Become a Research & Development Participating Coordinator

We’re preparing to set up our first hubs for local market entry, and so wish to conduct a local market research to sample 5 million survey respondents in each of the five major cities of Nigeria, as well as in other African cities.

We need 5 researchers per city and if you’d love to be one, then, kindly note the terms below.
Terms of Research Participation:
  1. Your feedback responses should be submitted online into
  2. For each response you submit, you earn N10
  3. A response is a line of text per email stating the following data of the survey participants:
  • Research’s Name, Email Address, Phone Number, and City
  • Attached feedback of all featured respondents
  • Attached copy of survey questionnaire per 10 featured respondents.

Print the downloaded survey questionnaire and feedback template then photocopy before use, fill in survey responses for each respondent, and compile your feedback response in MS Word document, then attach both files to email for submission of your response.

You can choose to avoid printing multiple templates by printing only one copy to go with, then use a jota to write your respondents responses, after which you type their responses into the soft copy of the survey question are and feedback templates, accordingly, then attach files to email and submit your response.
For each response you submit, you get paid N10
Submit 10 responses a week, you get paid N100 per week.
Submit 50 responses per month, you get paid N500.
You can choose how many responses to submit per day, week, or month.
Each response features 10 sampled respondents.

The task ends when you submit 100,000 responses featuring 1,000,000 respondents. And this could earn you N1,000,000 in all, if 1,000,000 respondents have been sampled by you; afterwhich, if you choose to work longer with us, you’ll be made 1 of 5 state cordinators for all FROTBANKS hubs to be set up in each street and managed by the CRM Manager/Agent attached to it; you’ll occupy a desk in the state’s hub for coordinating affairs in the state, as will be set up immediately FROTBANKS is launched with the success of this research. The duration of this research is 4 months and ends on April 10, 2019.

Limitations of This Research & Consequences

This research is affected by two major limitations namely: Short timing and inadequate manpower.
Consequently, because of the short duration of this research and the few number of persons allowed to participate as researchers, only 5 persons per city, there is imposed an immediate demand for high performance which is critical to the success of this research necessitated by the nearness of the launching timeline being May 2, 2019.
Implications for High Performance Requirements
Being a participating research in this limited research project, you are required by implication of stated limitations to sample a fixed 250,000 respondents per month, during this research project duration, hence faced with a high target which if met could earn you over N250,000 per month.
This means you can work on this project for 25 days per month, in order to be efficient and meet the target, working all days of the week except Sundays.
  • For each day, you should submit 1000 feedback / responses
  • In 25 days, you would have sampled 250,000 respondents;
  • In 4 months you would have sampled 1 million respondents.

Take Off

  1. You’ll be paid by the end of every month, for each fully verified response you submitted in any month.
  2. For each day’s response you submit, the identity of the respondents will be verified and confirmed by the research supervisory team which reviews all responses submitted by researchers each day.
  3. The research supervisors will either call, text or email the respondents to determine if they are real people who voluntarily gave out their details and acknowledge that they were actually contacted by a researcher.
  4. Research Surveys and follow-ups are to be conducted through a Yes/No question & answer interview round in either email/text/sms or via social media and in person, as the case may be.
  5. Each interview session with a respondent ends with a “Thank You” note and a link to check more details out on FROT BANKS page, for those who can access the web, or an alternative means of learning more about the program for those who can’t access the web by themselves, to learn about the reward perks of FROT BANKS street to street banking scheme. For more details about this scheme visit

How To Achieve High Performance

You can achieve this with the help of a team.

  • Build a team of 10 people to work for you and share the task of getting 100 survey questionnaires filled by each co-research participant daily.

This way, you’ll fill 1000 survey questionnaires per day, leveraging the power of a team of co-researchers to reach 10,000 survey participants daily.

With the aid of your team, you will hit your goal of submitting 25,000 responses per month.

You get paid paid N250,000 per month for hitting your target, or earn rates commensurate with your verified respondents for the month, getting paid N1 per verified respondent.

Earn the high performance rate of N250,000 with the aid of your team would mean you split income among team members, by paying each co-researcher N20,000 per month, while you keep N50,000 per month for your self.

  • Working with a team is perhaps the only realistic way to meet the requirements of high performance.
  • Because this is a very important time-sensitive research project, the researcher needs to dedicate as much time to it as would enable him/her achieve their monthly targets.
  • The researcher needs to consider his/her role as very crucial to the realization of the FROT BANKS street to street banking innovation, for helping bring an end to the unfair exploitation of the Banking Customers, whose savings loyalty has not be fairly rewarded over the years by any of the local banks.
  •  For the first time, with the successful post-research launch of FROT BANKS Street to Street Banking Scheme, all bank customers will begin to receive fixed determinate monthly returns with interest on their savings deposits, that are maintained for 6 months without withdrawal.
This is the program for which this research is conducted, hence, to participate as researcher for your state, kindly complete the R&D enrollment form below.

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