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How To Truly Dominate In Your Field

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There is an old saying that knowledge is power/ Applied Knowledge can be power. In order to really dominate we have to fully committed, there has to be true desire to win, it’s a thorough understanding of the key aspects of the mission.

You see, in order to really excel, the fully dominate in your field, no matter what it is, it requires more than just raw talent. It requires more than luck. It requires more than abundant resources. It requires a lot of things.

First and foremost, it requires absolute commitment. To really dominate, we have to be fully committed. Emotionally, mentally, physically, we have to be fully committed on every single  capacity, in order to fully dominate.

Second thing is, there has to be a true desire to win, not just to compete, alright? Not just to show up, not just to be in the game, but to actually win. A full 100% commitment, by ourselves our team, and any body we work with. It has to effervesce, has to be part of our culture….

Case Study For The Day

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Kelvin Lim Quits His Engineering Job after Making over $100,000 with His Internet Business in Just 10 MonthsKelvin Lim loves to travel to great countries, tour wonderful places and eat great delicacies.

Despite working as a manufacturing engineer in the technical industry, his income was barely enough to support his family. With a struggling economy and pay cuts, Kelvin had to start cutting down on expenses and working longer hours but was hardly covering critical expenses.

That’s when Kelvin realized that he needed more than one income and to achieve that goal he needed to expand his horizons and change his mindset from employee to business owner.

During his self-development studies, he discovered Internet marketing and the MOBE system. Within 10 months of starting his MOBE business, Kevin was able to cross the $100,000 mark and quit his job.

Kelvin now has a solid Internet business that can support his family and fund his travels and adventures.

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