Rob Welcomes you to Master Class, Now Start your Basic Lessons that follow.

The next lessons will mean you will let Rob take you by the hand to your first day of trading, hence you will know everything you need to get to this first day from Lesson 1 to Lesson 15.
Taking these lessons, you’ll begin to understand clearly what your potentials in being a trader really are. This entry into the world of trading will give you an edge over 1001 other traders who never attended a Master Class as detailed as this, that doesn’t skip the basics for you. So get started now. Watch all videos of Lessons 1 – 15 that follow and take notes as you learn.
Welcome to Live Masters Session with Rob Booker

Lesson 1: What Is The Currency Market?

Lesson 2: What Is An FX Dealer?

Lesson 3: What Is a Currency Trading Account?

Lesson 4: What Is Currency Pair?

Lesson 5: What Is A PIP?

Lesson 6: What Is A Spread In Forex?

Lesson 6.1: What Is A SWAP In Forex Trade?

Lesson 7: What Is A Pip Worth In Forex? Trade Sizes and More …

Lesson 8: What Is The Best Size In Forex Trading?

Lesson 9: The Importance of A Demo Account In Forex Trading

Lesson 10: All About Margin & Leverage In Forex Trading

Lesson 11: Bars and Candles & Charts In Forex Trading

Lesson 12: Long Term Vs Short Term Forex Trading

Lesson 13:The Dangers of Day Trading Forex

Lesson 14: What Are the Best of Times of Day for Trading Forex?

Lesson 15: Trend Vs Counter Trend Forex Trading

You have completed Your Live Masters Session With Rob Booker, and Now Rob wants you to know how to keep in touch with him about your daily Forex Trading. So, watch the next video.
Conclusion of Live Master Class Morning Day 1 Session : Getting In Touch With Rob Booker

Congratulations, you’ve completed your morning session, and you need to take the time to prepare for the evening session. Complete this session by submitting a short note of what you learnt so far. Summarize 15 key points you noted from the 15 lessons covered by Rob Booker in this morning session of day 1. Submit your answers in the comment box below, submit your answers with your personal details and you’ll be granted access to the evening session area of the masters classroom.


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