This is the final classroom live session, and in this class you will be meeting the Forexia Team!

But before learning about the manipulation strategy, you need to fully understand the Price Action Strategy in the Perspective of Nial Fuller below.

What will you learn?

-Strong foundation and deep understanding into how and why the Market Maker creates specific structures and patterns.

-Important price action basics, especially designed to read market sentiment.

-Some of the most advanced market manipulation concepts that exist.

-Overall, very deep insight of an extremely profitable strategy


~ Course Overview:

Course Information
Estimated Time: +3 Hours

Course Instructor
Dylan Forexia


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Introduction to Market Manipulation
1 of 2
Manipulation Basics
Video Length – 15 Mins


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M/W Fractal Formations and Why they form
Video Length – 27 Mins

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When to Trade
1 of 5
Trading Sessions
Video Length – 16 Mins

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Best Time to Trade
Video Length – 15 Mins

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Stop hunting and Confirming Entry
Video Length – 13 Mins

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Highs and Lows
Video Length – 30 Mins

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Entry and Exit
Video Length – 14 Mins

Macro and Micro
1 of 2
Macro Structures
Video Length – 23 Mins

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Micro Structures
Video Length – 6 Mins

Structures and Cycles
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Daily Cycle and Structure
Video Length – 7 Mins

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Weekly Cycle and Structure
Video Length – 13 Mins

Strategy Integration
1 of 2
Video Length – 26 mins

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Live Example

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However, before the continuous assessment, you should download the extra resource provided here, and study all its details before attempting the continuous assessment below. Click the download button below to get the book now.


Now, you’ve read the book and want to start trading immediately, you need just one extra moment to learn the price action strategy as applied by Nial Fuller to help you trade gold. Watch video below.
Extras 1.0: Discover How Nial Makes Money Trading Gold Using Price Action Chart Analysis

Extras 2.0: Also Discover His Live Price Action Trade Analysis On S&P 500 Index

Extras 3.0: Live Trade Setup – Pin Bar Signal on 4 Hour GBPUSD Chart

Extras 4.0: Trading Pin Bars And Inside Bars Strategies

Extras 5.0: Live Trade – Pin Bar Forex Trading Strategy

Extras 6.0: Set & Forget Price Action Forex Trading Strategy

Extras 7.0: Price Action Confluence Trading Strategy

Extras 8.0: How to Develop A Forex Trading Plans & Trading With Confluence

Extras 9.0: Drawing Support & Resistance on Forex Chart

Extras 10.0: Forex False Break “Fakey” Price Action Patterns

Extras 11.0: Inside Bar Forex Trading Tutorial

Extras 12.0: Trading Bulling Pin Bar Signals on Aussie Dollar (AUDUSD)

Congratulations! You have successfully completed your master class final session, hence take the one last step. Complete the continuous assessment and become qualified for your certificate of completion. For this assessment, give 15 points you noted from the book you downloaded above. Summarize what you understood from the lessons in this session so far. Submit your answers with your personal details below.


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