Building Tecfclip’s Most Valuable Pre-seed 12 Member Management Team

Invitation for co-founders and equity investment firms like Softbank
Build with us the first ever co-funding fintech platform for investors groomed from ordinary people to become accredited investors in 40 weeks, alongside an incubator community for founders to meet funders. And get an opportunity to join our first pre-seed management team by writing back to us your interest in our startup funding round in feedback form below.
Tecfclip has commenced a seed round funding planning, and needs a team of five co-founders and any five private equity lenders to partner in the product development, testing and launch of Tecfclip’s debut iot and fintech product known as SFPSIT (Secsta Funding Preference Shares Investment Technology)
SFPSIT is going to be an industry leading product of Tecfclip. It is an innovative and first ever linking tech platform for co-funding startup portfolios.
Tecfclip prides in being the startup brand builder of SFPSIT for incubating co-funders in 100 incubated startups whose founders successfully complete tecfclip’s talent and startup development annual incubator rounds.
SFPSIT co-funding incubator will bring ordinary people together and groom them through a daily co-funding round to become accredited investors who will individually raise $100,000 equity capital for the seed funding round of 100 preselected startup portfolios screened and organized on Tecfclip’s automated equity crowdfunding platform.
SFPSIT as a linking tech platform for incubating co-funders in the startup portfolios screened on Tecfclip is thus a funding hub for individual budgetary meetings and startup portfolio collaboration.
It’s a two-way collaboration and benefits hub, where the co-funders collaborate first to fund each other’s weekly budgets in 6 days per week and 40 weeks per year, to raise an estimated total personal finance of $300,000 each, annually, while at the same time, secondly, they collaborate to fund the incubator community of founders through an integrated weekly CDFA (Community Development Funding Account) donation exercise conducted on every 7th day of their SFPSIT presence, before ultimately contributing their $100k private equity quota individually to fund the 100 startup portfolios of successfully incubated founders who directly benefited from the CDFA weekly donations, as equity investment seed funds pouring down from SFPSIT on the 7th day of every 37th week of co-funding exercises on SFPSIT.
Such a co-funding tecf incubator community has never been built by any startup, hence Tecfclip is the genius innovator of the first ever co-funding fintech platform known as SFPSIT for incubating both accredited investors groomed from ordinary people with minimum cost of starting for each rising from less than $100 stake to over $200,000 benefited fund from the community, excluding both weekly CDFA donations every 7th day and annual Private equity contribution (collaborative investment worth $100k per individual) every 7th day of every 37th week on SFPSIT.
By and large, Tecfclip seeks to build its principal team of co-founders and equity investment partners who will enable it develop and launch this innovative Integrated Investment Sustainability Internet Project (IISIP) known simply as SFPSIT, the first ever co-funding fintech platform for incubating co-funders and founders together in one same startup.

Will you be on the side of Tecfclip?

Kindly indicate interest in joining our management team and build SFPSIT with us. There are more details we’ll  like to share with you from your feedback!

Our requirements:

For co-founders:

You should have knowledge of web interactive user interface design and full-stack development, software engineering background is preferable, with a minimum of $1000 equity to invest in Tecfclip’s seed capital upfront via GPay service, in exchange for 3% co-founders’ equity share in this startup.

For equity investment partners:

You should have backed a similar project in any equity round that successfully raised over $20 million dollars equity for investors, and be able to contribute a minimum of $10,000 upfront to back Tecfclip’s pre-seed funding round, via GPay service.

Your feedback:

If you meet any of the above requirements, or know another who does, then write back to us via to get our GPay money request feedback!
Once your GPay money request is responded to, we shall immediately consider your interest in Tecfclip accepted.
Kind regards,
Signed by,
Amakiri I. Paschal
Permanent Secretary, Tecfclip
Francis Isugu
Founder, Tecfclip
Phone: (+234)8154965002

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