Another word for NYIC is Multiple Income Portfolio Management.


Your income is managed for you so that it multiplies itself over 1000% on any level of membership you choose to get started to nurse your income after your NYIC Creche registration meant to get you started.


This registration gives you access to the Nurse Your Income Community (NYIC), where you can choose any level of NYIC membership for you to start seeing the income stake you make at that level get multiplied over a period of time.


Understanding how it works is easy.


The levels of membership are arranged in the order of a personal development program grading system, beginning from the lowest level (grade) and ascending to the highest level, as you find in child development through formal education beginning from Kindergarten.

After this registration, you can then have access to the different levels of membership for nursing your income.


You’ve never been a part of anything like this all your life.

NYIC is going to make a new meaning to your life, as whatever level of income you have can be nursed for you so that you don’t say…

it is too much for me to try it.


More so, the nurturing process eliminates your picking and choosing participation, where opportunities to spread, multiply and diversify your income are chosen and assessed for you, automatically, based on your income level indicated by the membership level you choose, and without your objections to whatever has been picked for you.


Then, you’re sent notification to confirm acceptance of the pick, as you are not expected to say “No” to any pick, then to finish the registration yourself, after which you’re expected to comply with the terms set for that very opportunity, in order to be considered an active user of the platform.


The opportunity is then able to yield income that is paid directly to you without NYIC monitoring anything for you, the only place NYIC comes in is to make the pick and send to you, while you move on with it without any objection, so as to eliminate the indecision you often have about where to spread your income, multiply it or diversify you assets.


Once you’ve become a member, with this creche registration, you’ve accepted the terms of service that NYIC will make all picks and choice of opportunity to spread and multiply and diversify your income for you, and that you’ll not object to the choices made for you.


What the Membership Levels from Kindergarten above mean for you is that, the stake you make is a statement of the level of commitment you’re willing to make, and so helps NYIC to make its picks based on that level you’ve selected, so you’ll not spend anything above that level of commitment because NYIC will pick only a number of opportunities whose total stakes will equal the level of commitment you’ve indicated interest in taking.


It’s like being in school at that level of membership where the curriculum is followed so that you only learn what is determined for you to learn at that level, not what is meant for those on a higher level.


That’s exactly what you get from your NYIC membership across all levels.


You won’t be sent opportunities that are above your level.


You won’t worry about what opportunities are there for you.

All the picking and choosing of opportunities will be done for you, all you have to do is to confirm anyone sent to you, and to strive to make the most out of it at that level, considering the level’s return as your goal of income expected before upgrading to the next level.


You choose when you want to move up to another level, either when you’ve got the total previous level expectations as achievement of your income goal from that amount of commitment made at that level, or when you’ve successfully multiplied the level’s stake at least twice.


This in order words is making investment decisions and financial planning or income goal setting easier for you by eliminating the process of not knowing what to get involved in, by allowing a team to make that judgment for you, so you agree to accept and commit to all the recommendations made to you, otherwise there’s no guarantee of you ever spreading, multiplying or diversifying your income.


However, NYIC does not offer any refund for levels of membership because you don’t invest in NYIC neither do you get paid by NYIC, you only join NYIC in order to get serviced with opportunities recommended to you at any level of membership you subscribe to.


If you’re not satisfied with the recommendations made to you and are not willing to make the commitment required, then it’s not NYIC that is responsible for your final decisions, and so NYIC is not indebted to you for any outcome you fail to realize by refusing to key into the opportunities recommended for you at any level of your NYIC membership.


Over and above all, NYIC’s service is for providing you the resource of information you need to stay update on opportunities to spread, multiply and diversify your income, and that is why if you are not happy with the personal recommendations you get via emails, you’re free to try other non-personal options by viewing the posts on the tecfclip site that may often times offer general recommendations relating to jobs and investment in diverse market opportunities, and these contents are members-only contents, because that’s also what you are entitled to after your NYIC Creche registration at the basic level of benefits before you decide to take any other membership registration.


None of the other membership registrations is compulsory. It’s your own free decisions to try any, preferably starting from the lowest grade to get personal recommendations of opportunities sent to your email inbox, most of which will not be appearing on the general posts for all NYIC Creche members.


The advantage of the graded membership levels is that each of them provides a customized and personalized opportunity recommendation sent to only you based on your membership level.


They equally serve as a very good 501k personal plan for you where you know that if you follow each recommendation sent to you on each membership level, you’ll be triple earning higher income that will enable you plan your retirement conveniently and happily, rather than being uncertain of what is to come after retirement.


The overall benefit of the NYIC membership levels is you’ll always be on the know when to take a new opportunity at your level without worrying about where and how to find or access these opportunities, because a customized and personalized recommendations will be made to you, where you don’t have to embark on any research or go out search for any opportunities.

There’s also a safety benefit in the membership levels, and that is when considering that if you had to conduct a search or research yourself you may not know which general recommendations will be safe to try, and may risk your investments if you go into opportunities that you have no means of been 100% sure of their safety before putting your income into it, considering that there are more fake opportunities nearest to you than there are genuine ones.


All NYIC grades members are thus certain of one thing. “Never take any risk that will lead to a loss of income”

This means, all the personalized recommendations made are from verified sources and the opportunities have been matched to you and adapted to your level of commitment or customized to equate the size of your budget.


This is why NYIC is still the best way to plan your retirement today. Take the step that matter today by becoming an NYIC member now!

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