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If you can’t implement what you learn as soon as you pick it, then sorry today’s offer from NYIC 101 is clearly not for you.

This is only for people who learn in 1 hour and implement what they’ve learnt in the next 5 hours before returning to learning a new lesson.

Always remember…

You must only learn one thing at a time and implement it immediately.

You don’t need to know everything first before you start taking action. If you’ve learnt any lesson, then before you go about doing anything else, or learning a new lesson, first implement the lesson you’ve learnt; and make sure it gives you the result you desire, before you move on to the next.

That’s our strategy here, we could have given you all our offers at once, but then you won’t know how to work with each and get results, and may soon get confused and lose focus on any, so we decided to give you one unique offer per day; and try to make you know what to do with it, on the same day, to get results, before moving on to the next.

Then we also encourage you that…

If any of our offers has started working for you, you should let us know about it, and if you’re on our site for the first time, then keep coming back everyday to check out our new offers for each day.

Since we do no form of paid advertising campaign to promote our site on Google AdWords or Social Media PPC,  or with SEO, most persons will not know about what we post daily, but you can help your friends know about them, and that is by sharing your testimonies on any social media you use frequently, and add a link back to the page of the very offer, you found with us, which gave you that result.

Sorry! Enough of digressing!! Let’s return to the day’s offer!!!

So, for every 1 hour lesson, you should put in 5 hours action for implementation, other wise known as Direct Response.

That is why this NYIC 101 Direct Response offer is not for you if you are the type of site visitor who just want to learn it all first before thinking about implementing what you’ve learnt, instead of acting to get the cash result you desire first.

Let’s assume that reading to this point means you are the right person for this offer. In that case, if you get in today, by this posting time until the next 20 hours, you will qualify for an early bird 93% discount off the price of this offer and that keeps your only money down today at a mere $2, instead of $27.

It’s a brand new System that will make you $580 Today…

You’ll finally build a consistent passive income stream after what you’ll learn and earn today!

That’s to say, you’ll start from making over $580 today if you implement what you’ll learn within the first six hours after getting this brand new system. You”ll be proud to show your friends and family this new income stream.

A quick note before you go get it…

All discount rates may not apply to you beyond today or if you went in 22 hours later after now.

This is a new system and discounts are given only at today’s early bird up until 22 hours from now.

You know, if it wasn’t good enough it wouldn’t have been on this page you are reading right now. If you love watching videos online, then you’ll find this resource much entertaining and informative.

If you’ve taken advantage of this offer at the $2 price available only today, that’s only if you go early enough to find it still there, then you may want to say “No…” to all the pop-up additional upgrade offers that will be made you when you make that purchase.

If you want to save time, just ignore watching those videos trying to make you know what you’re buying, they won’t make any difference if you still buy it; because, all the information you need will be found inside the offer once you’ve bought it. So, why waste precious time wanting to watch all the videos on the sales page or on the pop-up pages, just ignore them all to save data. Instead, scroll down the page, click the blue text link which says, “No, thanks, I don’t want it…” and move on until you see the welcome page.


Do not click the back button when any page pop’s up, and don’t click cancel.

Just scroll down the page quickly to click on the blue text link there, to say “no..” and move forward quickly to complete the initial purchase you made, without incurring any further cost at the on-set.

This is important to note because all those offers will be available inside the package, when you finish the first 8 steps on the welcome page, then you can take the right step by clicking on the three links inside there; to get back those same offers, at your own convenience, and only if you see them as so necessary. Otherwise, best advice, ignore them all!

But also remember to check the links that come under the upgrade options of step nine, they are all very useful resources you need to have in your archive, in order to make the most of your initial $2 access to this amazing simple brand new system that will make you $580 today.

That’s it, so now, go on and click the link below to get the offer’s details and take action.

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