For your registration here complete the registration form linked below, if available, or if form is currently unavailable due to network problem or server overload at this time, then, start your enrollment process by sending your personal details for registration, as per the steps stated as follows:

Click Here to complete the Registration Form  or complete the steps below now.

Step One: Mail your personal details…

Your required personal details are the following:

  1. Your full names
  2. Your email address
  3. Your phone number
  4. Your whatsapp mobile number
  5. Your location
  6. Your Residential Address
  7. Your Nationality

Submit these personal details via email to

Once done with the submission of your details, for your registration into the TUCIP Investment program, take the next step.

Step Two: Making Payments

Provide your payment in any of the three orders:

  1. Onetime full payment of 50,000 Naira for both enrollment fee and full cooperative contribution…
  2. First part payment of 10,000 Naira for only enrollment and collection of training resource starter kit, while planing to pay the cooperative contribution in 2 weeks…
  3. First and second part payment of 30,000 Naira, for your 10,000 Naira enrollment fee and half of your 40k investment contribution.

Send payment for any of the chosen options to only the personal account of Tecfclip’s founder whose account details are:

  • Account Numer: 0151588663,
  • Bank Name: GTB,
  • Account Holder: Francis Bestman Isugu,
  • Account Type: Savings,
  • Purpose of Payment: Cooperative Contribution requirements.

Step Three: Payment Proof Submission

Send screenshot payment proof of only the debit alert received after payment success notification from your bank,  for payment confirmation. Mail screenshot to this email:

Final Step:

Once all three steps above are completed, you will receive an email stating the status of your enrollment, and after all pending payments are received from you and confirmed by Tecfclip’s founder, you will be formally notified of your progress, and added to a list for your placement in one of TUCIP’s $1000 Corp10 Groups.

So, ensure to complete the registration form or enrollment process, as per taking all the above three steps pertaining to your successful registration, payment of enrollment fee and cooperative contribution, in order to move forward from here to the next level of cooperative TUCIP lifetime membership. Welcome here.

Thanks for your interest in TUCIP.

To your TUCIP Success,


Whatever order made in this store will be processed via email, mobile phone and offline payments.-- Cooperate with us or call: 08102427303 Dismiss