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Work FOR A NEW Global BANK

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Remote Job Opportunity to Work FOR A NEW Global BANK In Digital Currencies

Make Money When This Bank’s Customers Execute Any Transaction

Make Money When Traders Buy and Sell Cryptocurrencies

Here’s Your New Gate Way to Collect 50% Payments in Net Commissions from The Daily Cryptocurrency Transactions Done on This Brand.

A Brand New Fintech Platform Launched By The World’s Strongest, Most Innovative, Best and Most Successfully Managed Options Broker and Owner of the #1 Award Winning Options Trading Platform

Even if you’ve never traded options on this platform, even if you’ve never purchased and stored digital cryptocurrency in any wallet, and know nothing about trading cryptocurrencies on exchanges. It’s not a problem on this one. The only thing you need is a strategy to get new traders to use this new wallet for their storage of cryptocurrency and for their trades. Call it your digital currency new global banking job.

Assuming you’ve just been hired by a local bank, new in town, to be one of its first marketing officers and get paid 50% commission for net transactions by the any new customers you bring to the bank, will you be happy to work for this bank? If no, then you don’t need to read any further, but if yes, then the information on this page is for you to take advantage of immediately, before others take your place.

Eventbrite - 1 Financial Market & Portfolio Management Consulting Training/Certification

This job is one that can give you a new status if you take advantage of it. Opportunities like this come once in a blue moon. If you’ve desired to work for a local bank, then this is your opportunity to go beyond the limitation of a local bank and work for a global bank, sort of. This means, there are over 100,000 new customers out there waiting for you to tell them about this new bank and why they should bank with it.

The brand sells itself, you’re not going to be creating anything to appeal to their senses, and the brand’s own influence is all you need. But this bank is not just like any other. It’s a fast-paced bank that allows customers to save their money only in the form of cryptocurrency, where it can yield significant interest that other local banks can’t ever guarantee. So, you go with this good news to your prospects, and they’ll say yes.

Here’s the news!

IQ Option has officially launched its own cryptocurrency wallet called Hodly, and easy to use, yet powerful new product that can help you monetize your crypto-traffic. The app incorporates a range of features that allow users to buy, sell or keep cryptocurrencies in just a few steps.

Eventbrite - 1 Financial Market & Portfolio Management Consulting Training/Certification

See Hodly in action

Please note that Hodly is a separate brand that does not provide any of IQ Option’s trading products. It offers solely cryptocurrency related services, namely purchasing, selling, storing, sending and receiving cryptocurrencies and doesn’t support options, forex or other instruments.

Reasons why your audience will love Hodly

  • Ability to keep, buy or sell major cryptocurrencies with a bank card in just a couple of clicks.
  • Simplified verification process that only requires an ID
  • Two-step authentication for even more protection
  • Instant and free transfers to other Holdly users
  • Smart feed with the latest trends and up-to-date cryptocurrency prices
  • Encrypted offline storage for cryptocurrencies and users’ personal data
  • Wide selection of cryptocurrencies that is still growing
  • In-app chat where Hodly users can connect with each other
  • 24/7 support services

What’s the offer for Hodly?

You receive 50% of net commission for each crypto purchase or sale made on Hodly. For your convenience, IQ Option has added a Hodly column in the Trading stats tab so you can monitor the number of transactions being made on the new product and see how much profit you’re earning from it.

Hodly Promo Materials

To make sure you’re fully equipped to promote the new product, IQ Option has added the following tools in the promo section for all your marketing needs:

Eventbrite - 1 Financial Market & Portfolio Management Consulting Training/Certification
  • m A universal link for Hodly and mobile links to the Hodly app which you can find in the Main tab.
  • m New banners and a landing page available under their respective categories in the Web promo and Mobile promo tabs.

How to apply for this job?

Take this as a digital marketing job for a new bank with the name Hodly, to get this job, you need to apply first as an IQ Option affiliate, by clicking the link below.

Click Here to Apply Now

Click Here to Start Using Hodly For iOS Wallet

Click Here to Start Using Hodly For your Android Wallet

Click Here For To Start Using Hodly Mobile Wallet

 Click Here to Get Your Hodly Android Wallet Mobile Application Now

Eventbrite - 1 Financial Market & Portfolio Management Consulting Training/Certification
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