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Find The JLC Exchange Rates Here

1 JLC Gold Coin (G1) is equivalent to $20 (Twenty USD)

The following are the sub denominations or lower Units of JLC, for better a quick understanding of how much you can convert your local currency (asset) to JLC G4 Coin, using the US Dollar as base currency, while JLC G7 is the quote currency.

First Understand the Units as follows:

  1. Minimum Conversion at any single time = 1 JLC (denominated as G1) ($20)
  2. JLC Standard Units = G and D
  3. “G” unit of JLC G7 Currency stands for Grand (Higher) Gold
  4. “D” unit of JLC G7 Currency stands for Dense (Lower) Gold
The following are the exchange rates from the minimum Grand to the minimum Dense Units of JLC:
G1 = $20 = (N10,000)
D50 = $10 = (N5,000)
D20 = $4 = (N2,000)
D10 = $2 = (N1,000)
D5 = $1 = (N500)
D1 = C20 = (N100)
To make your conversion into JLC today, pick any of the below UNITS tHAT meets your immediate affordability status, based on the above conversion rates given.
KEEP IN MIND THAT 1 Grand unit of JLC (G1) is the minimum conversation you can make at any time, while your expected conversion will be returned to you in all the Dense units of JLC covered by the amount of your conversion or Insurance.

You can always return here to pick higher, lower or repeat the same conversion in order to increase your JLC holding.

So, begin today to insure your future access to money with your immediate access to various units of JLC G7 Currency currently in stock here.

Click to convert your local currency to your preferred Grand unit of the JLC G7 Currency that you wish to hold today, and your assets will be insured immediately by being converted into JLC Gold Coins; for your special use, at the appointed time, as a prepared JLC World member today.

Pick your preferred conversion units below:

G1 Conversion to Get JLC Gold Coins worth of $20

G5 Conversion to Get JLC Gold Coins worth of $100

G10 Conversion to Get JLC Gold Coins worth of $200

G20 Conversion to Get JLC Gold Coins worth of $400

G50 Conversion to Get JLC Gold Coins worth of $900

G100 Conversion to Get JLC Gold Coins worth of $1800


  • With any conversion done here, your stock JLC Gold coins will be mined and reserved for shipping to your location, and you will receive your notification to expect it once it’s available for shipping to your location.


  • You will also receive your JLC Talent Holder Complimentary Card, which you must keep safe as a certificate of ownership for all JLC World members.


Welcome to the JLC World, make your conversion from your local currency to the JLC G7 Currency here by picking any of the above units of JLC G7 Currency units of conversion, to get started insuring your assets against loss the right and smartest way today.

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