if you’re making $1,250, $3,300, $5,500 and up, you’ve got plenty of profit left to always spend on advertising without worrying if your ads increase by a few dollars.

This Is Why A Top Tier Back-End Is Necessary

So if you sell a product for $10 but you spent $15 to get that customer, you get a sale but you lose money. The only way that will work is if you have a proven funnel and system that provides you profits on the back end.

High-ticket back-end sales is what allows you to take a loss on the front end. Ninety-eight percent of businesses don’t have it, and it’s not super easy to pull off.

But, if you’re making $5,000 and you spent even up to $1,000 to acquire that customer, you’ve still made $4,000 in profit. I’d spend $1,000 to make $4,000 every hour of every day of the week, wouldn’t you?

Heck, I’d spend $750 to make $1,000. I’d spend $4,000 to make $5,000 as long as I knew I could scale that out and that I would make that profit. That’s printing money on demand right there!

Do you see the power of Top Tier here? It’s what sets the pro’s apart from the rest of the people out there struggling to make anything at all online. It’s a key pivotal shift in your entire business model, and it doesn’t require any extra effort on your part!

There are people who realize they need a Top Tier offer, but they don’t know how to create or find one. That’s why this 21-Step Training is so powerful: we provide it for you.

Because we’ve been doing this successfully for years now, and have grown by leaps and bounds, we wholeheartedly recommend you use the exact duplicatable system we use. As of July 2016, MOBE has generated over $100 million in revenue and paid out over $67 million in commissions to our partners.

We know what we’re doing, and that’s why we know you’ll be successful if you follow this entire 21-Step System.



  • Watch the following video, “The Fundamentals Of Internet Marketing” which will prepare you for the next lesson:


So, to recap today’s lesson:

  • A Top Tier business allows you to make maximum profits from day one through selling high-ticket programs
  • Going digital allows you higher profit margins
  • Because of what it takes to advertise and grow a business successful, having Top Tier products is a must

You simply can’t run a $100,000-plus business selling low-end products, no matter how incredible it is or what others may tell you.

In Step 2, I will be going a little bit deeper into this business model and revealing a critical “Fourth Ingredient” to the puzzle that very few people know about.

We’ll see you on the next step!

Action Steps

For your first action steps, we’re going to keep things simple:

  • Write down two realizations or breakthroughs you got from this first lesson. Things are about to get really exciting
  • Can you answer:
    • What is High Ticket Affiliate Marketing (HTAM)
    • What business model has a higher rate of success
    • What type of products generate higher profits
  • Subscribe to the Daily Inspirational MOBE Videos


Congratulations on completing Step 1—You’re doing great!

In Step 2:  Discover how it’s possible to get paid up to $38,000 for a single customer with a unique online business system …

And then after you fully complete Step 3, get your free copy of my Best Selling Book Limitlessmailed to your home!


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