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Why is the Crypto Market Falling?

Analysts say the better word to describe the bearish trend is “Crash”

Is this for real?

One observer said, Dowmike posted on Oil Price community saying,

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Bitcoin is crashing right now. This is bad. $6,700 … and dropping

Have you been following the trend?

An advanced member on the community, Tom Tom added his observation saying,

it even hit the $6.500 handle… I think it could get worse before it gets better

 What are you following concerning this trend?
In my recent discussion started in this community I asked,
Why Are the Crypto Stocks Falling?
Do you think you can answer this question?
Common, why not find out what is happening and give your response here?

Seeing the Markets, the crypto boom isn’t sustainable? Why is the market falling?

Bitcoin doesn’t look good the way it is nosediving!

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What can investors do to help the situation?5abe6cb971278_ScreenShot2018-03-30at12_5

How soon are we looking to see a surge in Bitcoin and its alter coins?

What is the remedy?

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Another observer, Cokiga Damke a member of the community, reported that,

Ether dipped below $400 and was last traded at $398.47, down 11.2%, Bitcoin cash fell 14.7% to $732.94, Litecoin lost 11.2% to $116.97 and Ripple was down 7.6% to 53 cents.

And agreeing to this trend, an advanced member opined that it was indeed a,

Brutal day. The total value of all cryptocurrencies fell below $300 billion overnight.

And responding to this this opinion, Cokiga also mentioned that,

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SEC is having office party as we speak

 Now you’ll accept why this is the case. If SEC is partying, it’s because bullish trends in crypto markets means bearish effects on SEC’s regulated stock markets around the world. That’s why it will pain SEC to stop partying if the trends takes on a new surge, but the issue will be how far will it go by the time all holders of the crypto assets must have sold their possessions and emptied their stock of these coins?
Who will be willing to buy at this crashing point?
Will you be willing to buy again now that the prices have lowered?
Isn’t this your opportunity that was once missed before the prices soared high?
Interesting this is happening just immediately Twitters CEO had mentioned that Bitcoin will be the only currency of the future. Do you think he would have said that if he had waited just to see this bearish trend hitting the bitcoin hard this time?
Who’ll invest Now?
Can you afford to lose all your investments over night?
Stephen, another advanced member of the community also asked:
Why. Because of fees? Or something else. It is hard for me to keep track. Very sensitive market, I say
But keeping track is what you need to do to profit big in any volatile market.
I think at a time others are selling, you should be buying over their stocks.
That could turn out to be your own biggest opportunity to profit real big when others will be returning to the market, then you can sell when demand is peak high.
Can you foresee such happening in the next few months?
If you think your risk tolerance is high enough, then this is absolutely the best time to dive in and keep all the stocks, or better still, you can keep track to see how deeply the market will fall, then you start from that very low point to buy from all those who are selling and amass the fortune they are willing to give up at a lower price.
Certainly, no one saw this coming.
Everyone had been thinking Bitcoin will keep soaring high in price, but this shock means you’re safest if you never had this stock, but you’ll be the biggest gainer if you go for it now! Because it certainly will bounce back and SEC will have to continue party for other reasons more positive!
It’s a natural process. The reason it’s crashing is the same reason it is going to bounce back, and Cogita had the reasons right saying it is because of,
exchange closures, bearish technical patterns, the possibility of Ethereum fees, Twitter announced that it would no longer be running ads tied to cryptocurrencies. Facebook and Google to follow….
The three tech giants! Twitter, Facebook and Google, and the most shocking was google, and it still will have the biggest impact on why the market will fall to its all time lowest depression.
 It was on the

News what google was to do… and I received this from my options broker who said:

Google to restrict ads for online trading

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Google is planning to restrict the advertisement of certain trading instruments in June, meaning that you have a little over two months to make the most of your AdWords campaigns before the ban is put into motion.

The new restricted financial products policy, as referred to in Google’s recent post, will apply to the following financial products:

  • CFDs

  • Forex

  • Options

  • Cryptocurrencies

How the new policy might affect you

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Starting from June, affiliates will no longer be able to:

  • Advertise trading instruments including CFDs, Forex, options, cryptocurrencies through Google AdWords

  • Promote their own traffic sources such as blogs and websites using keywords that mention prohibited financial products

Google’s new policy does not allow affiliates to advertise any of products mentioned above, even if these products are certified.

What is the guarantee that in spite of these odds, there could still be a spike in the crypto market beginning with Bitcoin the crypto king?

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The answer is in what Black Tortoise, another member of the community said. He said,

Last time Bitcoin hit these lows was in February dipping below $6,000 before spiking again to $12,000.

Looking at the future after June, when google’s announcement would have taken effect, can you think of any possible factor that will make the spike anticipated happen real fast?

The outlook of every sound investor is reflected in the calm gesture of another member of the community, Stormysaga, who gave his own response to this southward trend saying,

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I wouldn’t panic. It happened before and had always recovered.

 Do you believe in this recovery hope or will it end up as a false hope?
Don’t forget that this market trend is a naturally occurring trend. For now now one can tell the next mood that will spark the next move for investors to dive in again, but the truth is that mood will certainly come, because moods fluctuate naturally and there’s never a permanent mood in human beings.
There are factors responsible for mood swings, and negative moods always result from negative factors, as the principle of causality is natural in every market, without any exception.
One of the bad factors for the negative mood in the crytpo market is that already stated by an advanced member of the community, John Atronis, who reported that,

Steven Seagal destroys everything. Bad movies, bad Zen, bad crypto


There other bad factors that have the power to shape the future of the crypto market, and one of them is the claim of another member of the community who expresses fear saying,

i guess Russia is also planing to ban Bitcoin. But they seemed so progressive


Should bitcoin reach close to $7,240, the cryptocurrency’s 50-day moving average could break below its 200-day moving average, a phenomenon traders refer to as the “death cross.”

Now what are your own fears?

Fears will only cripple your inner man, so keep the fears away, and Cokiga has that right response to the fears about Russia’s plan. He said.

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Russia is aiming for its own, CryptoRuble

How does that make you feel? Light right? And same is the proof you need that mood swing is natural. One good news can do all the good by inspiring the good mood investors need to dive back, so you should be there before they do, not so that you’ll remain for so long, but so that you can sell when they start buying at the exchanges again.

The blockchain technology has its own spirit of more positive mood swings and that’s why when one bad mood expressed in the community said, the cryptocurrency

came from nothing nothing and will return to nothing

Another good mood picker known as Blockchainbull, an advanced member of the community said,

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I think there’s something between nothing and calls for it to hit $35,000. There’s a highly polarizing mentality with crypto, but i don’t see it as a love or hate thing. It’s just finding it’s price reality, and it’s not $35,000, or $10,000, or probably even $7,000. I think it will drop much further, but not to nothing. It’s already a reality that’s not going away.

This good mood suggests that there has to be a level playing ground in the crypto world where anyone can easily afford the prices at the exchanges and sell to stocks to those in need and buy again when they need to, and this will make the currency more commercial than it already is, meaning it will keep a flat price for good!

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