We owe this additional provision of easy membership to the review of Anna Uduak, who observed with displeasure that the above membership fees were too farfetched for the common interested ELIT members.

So, we decided to provide new members with an easier way to access the ELIT PRO Membership, and that is by providing them with PEMID Registration for reserving their FEMID Level preference.

What’s the PEMID Registration?

The PEMID Registration is our ELIT Pro Easy Membership reservation option for those who think like Anna that they want to access the ELIT Opportunity and start promoting it, but can’t afford it’s levels at their fixed entry fees, and so will want a provisional low fee membership for the opportunity. If you also think like Anna, then the PEMID Registration is for you.

Features and Benefits of Reserving your FEMID LEVEL with PEMID Registration

  • Get immediate access to ELIT PRO Easy Membership without paying the Level Fee upfront.
  • Test the ELIT Opportunity and make money on it with no Membership Level payment.
  • In place of the membership fee, reserve your PEMID Registration by choosing any ELIT membership with a one time upfront security deposit of 10% of the chosen membership level fee.
  • Enjoy 10% of your security deposit paid to your wallet each time you are responsible for a new member who registers for the ELIT membership through any PEMID Registration Reservation or Full Membership Level Fee payment.
  • Enjoy partial ELIT membership rights which implies you generate only Linear Income (QSI) with your PEMID Registration but can start enjoying Residual Income (RSI) when you pay the full ELIT membership fee for the membership level locked in your PEMID Registration.
  • The PEMID Registration gives you partial ELIT membership level which you can enjoy for a lifetime until you pay the full ELIT membership fee for same level locked in your PEMID Registration. This implies that, which ever membership level you choose to reserve in your PEMID Registration will be locked for you when you pay 10% of its fee to reserve it for yourself. In other words, the PEMID Registration is a provisional membership status that gives you access to 10% of the benefit of an ELIT membership Level.
  • When you reserve any ELIT Membership Level in your PEMID Registration, you will only be able to upgrade your membership to another ELIT membership level after paying the membership fee for the level reserved for yourself in your PEMID Registration. So, other ELIT membership Levels are automatically locked and inaccessible to you until you pay the full membership fee for the level locked to you in your PEMID Registration.

So, with PEMID Registration provisional ELIT membership you can now reserve a membership for yourself by paying 10% of its fee during registration for the ELIT opportunity. This way you will be granted partial access to the benefits of the chosen membership level, such that you are able 10 enjoy 10% of its linear income and no residual income for each new member you bring to the ELIT opportunity, irrespective of the membership level the new member pays for.

Now, there is no reason to feel you can’t afford any ELIT membership level. All you have to do is to reserve that membership level in your PEMID Registration by paying 10% of its fixed fee during registration, as security deposit, which gives your partial access to its benefits such as 10% f only the linear income on this level with no access to the residual income  membership benefit until you unlock other membership levels by paying the full fee for the level you have locked for yourself in your PEMID Registration.

HOW to Reserve Your PEMID Registration Now

1.Pick a membership level you want to reserve

2.Get the ID of the SFPSIT Group or ELIT member that sent you here

3.Create your membership wallet

4.Send your ANNA  Spot ELIT membership level reservation security deposit, which is 10% of the reserved membership Level fee paid through wallet to wallet transfer to the Tecfclip wallet via email address: boldstepcap@gmail.com or phone number: 09060641622

5.Send your payment confirmation through whatsapp message stating the following details: your full name, membership level reserved, amount transferred, wallet email address and phone number transferred from, wallet email address and phone number transferred to, and date of transfer.

You will receive a confirmation message to your whatsapp number stating your assigned ELIT membership ID with “AS” suffix indicating it is an PEMID Registration membership level reservation partial right you hold, not full membership  right.

Now it’s all laid out for your convenience, so click the reserve my spot button below to proceed to create your wallet for membership access.

Click the join button below to Reserve your Spot Now.

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