Having All Your Eggs In One Basket Is Never A Safe Decision

Instead Spread, Multiply and Diversify




If you’re going to have the most gain, make the most profit, and never lose all your investment, what will be your safest decision to take today?

If you depend on just your job, that one basket will break on the day you’re fired or retired, and without an early retirement plan, you’ll be losing all your investments, of time and talent, in your job.

If you choose to invest your money in any capital market, the stock market basket also breaks when there’s a loss, and in the crypto market basket? It is too volatile for you to hang on for quite long. Once the price falls, your investment is lost.

You don’t want to be a loser all the time, and you don’t know where to make the gain.

You’re not certain which risk is worth taking and which one is foolhardy to take or ignore.

Are you thinking trading in the forex market can bring you huge profit over night, then think again. Consider the cost of starting and the losses that you have to accept, this might not be a place for you at this time, unless, maybe, in the future, it might be okay to get into the FX market later.

When is the right time to take the big risks?

Not now.


Yes! avoid as much risks as you can now.

No need losing anything at all if possible.

Tell yourself,

no losses today, I’ll try tomorrow!

If you’re not ready for the losses today, then you’re ready to Join NYIC.

NYIC Means Nurse Your Income Community



Investing in something that generates return has always been the way considered for nursing your income, but you can’t do away with the risk inherent in the ways you know.

How about joining a community where your income gets nursed for you, so that you don’t worry about ever having a loss, because the community takes care of that worry for you.

Your income is only sown like a seed in the nursery among other seeds expected to germinate, and you wait for the time of transplanting, when you’re sure you won’t be losing anything you’re unable to risk…

You only come in to reap,



Forget about the sowing. It will be taken away and nursed where you cannot have access to it.

Most times you think putting the money in the bank is a good way to save, but it doesn’t save better than a nursery for your income.

Saving in the bank, you’ll still have access to your money and will spend it, so you lose it to your needs, you won’t have achieved the result of nursing your income as you desired.

If you’re saving in the bank you are not nursing your income, because you keep adding more to what you have already deposited. There’s no real growth taking place. because the first amount you deposited in your account doesn’t grow on its own.

The nursery is different.




To nurse your income, you need a true nursery outside your reach, where your income grows like a seed that is sown once and germinates when nurtured. 

You’ve learnt how to save and invest already, but haven’t yet learnt how to nurse your income.

NYIC will teach you how to nurse your income today.

To nurse

your income is easy.




  1. Join the Nurse Your Income Community.
  2. Sow the seed of your income you want to nurse in the nursery of any membership level.
  3. Get paid the germinated income to transplant in the next membership level.
  4. Allow your income to continue to be nurtured through all the membership levels
  5. Get any time full value withdrawal of your fully ripe multiple fruits from the tree of Nurse your Income that has grown tall and spread its branches of multiple and diversified streams of income for you.

Ready to nurse your income, click here to proceed to join NYIC now!



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