1000,000 Best Job For All Computer Literate Applicants

This is the only job that has ever been created for anyone including all interested Nigerians to work without need of academic qualifications and past industry experience or any form of  certification, yet get paid N40,000 ($25/hr) daily while working only 4 hours per day from Monday to Friday, and work from home as virtual professionals.

Entirely dependent on a total of 67 days pre-paid training program, anyone who can afford the cost of this job training program can get trained for the job and become equally knowledgeable enough to make more money working part time than any other full time worker can ever earn elsewhere.

The age range for applying for this job has been set at 26 – 46, and this class means there are over 70 million Nigerians out there who can rush for this job. But only 1000,000 of them can get this job, and it’s given exclusively to only those who afford to purchase the training program within 5 days of submitting their application for this job.

Don’t waste your time applying for this job if you cannot afford the fee for the training program within 5 days after applying for it today.

It’s not a fee an average Nigerian youth can afford, but for the 1000,000 lucky few who afford the fee, they are sure to recover it in only their first week of work, as this is the only job that guarantees earning N200,000 ($500) weekly.

So, those who are wise enough to recognize this as a lifetime opportunity will not hesitate to seek any means of raising the training fee with assurance of recovering it in the their first week of applying what they’ll learn from the training program, while working for Tecfclip.

Tecfclip is the only startup with the right remuneration framework to pay you N40,000 ($100) daily if you get trained for the P2F TW Job, so you’ll make N200,000 ($500) weekly, and, consistently, working only 20 hours per week. Where is will you find such a flexible job that pays you this much?

About the P2F TW Job

This is a new job created for everyone including for Nigerians, for the first time, to ever get sure of earning $100 daily. It’s the first time anyone, even a Nigerian, will be able to work from home as an employee and earn N10,000 ($25) per hour.

The work consists simply of doing two things that require acting according to instructions, in certain easy ways namely,

  1. Source 20 clients
  2. Develop weekly contents for each client, by focusing on four unique client’s contents, spending 1 hour on each unique client’s specific content strategy need daily.

If you secure the P2F TW Job today by paying the training fee to purchase the training program package, and then complete your training in the next 67 days, you can successfully complete the first instruction above, even during the training, and start work, fully, in the second week of the third month.

You basically be working by following the second instruction above, as your daily routine, in order to get paid N10,000 ($25) per hour and earn N200, 000 ($500) weekly, by working 20 hours per week.

The P2F TW Job Training will provide you with everything you need to know about your job. For more details watch the video below and take action after watching the video.

       How To Secure the P2F TW Job

The only way to secure this job is by applying for it and completing payment for your training fee, in not more than five days after submitting your application.

You’ll find a link to click below, to apply for the P2F TW Job. But first, note that your I.P Address has been tracked while you came to see the details on this page.

What this means is thatl if you fail to take any action after viewing this page, the next time you attempt to come back to this page or go to any other page, and you take action later, that action will be discredited, as your application will not be processed, because you would have been spotted outright as being indecisive.

So avoid the penalty of indecisiveness, take action after seeing the details on how to purchase your training program below.

HOW to Purchase Your P2F TW JOB Training Program

You can purchase your P2F TW Job Training Program after applying for the job with the link at the end of this page, by ensuring you copy the details of paying for the program as follows:


Copy the following details and use the information provided here to make payments in order to purchase the P2F TW Job Training program.

Ensure you make payment for the program not later than five days from today or immediately after submitting your application today.

Purchase Order Details:

Product: P2F TW Job Training Program Package

Amount: N177,000 (One Hundred and Seventy Seven Thousand Naira Only) or $385 (Three Hundred and Eighty Five USD)

Merchant: Francis Bestman Isugu, Founder of Tecfclip

Payment Method: Bank Deposit

Merchant’s Account Details: (Pay to:)  Bank Name: Guarantee Trust Bank (GTB); Account Name: Francis Isugu; Account Number: 0151588663

Email of Payment Proof: Submit payment proof (scanned copy of Deposit Slip / Payment Teller), mail to: tecfclip@tehincome.ws

    Action Step:

If you’re ready to apply for the P2F TW Job now, click the link below to apply and proceed to make payment for the purchase of your P2F TW Job training program, after submitting your application below:

Click Here To Apply Now.

Whatever order made in this store will be processed via email, mobile phone and offline payments.-- Cooperate with us or call: 08102427303 Dismiss