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It’s not just about our social impact as a company, one core area which is “employment generation” and another which is “capacity building,” and it’s also not about those we’re recruiting and training for the jobs that will enable them take full responsibility of their financial future. It’s entirely about you.

Said differently, we can recruit as many people as we want without training them ourselves, that way we’ll only look for those with the qualification and experience for the jobs, but then we won’t be going the direction of our mission by simply doing what others are doing which still leaves the majority of the youths restive and unemployed, and due to poor career planning for our college undergraduates, many graduates will still remain unemployed because they didn’t acquire practical skills along side their college degrees, and so may remain unable to work until they are trained, which, unfortunately, still due to lack of direction, majority of them do not know which training they need for which job they can find out there, so they remain restive as the unemployment ratio increases by the day among well meaning college graduates in our society.

Also looked at from the other side, we can recruit all those we’ve decided to recruit and have them sponsor themselves on our training, but then only those who can afford our training fees, which though subsidized are still above the level of these non-income earners who have never been employed before and have no means of earning an income until they’re employed. So, we’ll have jobs waiting for people who can afford our training, and not see anyone coming for the training, and that still will mean no real impact, because our impact is felt only when we give out the jobs we have created for those they are meant to help start earning high income even as undergraduates working part-time,¬† drop-outs needing this job to earn an income to send them back to school, and many others who’ve graduated without finding a job due to the syndrome of thinking there is no job created by the government for them.

A sample of the applications we’ve received show the response of students applying for this job and the reason they give for their application as shown below:

The Applicant Here is a drop-out

Our Email of Application Received

For above applicant, notice the highlighted section, where the applicant states that his reason for applying is to earn money that will be enough to go back to school. If you click the above snap shot, you’ll be able to view the application form that this particular applicant filled. We had a similar response from nearly all our applicants.

We can show you as many snapshots as possible because we receive several applications daily. But the question is, what kind of job are we creating for these people and how much is their training worth? Well, that answer can be found on the pages of the site that address our applicants such as this one linked here. That will give you a good idea of what we are doing as a company.

Where do you come in in all these?

We wanted you to have an opportunity to be a part of those helping applicants like the one shown above get the opportunity to return to school. And we guarantee that with the job they do after they’ve been trained by us.

We target the most underprivileged graduates and undergraduates in order to change their lives with our jobs, but if they can’t afford the training, it’s as good as not telling them there is such a job opportunity created for them.

That’s where you come in. We want you to help sponsor the training fee for at least 1 of these people, then this fee will be taken as a loan that will be refunded to you through a monthly installment repayment¬† plan until you get it all back plus an added 20% interest, that way you lose nothing as a sponsor of the career development of our underprivileged new recruits.

Since we don’t only train them and send them off to anohter employer, but train and hire them ourselves, we allow them to choose a contract type known as Shared Income Contract (SIC) through which a percentage is deducted from their monthly income for repaying their sponsors loans and the added interest.

With this structure in place, they are able to get the training with the loan of a God-sent like you, and you are able to take the credit for not just helping them find a job that pays them enough money to cover their tuition for 6 years in advance, but basically help them go back to school, since the job is part-time term job, and they work only on weekends, hence it doesn’t affect their education in any way. sending these drop-outs back to school, and as well as helping a teaming population of unemployed youths get their first well paying job are all reasonable causes you will be supporting when you agree to sponsor even if just one person. You’ll be helping us create a safer society where unemployment and its attendant problems will be curbed once and for all, to enhance social security, peace, and prosperity for all as we collective build a more productive local economy.

Will You Be our Next Career Development Sponsor?

To be our next career development sponsor, we have created a way you can support our cause of harnessing the human resources wasting in our economy in order to reduce human resource waste and convert them into wealth.

Simply complete our sponsorship form by clicking the link below, and we’ll mail you an invoice stating how much of support your sponsorship will be worth as indicated on the sponsorship form you fill.

We are grateful to have you included in our startup’s team of sponsors helping us achieve our career development goals.

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