How to Score The One Knock-Out Goal That Deletes The Several Years memory of Failed Attempts To start A Business For Yourself

Ever Failed Trying to Start A Business? Here’s The One Way TO Score The Knockout Goal That Would Make you A Success At Once!

Right Up Front, Have You Considered Being an Angel Investor?

This is the one knockout goal you need to score and delete years of failed attempts to start your own business. In this post, you’re going to discover several reasons you should become an angel investor today and the one place to get this goal ticked off your checklist.


Your passions haven’t been lost and your energy haven’t been drained if your initial capital hasn’t been spent. I am writing this piece for people who have never considered being an angel investor. If you’re not one of them, there’s still something you might learn by reading further.

I’m Francis Isugu, the Founder of Tecfclip, and as I always do, I looked out for something my audience isn’t thinking about and make them start thinking about it. That’s what my startup, Tecfclip is about. Every piece I’ve ever written is for people who aren’t thinking what they should be thinking at the right time. This one is not different.

There’re so many disappointed aspiring entrepreneurs, right now, thinking they can no longer achieve their dream of starting their own business, not because they didn’t have the capital, but because they had failed to start at the right time.

They’re thinking; ”

What if I can still start pursue my dream all over”,

But they aren’t sure it will be worth it, if they can’t commit to it any more, because of the other engagements they can’t downplay at this time and stage of their life.

My advice for these group of people is not to feel they can’t achieve their dream again, but think less selfishly by helping others win, and they’ll be the real winners at the end of the day.

This principle always works.

So, for failed entrepreneurs, you haven’t failed yet until you fail to heed this one, most important advice you probably never heard from anyone directly.

Help others win and you’ll be the real winner at the end of the day.

How Can You Help Others Win As An Angel Investor?

There are people going through the same journey you wanted to go but didn’t go. They’re small business owners and startup founders. They’ve decided to do and finish what you couldn’t do and finish, but they can’t do it as you would have done it, if you were in their shoes.

But why is that so? That’s because they don’t have the finance and experience you now have, even as you didn’t have same level of experience back then.

That’s why, today, you can take the credit for helping them do it and finish it, by investing a small amount in what they are doing. By so doing, you’ll be on their list of investors who will be sought after they’ve won. You’ll be the real winner as an angel investor.

Where You Can Find The People To Invest In?

As an angel investor, you don’t need to look far away when wanting to invest in people. Your look should be localized. The people around you are the best people to make you popular in your society.

The winner who will be celebrated is you, if you help enough people around you start their businesses, by investing a small amount of your capital in their brilliant ideas and passionate teams.

How To Get Started Now!

To get started now, Tecfclip is building a community tool known as “gfponine.” It’s a search engine extension tool that gets installed into browsers by web users and entrepreneurs.

GFPONLINE means “Go Find Partners Online.” It’s an innovative way to link people up locally for business purposes.

Anyone can use it, but mostly investors can use it to look up new teams building stuffs around them, and you too can use it to find local teams to invest in as an angel, while local teams can use it to network with suppliers and investors near them.

You get the picture. The product is in idea stage, and you can take the credit for helping it come to the prototype stage, and, finally getting it launched, by investing as an angel in it.

How Much Can You Invest In GFPONLINE To Get Started As An Angel Today?

You can invest anywhere around $1000 to $50,000 or over to $200,000, and you will be able to reap the harvest, when this tool gets in the public.

Happy about this idea?

Speak to me today!

My Contacts are at the header of the page.

Happy investing to your success,


Francis B. Isugu

Founder, Tecfclip.

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