What is CENCASH?

CENCASH is a system for rewarding learners who enroll in cryptocurrency education program, this is one of the best funding programs created.

This system called CENCASH means a way to cash in on cryptocurrency education. If you are new to cryptocurrency or haven’t taken advantage of the opportunity in the crypto world yet, then CENCASH is the best place to start from, and it’s fine for you because it lets you start learning about cryptocurrency and paying you for introducing the company to 2 new customers who also learn like you.

How do you get funded with CENCASH?

First, you sign-up for a free account, then you purchase the CEP (Crypto Educational Package) then, while learning at stage 1, you invite two new customers to also purchase the CEP. That’s the door to getting funded for life you’ve just opened for yourself.

How getting funded for life works on CENCASH?

After you’ve taken your lessons on stage one, and have invited two customers to purchase the CEP, the company lets you have back the money you spent on your own purchase through the payment made by the two new members.

If the two members want to have back their money, they’ll also introduce the CEP to two new buyers each, and so it will continue. You won’t be doing the introduction of new buyers  again, but you’ll keep earning money from a loyalty reward where you upgrade to take your stage 2 training, then when one of the buyers in introduced also upgrade to take their stage 2 training, you’ll be getting paid for their upgrade. This will continue until you’re at stage 8 and have upgraded to take all the training stages.

So, you keep learning, and keep earning for learning through stage 1 to 8 upgrades!

How much will you earn from the upgrade of others after your upgrade to each next stage of your training?

You’ll earn at all stages of your upgrade for the following levels of upgrade to learn more with other benefits attached to your loyalty reward as follows:

  1. Level 1 Loyalty Reward for Learning and Inviting 2 New CEP customers is ………..
  2. Level 2 Loyalty Reward for the Upgrade to Learn More by you and your 4 level 2 Network members ………..
  3. Level 3 Loyalty Reward for the Upgrade to Learn More by you and your 16 level 3 Network members………
  4. Level 4 Loyalty Reward for the Upgrade to Learn More by you and your 56 level 4 Network members
  5. Level 5 Loyalty Reward for the Upgrade to Learn More by you and your 76 level 5 Network members…….
  6. Level 6 Loyalty Reward for the Upgrade to Learn More by you and your 126 level 6 Network members……
  7. Level 7 Loyalty Reward for the Upgrade to Learn More by you and your 176 level 7 Network members….
  8. Level 8 Loyalty Reward for the Upgrade to Learn More by you and your 256 level 8 Network members….

You earn all these in bitcoin, and they can be happening on a weekly basis, so in a total of 8 weeks mapped for this training, where you invite two new trainees only in your first week, and all those invited by your two trainees and theirs up to the 8 level do it in their first week also.

What does it take to successfully earn this much loyalty reward?

It doesn’t take anything. Just commit to inviting your two trainees in the your first week of taking your first weeks CEP training, and stay loyal to upgrade to each next level of training in each next week until the 8 weeks is complete. If the others that get invited by the others in your network of trainees do just fine like you in their first week and continue to stay loyal upgrading to learn more at the next level and stage of their training in each next week, then this is just going to be a reality.

Have you ever been paid to learn? CENCASH will do just that every week until you are paid a total of …. By other people who learn like you, and this is nothing but the first of the three ways you let other people fund your weekly budget. It’s not Ponzi, so I advise you to forget the Ponzi schemes you find everywhere online, especially learning from the defeat of MMM, and focus on learning to build your capacity for making wealth from the crypto world, while you get paid for learning every week. There’s nowhere else this happens easily and practically except on CENCASH, so what are you waiting for? I invite you to go now and register or your CEP training on CENCASH and start getting paid to learn more for 8 weeks in all, when you’ll earn a total of ….. in only 8 weeks. From today.

Where is CENCASH Located?

CENCASH Systems Limited is a real company incorporated in Nigeria. It’s office is located at 38, Airport Road, Rumuodomaya, Port Harcourt. For direction to locate CENCASH me on 08126225948, and I’ll be there every Saturday to attend to you if you wish to come.

Can You access CENCASH Online without coming to the office?

Yes, CENCASH has a website where every new customer like you get trained. You can go to the website through this link to sign up now, but if you have any issue while doing that on you own, remember that CENCASH’s office is open from Monday to Saturday 8:00AM – 6:00PM in Port Harcourt. So feel free to visit the office, and introduce yourself as a new trainee invited by Francis, and you wish to start your 8 weeks training in order to earn weekly royalty rewards while you learn in each of the 8 weeks.

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