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Based on the 100% of risk managed for you; to protect you from losses, you agree, by submitting the form on the next page, and by completing the trading account opening form to be sent to you on your agreed contract start date, to fund your account with the agreed amount of capital on the agreed date, and to access your account only through the investor’s password, for monitoring what happens on your account daily, while the trader’s password is controlled by Tecfclip, as your trusted and reliable risk manager.

Withdrawals are only placed on the agreed date for withdrawal, as filled in the contract form on the next page, and only the agreed daily interest accrued before the withdrawal duration, plus monthly percentage bonus interest can be withdrawn by you, as deserved.

On the other hand, all of the excess balance traded on the account is referred to as the risk management percentage of the account balance, and only Tecfclip is entitled to it hence allowed to withdraw part or all of the risk management excess balance on the account, when deemed necessary, without interfering with your capital and daily accruing interest below the excess balance for risk management.

Both Tecfclip, as risk manager, and you, as investor, agree to respect each other’s interest and not to prevent the withdrawal of deserved interest through the phone password.

With this term of the contract respected, Tecfclip will continue to manage the risk during the contract duration; by accessing the excess balance on the account, while you continue to receive your share of the accrued interest, as the agreed daily interest accrues, but not more than the accruing share that belongs to you, and without each party interfering with each other’s rightful interest share, as well as without each interfering with the capital until expiration of contract.

πŸ’΅Β You don’t withdraw your capital until contract ends, so you only withdraw your agreed interest.

πŸ’΅Β You get 1% daily interest as yours and withdraw on set days as indicated on the form on the next page.

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