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This Business will leave you more satisfied and fulfilled than you could ever feel doing any other business

Memorize our Business Model: “Login – Stay Active – Log out everyday”
Don’t wait again, start business today, and start making money everyday.

Yes that easy, and it’s a business you do from anywhere in the world, all with your smartphone and Internet connection.

So, let’s demonstrate how you really make money everyday with this business, as a CSS Consultant.

So, login and log out are what you do to keep track of your daily activities, the activities themselves are the reason for the login and log out tracking you do every day. 

Hence, the underlined word is CREDIT and the moment you understand how this word is applied to this business, you have fully understood the business of a CSS Consultant.

So, the first thing you want from this business is money, you want to make money from this business, you also want to make money everyday.
Now, to make money, you need to be responsible for a small number of other consultants. 
You need them as your clients and they need you as their consultant.

Everything about this business starts here, on this page, and ends on this page, every day.

You’ll agree to pay them back over a longer time-frame and with a very low interest rate, much lower than the interest rates of each of all the other lenders you owed before.
So, this company has just saved you from being a debtor for life, by making sure that you don’t pay higher interests to smaller lenders.

In this way, you owe only this last lender, and they give you enough time without mounting pressure on you to pay off your debts to only them.
Now you feel freer and relaxed.

You’re no longer under pressure to pay off the loan you owe.
You can pay back little by little to only one lender with a very low interest rate, until you pay all the amounts you owe this life-saving lender.
At a point it even feels as if you’re not a debtor.
This is what “debt consolidation” is about and shows you how securing a larger loan can be used as an antidote to loan debts.
This money is paid in two stages, first stage is when you perform your first login activity to become a member in the Credit Support System. The fee YOU PAY FIRST is N2000
Then the second stage is when you perform a second login activity to become a leader (consultant) for the system. The fee YOU PAY NEXT is N8000.

Once you’ve made these two payments on the same day, your credit account has been automatically activated and you can be sure that you will start receiving money for all the credit activities you perform within this credit support system.

You need only 6 usernames of those who have done their first 3 login activities. These are the clients you’re directly responsible for on this credit support system.

And remember, you only need to send your friends to come to this page, then ask them to talk over their progress with you and share their usernames with you, after performing their first three login activities.
That’s all about this service.‎
Once you’ve got 6 usernames of friends you brought on this system, they become your only recognized clients on this system.
And your only work everyday will be to inquire from these clients to know how well they’re doing on the system.
That’s basically all you do with clients as a CSS Consultant.

Easy service, right?

You make money on the system everyday if you service your account to stay active everyday and work with your clients.
You ensure they service their accounts everyday. 
If you don’t service your clients by keeping in touch with each of them, to ensure they also service their accounts everyday, your account service payment will not yield any interest. 

You can only be sure of interest when you perform your work of servicing your clients each day, to ensure each of them equally services their accounts everyday.

The act of servicing your own account everyday is what is known as “Credit Activity” on this credit support system.


If you visit this page any day and find your name showing
instead of finding the registration form and the login form,
it means you're still logged in since your previous visit to this page,
and also means you cannot login again until you logout properly.
So, learn how to logout properly, then log out first,
and return to this page after logging out to find the login form above, 
otherwise you can't login again from this page,
not until you've logged out first, as instructed to do every day.

Remember the business model always,

“Login – Stay Active – Log Out Everyday

You cannot skip any of these three steps, otherwise you can’t stay in business. So, without logging out properly, everyday, you can’t login from this page the next day. And without logging in either, you can’t track your CSC business activities for the day, for you need to always track your activities everyday, so as to give accurate report each day and make money too.

Meanwhile, nobody tracks your business for you. Nobody is accountable for you. You’re accountable for yourself. If you don’t login each day, nobody would know you didn’t login. Same too, if you don’t log out properly, nobody would also know you stayed logged in all through.

That’s why you need to stay on top of your business by applying the three steps of the business model everyday:

  • When you’ve logged in, you must return here to log out also,
  • And so, learn how to log out below,
  • Otherwise you can’t login from this page again,
  • Always login and log out every day to track your business activity everyday.
So learn how to log out below 
and log out today, if you've done your login activities for today,
or log out and login again, if you skipped any of the login activities for today.

Learn How to Log Out Now.

Follow the above instruction and log out by submitting your progress report for each day, below. And this form can be filled and submitted many times daily if you missed any activity, or click here to log out, if you don’t want to submit your report yet.

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