The basic requirement for this job is to have completed SSCE.

This is a permanent job position.

It’s a full time job.

The expectations of the applicant are concerning remuneration, which is a basic salary of N50,000 monthly income, whereas, during probation month, the new employee will be placed on a commissioned role for 1 month, when a target is given of being accountable for a minimum of 50 new customers from 4 streets of first market research tasks.

Once application is completed, the applicant will receive a follow up training instructions relating to what is required in this job.

It is essentially a customer service role and the applicant should be able to work to acquire and retain new and existing customers with the right customer service skills employed.

The training fee required covers for the essential working kits the new employee will be given to successfully carry out market research task during probation year, hence only those who pay this fee after submitting their application below will be considered for this role.

The deployment to work as customer service agents of FROT BANKS requires up to 100,000 new agents to fill the vacancies for the assignment to 100,000 points of customer service market research in the major cities from where each new agent is applying for this role.

Hence, the opportunity is open to everyone, but the only ground for meriting the employment is the payment of the training fee of N10,000.

For applications, fill the form and submit your details as required below.


  • If you have questions before applying, ask them here, or leave a thank you note for being given the opportunity to work in the FROT BANKS Team.
  • Which username should be used in setting up your tracking link for tracking your customer acquisition efforts?


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