Consider how much you will raise in 6 days, if you start from earning $126 daily and move to earning $1026 daily. It gets even  larger when you think of how much that would mean in 6 weeks.


  One Platform 6 Reasons:

  1. Not A Job

  2. Not A Business

  3. No Work

  4. No Sales

  5. No Wage and no Commission

  6. No Loss but all Profits


A True Investment In People Platform  

With only $21 Startup fee from Group 1 investment in people, on day 1, you’ll get your day 1 600% return on investment on day 2, so you can make your day 2 investment in people again, for another 600% return on investment on day 3, and so on, until your day 6 investment in people is made for another 600% return on investment on day 7.

More so, on SECSTA Funding, your investment in people gives you daily 600% returns on investment.

With a total of $567 investment in each week of your first 6 weeks on group 1, your total weekly return on investment is $2646 in gross weekly ROI, while your gross profit is $2100 weekly, and your net profit is $2000 weekly.

Thus you’ll have $12,000 in net group 1 profit, after your first 6 weeks of investing in people on SECSTA Funding.

 Never Before Used Method of Budget Funding Weekly…

To finance your weekly budget the fastest, easist and best way ever discovered, without ever being in debt or paying back any amount of fund raised, begin using SECSTA FUNDING to invest in people every day, and your peers will finance your weekly budget for you.

The only Internet Project and online platform Where ordinary people invest in each other’s weekly budgets and all get daily 600% returns on investment every day for 6 days every week… repeatedly, all year round.

The Goal of SECSTA Funding is to make you an accredited investor in 36 weeks, with over $300,000 in Network.

The requirement of being an accredited investor is to have a $200,000 net worth, and SECSTA Funding is poised to not just make that happen but scale it by 100% of $200,000 net worth every 36 weeks.

Yes! SECSTA FUNDING is the First Integrated Investment Sustainability Internet Project

SECSTA FUNDING enables you to achieve your $300,000 Net worth in 36 Weeks, then you can get accredited on SECSTA Funding to become an equity shareholder with an annual investment in startups worth $100,000; so you’ll be investing $100,000 on every 37th week of achieving your $300,000 net worth as an preference share holder in SECSTA FUNDING.

As an Integrated Investment Sustainability Internet Project (IISIP), SECSTA Funding integrates a platform for preference shareholders with a platform for equity shareholders where the same investors invest in people on both platforms.

Investing in SECSTA Funding’s Integrated Investment sustainability Internet Project means first you become a preference shareholder investing in people through peer to peer budget funding for daily 600% ROI, in order to achieve or renew your accredited investors net worth of $300,000 every 36 weeks, and so you make a $100,000 equity investment in startups on SECSTA FUNDING’s equity shares investment platform, which makes you an equity shareholder.

Your $100,000 annual shareholder equity is split in 100 places to fund 100 startups equally, while your annual net worth starts from $200,000 to scale by 100% every 36 weeks as you stay active on SECSTA FUNDING’s first IISIP Platform.

Join SF for 600% Profit every day, and for 6 days every week.

Each day’s fund you send to your lead peer merits you 600% from your 6 team peers on the next day.

Each individual fund sent by a peer in your team on each day is equivalent to the first fund you sent to your lead peer, multiplied by the next day’s number or daily level’s number in any PSI Group.

As you have a lead peer, you belong to your lead peer’s team of 6, the same way your first 6 peers belong to your team of 6, and each of them also lead peers in their own teams.

And so it’s the same way you send daily funds to your lead peers, that your own team of 6 sends their daily funds to you, and each of them equally receives daily funds from their respective team of 6 peers. Following this model, no body is left behind, and no one owes another any fund received.

Your lead peer sends fund to their own lead peer daily, you send to your lead peer daily, your team of 6 peers send funds to you daily and their own team of 6 respectively sends funds to them daily, and so the wheel keeps rolling every day with funds leaving one peer’s wallet to the other.

Each fund you send, especially the first in each week, opens the door for you to be sent funds also and for each of your team peers to be sent their first day’s funds also.

Hence it continues in this way: each peer’s first day of sending fund opens their door, as well as the doors of each of their team of 6 peers respectively to be sent their first 600% ROI, on each peer’s day 2, just like you received your first 600% ROI on day 2.

So, day 1 fund goes round on each and every day, as the PSI platform keeps growing in number daily.

This is the Modular proof of the efficiency of the PSI 6 x 6x 1 Peer-to-Peer Funding Metrics on SECSTA FUNDING

SF is for funding your weekly budget with the help of peers, for 600% daily profit, & daily income in 6 days every week.

This model assumes that you always stand at the middle of relationships with peers, that you receive funds from 6 peers rotating their places daily, while you always send your own funds to your lead peer, from Day 1 to 6, while your Day 7 Fund is sent always to the CDFA.

The arrow direction pointing to and from you shows the direction of funds transacted, while the arrow heads pointing to days show the clockwise direction of rotating peers and your transactions from day to day.

The superscript figures on dollars in the Green boxes show the qualifying funds you receive on each day from peers rotating their places from day to day.

The model is also built on an assumption that your position is equivalent to that of each of your peers.

Hence, each peer has a personal investor network of peers that are identical with yours, and that way, the same group of 6 peers can always fund your weekly budget on a daily basis, by rotating their level placements from day 2 to day 7, covering the 6 levels on any group in one week, thereby funding your weekly budget same way as you fund your lead peer’s weekly budget and their own team of peers funds theirs as well.

The third assumption of this model is that you only need 6 unique peers to repeatedly fund your weekly budget, but you can only start funding the budget of your lead peer, among 5 others in the peer team of your lead peer, when you have already had 36 peers signed up through your promo link.

The fourth assumption is that you need 36 peers, not for your sake of funding your budget only, but mainly for the 500% money back guarantee, on your group start fee, as well as for supporting your initial investment; to make it a zero-out of pocket investment on your day 1, while you still have a balance to ensure zero-risk of funding your weekly budget on the PSI Platform.

On the other hand 36 peers will fill your team of first 6, and spill over the remaining 30 to fill the team of each of your first five peers in your team of 6 peers, making team building set to autopilot on the platform, so much that, unless you are not among your lead peer’s first five peers, in their team of 6, you are not really building your team of peers yourself, they will be there in a matter of hours after you signup for a PSI account, to join your lead peer’s team of 6.

Even so, your 36 peers are directly building the team for your team of 6 peers.

If you had your team of 6 built by your lead peer’s effort, that’s why they are your lead peer any way, so you have to play the lead peer’s role for your own team of 6 peers, by building their individual team of 6 for each of them; when you promote your promo link, so that 36 peers can sign up through it.

Every peer does this for their team of 6, so every peer plays their lead peer roles, respectively, for the benefit of their individual team of 6 peers, respectively.

Furthermore, every peer leader doing the same promotion like you helps their first 6 peers on their team build their own team of 6 peers each; and this lessens the actual time it takes to start having peers to fund your daily budget.

In the same vein, the model assumes fifthly that; if you have to wait for a mandate before your first day’s investment, while the mandate will be sent when you have had 36 peers signed up through your promo link, you’ll have a smooth running week.

And it’s true; because, your first 6 peers will receive their own mandate just on the next day, after you received your mandate, and this creates a chain motion of each peer receiving a mandate to fund a lead peer, just a day after a lead peer received a mandate to fund their own lead peer; and so the wheels keep running.

Finally, it assumes that; the number 36 implies that all member of your first 6 peers will benefit from your promo link, if you benefited your 6 peers from your lead peer, and also implies that all peers unanimously invest in paid advertising, to promote their links on the same day of their sign up; to ensure the process of team building is automated.

It has to be this way, since the investment in paid advertising of each peer’s promo link is recovered alongside the start fee paid to sign up, hence there is no loss whatsoever, and still the first investment fund to be made, on the first day on the group, will equally be covered, if the paid advert is done with only $29 on the same day of signup, making a total spend of $50 that gets recovered before day 1 investment is made.

That’s why, as soon as your promo link has been confirmed active in the email sent to you after creating your account on the PSP account registration page, you should endeavor to invest in paid advertising of this promo link on same day.

And by so doing, you will be fueling the same engine on which the general system runs on autopilot, for the benefit of everyone using the PSI platform to raise their weekly budget.

You too will raise your first 1000% profit on your initial investment with zero-risk and zero-out-of-pocket spend, if you invest in paid advertising of your promo link on your same sign up day.

This is the model, so you’re ready to start running now, jump start your platform usage by reserving your pilot spot, click the button below to secure your pilot spot right away!

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