The Last Gold Coin and Only Money That Saves You For Spending It

Quiet Your Biggest Fear Now!

What If paper money loses its value, and digital money is no longer accepted, and a new one world currency is forced down your nation to destroy your local currency’s autonomy, and a very unfavorable condition is attached? What if your bank account is frozen, and you no longer have that paying job, or your business is sealed by law enforcement and your properties are seized?

Stop thinking right here…

Welcome to the New American Eagle, the promise land of new world order, and only hope of surviving the new world exile of global Ultimate Control – the world’s biggest fear today.

The JLC World President, Jimaro Peter, Founder of the New American Eagle, and CEO of KingAbundant Global, has given the world; which includes you and all others, the gift of hope.

Welcome to the JLC World!

In the JLC World, one thing stands out, and that is the introduction and secret use of the JLC G7 Currency and the JLC G4 Coin which represents it, as a medium of exchange, among people of all nations brought into the new world arc of economic salvation and emancipation — the JLC world. This arc sits on the dry ground of global economic slavery awaiting its time to sail on the turbulent and devastating flood of the global Ultimate Control.

Escape Death in the global Ultimate Control of the New World Order!

Perhaps the concept of the global Ultimate Control is unclear to you, this is the event of the takeover of world government by the ancient enemy of mankind, Lucifer, who, through his forces loyal to the satanic trinity of the False Prophet, the Antichrist and the Beast, will overtake world government and bring an era of tribulation, when mankind shall be enslaved to a global policy that will take control of all governments of the world and limit the freedom of people to control their wealth and private properties; by subjugating them to the biblical mark of beast.

Introducing JLC G7 Currency

JLC G7 Currency is the only alternative financial instrument to help people in the JLC World to successfully resist accepting the Mark of the Beast (666) and to not fall to the global deceit and tempting policy of the New One World Currency (Phoenix).

JLC G7 Currency is the gift here presented as the last hope for surviving the global Ultimate Control of the New One World Currency. Given this gift, you can now have access to the JLC G4 Coin.

What is the JLC G4 Coin?

This is the alternative form of money that is minted in pure gold, by people in the JLC World, who convert the money in the bank which has no future into as many gold coins of the JLC G4 Coin as they can afford, so as to prepare for the time they will spend it in secret, as units of the JLC G7 Currency, when it would be unlawful to access the money in the bank unless they have received the mark of the Beast.

Thus, by having a stock of the JLC G4 Coin, they will have this new money to spend among members of the JLC world for their daily supplies, hence afford their upkeep without a single finger touching the New One World Currency used by the satanic forces to enforce the Mark of the Beast.

Mining JLC G4 Coin for entering the New Arc of the JLC World

To mine your own tokens of JLC G4 Coin, fill the registration form linked below. Your minted JLC G4 Coin is indeed your only pass to enter into the JLC World.

Welcome to the JLC World, where alone you can now mine more JLC Gold Coins for yourself.

Secure your financial future by minting as many JLC G4 coins as you can now safely and freely mine for yourself, so you can have and keep them safe.

JLC Gold Coins will be your life buoy tomorrow…

When all other forms of money fail, and only the New One World Currency is publicly and universally accepted, with the condition of accepting the Mark of the Beast, then your JLC Gold Coins will be your secret source of light, because JLC G4 Coin is made of pure Gold, and pure Gold glitters like light.

Register now.

The G4 coin is the wealth of nations that will secretly resist the Mark of the Beast. Get your stock of the JLC G4 coin now. Gold is incorruptible and so your JLC Gold coin is incorruptible.

When the world stops accepting digital currency and all other paper forms of money, in favour of only the New One World Currency, then only owners of JLC Gold Coins will be able to spend their gold in its new form, among each other, secretly, to evade being exiled by the satanic new One World Government –enforcing the global Ultimate Control.

Making Final Preparations for JLC G4 Coin…

Mind you, the ultimate control would commence just very soon, if it hasn’t started already, and only then will the eyes of many open; to see the reality of satanic reign in the form of the New One World Government / new One World Religion; but by that time, it would already have been too late to access JLC G4 Coin, for escaping being enslaved by this satanic force in power.

Without making plans to get your stock of JLC G4 Coin now, you are failing to utilize this only available time and last chance for making final preparations for JLC G4 Coin, before the time of the global Ultimate Control, during which JLC G4 Coin would have been fully sold out or already gone publicly out of stock; to any new member of the JLC World.

Don’t take this opportunity for granted; prepare now to survive the worst form of economic hardship coming soon. prepare in all ways possible, but identify with others in the JLC World.

Last Chance to Save Your Self from Global Satanic Bondage…

Prepare ahead of time, this will mean that you should have enough stock of JLC coin now. All JLC World citizens are able to buy and sell items to each other; by accepting JLC G4 coin as a means of exchange, they’ll do so for no other reason but because they know it is the wisest way to survive: by spending real gold in the secret, but in a physical and tangible form of JLC G4 coin.

To stock JLC G4 Coin is wise, get Gold Wealth today. Register Now.

The language to identify a “JLC World citizen;” during the ultimate control, is to say: “JLC!” and the response you would get will be “good gift from Jesus the Light of the World  — John 9:5.” By this introduction, you would know who has or accepts JLC G4 coin; during the global Ultimate Control.

Last Warning!!!

The global Ultimate Control is a real situation we are preparing to survive during this short time left, and it’s about to commence or may have commenced already; by the time the New World Order has been realized, and its force of destruction is deployed; when evil is at its peak in the world, with the introduction of the new One World Currency and the new One World Religion cum new One World Government, then JLC Gold Coin would begin to save those who spend it.

Watch Out For More Breaking News!

If You fail to report this breaking News and still don’t secure your JLC Gold Coin here, then you’re indeed nothing but a piece of dead vegetable, good for nothing but for being discarded without a burial. Don’t die before your time. Secure your stock of JLC Gold coin.

JLC G4 Coin is the last gold coin and only money that saves you for spending it.

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