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SECSTA Funding Provides All The Solutions You Need in Terms of Corporate Financial Support

You didn’t come into this world with everything you needed, so you needed to have others support, service and serve and assist you all the way or at different stages of growth in life.

Finally decided that having a your own business/startup/company is the best way to give back to society for the much you’ve benefited or been given over the years, you still find that even at this stage, you still need support, and financial support is one of them.

You don’t have all the knowledge or money you need, you can leverage the corporate financial services SECSTA Funding provides through the expertise of its global trusted team of financial professionals at NVS Analytics, to provide you the financial support, services and assistance you need at this stage of your decision to own a business.

So you can give back your best at at last to society!

A handful of health and wellness brands among manufacturers have successfully developed a product line that is vast enough to proffer solutions for all kinds of illnesses and diseases, making the health sector a common place to find more generalist corps than specialists, yet being effective than most specialists are.

A case study is the well-known multilevel marketing Chinese traditional medicine manufacturing company FOHOW.

It has proven beyond every doubt to have a product line to cure all kinds of diseases , with only one exception – the disease of lying helplessly dead at the mortuary.

In the financial sector, on the other hand, you typically expect to find more specialists more typically than you expect to find generalists who are so few that you can number them.

But where do you find highly effective generalists in the financial sector?

The Answer is within SECSTA Funding’s professional financial team at NVS Analytics. Perhaps, it’s the only place in the world you will find really dynamic generalist financial services performed by a team of specialists working together to make it possible for you to outsource all your corporate financial services to only one team, from anywhere around the globe.

The NVS Analytics, a New Delhi based team of financial servicing professionals has proven to have a service link that responds to all financial service needs of clients globally.

With presence in every continent, there’s hardly anywhere your business is located that NVS Analytics team of financial specialists can not help you out of your immediate challenges, name them.

We’re talking about a synergistic approach to corporate financial services that leverages team work of collaborative specialists knowledgeable enough to handle any corporate financial challenge you can think of, name them.

At just one call made through SECSTA Funding, you can gather together this team of financial professionals under one umbrella called NVS Analytics. Every member in this team works with team spirit, to service you as a group of specialists skilled enough to provide just every kind of financial support for your succor and corporate respite, no matter where in the world you may be contact us from.

Thus, NVS Analytics has more than 10 professionals ready at all times to respond to one client’s need through a team collaborative approach to any project request, and so you get the best standard of financial services in any one of the several areas you could be serviced as listed below.

Financial Modeling & Valuation

  • Post merger valuation
  • Budgeting and Assessing Balance sheet
  • Cash flow Analysis and forecasting
  • Target Forecast
  • Deal Structuring
  • Accretional Dillusion Analysis
  • Working Capital Assessment

Research Services

  • International Marketing Research
  • Industry Research and International Trend Analysis
  • Secondary Data Collection
  • Equity Research
  • Business Competitor Analysis
  • Industry Profiling

Corporate Financial Support

  • Peer Analysis for M&A
  • Developing Presentation
  • Competition Tracking
  • Project Finance
  • Cash Management
  • Data Management
  • Industry Trends and Technology Updates

Financial Analysis

  • Ad-hoc reports (fact books and competitors analysis)
  • Analysis of financial statements
  • Analysis of portfolio structures
  • Financial research and analysis
  • Financial ratio analysis, break-even analysis, NPV and IRR analysis.

Investor Relations

  • Corporate presentations¬† (MD&A Section)
  • Investor Updates
  • Investor Presentations
  • Annual Reports
  • Investors Fact Sheets
  • Earnings Calls

Wealth Management

  • Retirement Planing
  • Family Needs Planning
  • Estate Planning
  • Business Succession Planning
  • Executive Compensation Management
  • Business and Personal Protection

Accounting and Financial Services

  • Accounting and Financial¬† Reporting
  • Accounting Outsourcing Services
  • Regular Accounting Services
  • Updating of Backlog Accounts
  • Accounts Reconciliation Services

Data Entry Services

  • Online Data Entry Services
  • Offline Data Entry Services
  • Data Entry For Printed/Hand Written Documents
  • Data Entry of Business Surveys
  • Data Entry for Company Reports

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Is SECSTA Funding Financial Support For New Businesses Too?

If you’re still planing or just starting a new business, and don’t know what financial service or form of support you may need to outsource to SECSTA Funding, contact us for advice and for your financial plan support.

Who Should Outsource Financial Services to SECSTA Funding?

If you decide as a company to outsource any or all of the above listed financial services, you can rest assured of standing tall above all your competitors from the start of your business to its global spread into the multinational domain of competitiveness.

SECSTA Funding’s Financial Professional team at NVS Analytics is poised for a long term relationship, that will save you cost of short term contracts with individual service providers.

You get a complete specialist all-in-one package at the least specialist service fee, all because you’re in a long term relationship with a company that cares about your financial productivity and optimum business growth, not in its own profit.

Our NVS Analytics team also cares about brand, so linking up with our team is a sure way of positioning your brand for global acceptability, because of the credible financial standing you’ll achieve by maintaining a long term relationship with us.

To start building relationship for the long term with our team, begin by requesting a sample of services you have need of, so you see what the results you expect will look like, with a sample of similar results our team has helped other clients achieve over the 10 years of our professional services, as financial service providers – servicing clients around the globe.

Call or email us now to request your sample today.

Speak to Francis at SECSTA Funding…

Phone: +2348126225948



Call or email us now to request your sample today.

Speak to Francis at SECSTA Funding…

Phone: +2348126225948


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