Welcome Back
You’re going to have a complete master class session with Traders Corner here.

Today is your second day in this Fx Master class, wherein you don’t just learn from anyone who claims to be knowledgeable in the industry, but actually learn directly from the FX Masters themselves.
You’ve met with two FX masters already, Rob Booker the inventor of the Finche Robot, as well as Jared Martinez the founder of the Market Traders Institute.
Having come this far through the guide of these two live mentors in this FX Masters class, you’re ready for starting a successful trading career, because you have been mentored and trained by two of the most successful traders in the market already.
You know thus that you too can succeed if you put in enough time into learning to know what your mentors know that the ordinary trader does not know.
At this point, you shall thus be exposed to the curriculum of the Master Class.
In this Morning Session, you shall learn the different trading strategies from the Traders’ Corner Master Class Curriculum.
This is when you too can become a master Forex trader, hence qualified to teach others like a master.
Take the time to digest the lessons you’ll learn in this session, as they shall enable you become an independent analyst in the Financial Market.
Once again, you’re welcome to class today.
You’re Welcome to Your Master Class Complete Course Curriculum (To Login for taking the courses below use the details: email: tecfclip@gmail.com; Password: Bai219PH!!0499 Click on each video panel to take the courses below).
1.0 Getting Started: Welcome

Traders Corner

1.0: Forex Fundamentals:

Traders Corner

2.0: Core Technicals

Traders Corner

3.0: Entries:

Traders Corner

4.0: Trading Strategies

Traders Corner

5.0: Trading As A Business

Traders Corner

Unable to Login to the courses? Not a problem, click here to submit your email for access to the master class courses and to sign up first for an account and verify your account, then return to click on each course here and login with your personal login details to access the courses.

As soon as you’re done with the courses, you’re ready to complete the continuous assessment requirements. However, before you proceed on the continuous assessment, there are extras you should watch from Alex Ong at Traders Corner below.

Extras 1: Day Trading Strategy

Extras 2: Multi Time frame Analysis

Extras 3: The One Trading Strategy You Must Understand: Do Not Trade Without It

Extras 4: Proof Price Action Trading Still Rules

Extras 5: Market Dynamics

Congratulations, you’ve completed the courses and extras in the Traders’ Corner Masterclass curriculum with Alex Ong. You will now have to complete the continuous assessment and submit your answer before being granted access to the last evening session of the Master Class today. As at the previous sessions, also write a short summary of 15 key points you learnt and noted in the courses of this session. Submit your answers with your personal details to be granted access to the evening session. Welcome to the beginning of your Successful Trading Career.


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