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SECSTA FUNDING seeks to build a global investment community in which ordinary people are groomed to become accredited investors, whose investment portfolio is built and managed for them on one platform, in a bid to successfully incubate them to become accredited equity investors, annually helping over 100 tech startup entrepreneurs build their startup innovations.


By its nature, SECSTA FUNDING is an Integrated Investment Sustainability Internet Project; and is unique in its originality that pertains to its:

  • Usefulness: in terms of users of the platform joining the PSI OC (Preference Shares Investors Online Community) in order to successfully raise money from peers and fund their weekly budgets on a daily basis, all and only on this online community designed exclusively to make crowdfunding accessible to everyone…


  • Helpfulness: in terms incubating accredited investors through the budget funding online community… and


  • Purposefulness: in terms of channeling annual quotas of successfully funded individual users budgets worth over $100,000 per PSI OC member, in excess of the accredited status set by SEC, ploughed into sustaining investment diversity by funding multiple startup investment portfolios with them.


As the first and only original Integrated Investment Sustainability Internet Project (IISIP), no other program ever / or to be developed will take the place of SECSTA Funding in incubating accredited investors, because of its originality and uniqueness of purpose.


SECSTA FUNDING is truly unique in its purpose, because no other project before its development has focused its entire apparatus on generating fund for investors as well as managing diverse and multiple investment portfolios for them automatically, hence its originality is proven by its usefulness, helpfulness and purposefulness in the startup funding niche, as the original Integrated Investment Sustainability Internet Project (IISIP).

What Does Being Original Mean For SECSTA FUNDING?

Being original does not mean a web developer cannot clone the SECSTA Funding program. In fact, cloning is allowed, in so far as the cloned project will not deviate from the sustainability landmark of SECSTA Funding.

Being original, SECSTA FUNDING (SF) integrates investments in Startups, as a compulsory project, by building a unique budget funding framework that will help raise ordinary people to the status of becoming accredited investors, in only 36 weeks, and yet not stop there, but advance to actually provide diverse startup portfolios managed for them, where they make an annual investment worth $100,000 recurrently.

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Who would have thought that even less than a $100 entry investment, in any online program, could make you financially buoyant, in only 36 weeks, to such an extent that you practically start investing $100,000 recurrently, without borrowing a cent to fund your investment, and without being a debtor ever again?

But it happens that, as soon as SECSTA FUNDING is launched, this big dream becomes a reality from your first year, without being a burden to do it recurrently.


Once launched, investing a whopping $100k every year will become the most rewarding thing you can think of doing finally.

Moreover, doing so wouldn’t deplete your account balance which keeps rising by 100%, from $200,000, in your first year’s average net income, to $1 Million, in about your 5th year, while you’ve already invested well up to half a million dollars by this same time.

Did You Imagine Yourself Rising From A Low Income Status To An Accredited Investor’s Status In Only 36 Weeks?  Hell No, you never did!

How fulfilling will it be when you are finally ranked among SF accredited investors, who have invested over half a million dollars,  individually, in building startups.

Sure, this may sound impossible to you right now, but it’s really what will happen to anyone who gets into SECSTA Funding with less than $100, as as soon as it is launched, and does the work required to get 36 peers into the same group, where any initial investment is made. This person might be you, yeah, for sure!

How will rising from making less than $100 initial investment, with a below $1000 actual account balance, to pulling out $100,000 from the same account, after only 36 weeks, yet with available balance still double the amount withdrawn from the same account, while comfortably funding your new recurrent annual diversified startup investment portfolios managed for you, make you feel, especially seeing it all happen only on SECSTA FUNDING?


That’s not mysterious, it happens by SECSTA FUNDING actually building the startup portfolios you will be investing in, independently, on Tecfclip’s TECF3N1 innovative startup capital raise, team building, and tech talent development (3-in-1) tech platform, soon to be launched.

This building or platform development is done at the same time with the building of an investment community known as SF ESI OC (SECSTA Funding Equity Shares Investors Online Community).

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What is SF ESI OC  About?

This is where the investment portfolios built on TECF3N1 are managed equitably and accountably. It features the new startup ideas ready for funding, pitched by entrepreneurs trained and mentored on TECF3N1.

And so, each member of the SF ESI OC is able to see which idea received their share of the $100,000 investment fund withdrawn from their budget funding account, after every 36 weeks, investing in a spread of 100 new diverse startup investment portfolios per investor, annually.

As such, each idea receives $1000 of that investor’s fund; automatically, without the investor doing anything about selecting and choosing which idea to invest in, since the SF ESI OC runs as an asset management special purpose vehicle for TECFCLIP’S capital raise platform on TECF3N1.

What the investors only do is to access their SF ESI OC personal dashboard, to see how much of their annual investment budget, withdrawn from their 36 weeks budget funding success result — totaling $300,000 before their annual withdrawal of $100,000 — earmarked for making bulk equity investment in startups; through the SF ESI OC’s managed investment portfolios, have been distributed automatically.

They also review their SF ESI OC account balance to know how much is yet to be distributed, then view downloadable pitch decks of the portfolios that have already received a quota of their funding pool, as well as study projections for the first revenue generation, then monitor their dashboard to see when any portfolio returns a profit, in order to cash out any profit deposited in their wallet, also available on the platform for easy withdrawal from the SF ESI OC accounts, a separate account from an SF PSI OC account.

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With this access, all members of the SF ESI OC know exactly what good their money is doing in the world, and how proudly they are positioned behind all the new startups they’ve invested in, on the platform,  that succeed.

What’s The Expectation After $100,000 Recurrent Annual SF ESI OC Investments Like?

It is like owning several 100’s of stocks picked at a low buying price with expectation of high returns on investment if 60% of the stocks do well in the future, meaning by investing $100,000 in SF ESI OC, annually, they can earn ROIs from multiple startups investment portfolios automatically secured for them; they can become wealthier than an average Wall Streets Stock Market Investor, after any 5 years of fully vested equities in those startups.

They don’t worry about the technical side of screening the startups before investing in them, Tecfclip monitors and evaluates the investment opportunities, high yield potentials, and subsequent growth of each of those startups managed for them, to ensure that not only will their founders stay accountable, but that each investor is paid due returns from revenues generated annually, and those returns are paid to the SF ESI OC wallets belonging to each of the investors.

All SF ESI OC members enjoy equal equity stakes in all the companies invested in, and start earning dividends at the same time, as at when due, based on how much their fully vested equity shares are worth in ROI after / as soon as the portfolios start generating revenue and have recorded their first profit margin.

This way, the investors themselves have nothing to do or worry about in the process of investing in the startup investment portfolios.

Their only role is to regularly access their ESI OC accounts, to check their dashboards from time to time, to see which portfolios have yielded profit, and to withdraw their profits,

They equally continue to supply the annual fund required for funding more new portfolios, annually.

Hence, members of SF ESI OC plug into the SF objective of ensuring every successfully trained entrepreneur, that pitches a solid and viable idea, for capital raise, as reviewed by Tecfclip’s investment and portfolio management team, gets the right funding, at the right time.

And so, SECSTA FUNDING spreads wealth and creates value in society, globally.

Who Can Join The SF ESI OC?

This community is for anyone who takes part in the budget funding program on SECSTA Funding, actively, on a weekly basis, and completes at least one full 36 weeks budget funding cycle, successfully, before hoping to have the needed capital for investing in SF ESI OC diversified startups investment portfolios, annually. Interested investors who also have other sources of generating their $100,000 investment capital can join.

By joining this community, the new members and existing members of the community get an opportunity to fund 100 new startups equally, while they themselves, as investors, first grab the opportunity to fund their weekly budget; by getting started and staying active on the budget funding program known as SF PSI OC (SECSTA FUNDING Preference Shares Investors Online Community).

What Is SF PSI OC About?

This is an online community for budget funding, where a prospective startup investor, who may currently be a low income earner, gets groomed or, otherwise, literally incubated, to become an accredited investor.

Becoming an accredited investor means that they will become worth $200,000, in net income, if they go through the SF PSI OC actively for 36 weeks, whereas they would not have achieved this status, in such a short period of time, outside this community, as ordinary people and low income earners who have never attained this height of achievement before.

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By joining and staying active on this budget funding platform, they not only achieve this new status, but sustain this achievement, as a repeated result, through their life time, in every annual 36 weeks cycle of active weekly budget funding, happening on the platform, on a daily basis.

So, they recycle their achievements continuously in a 36 week period repeatedly, and this can continue for as long as they are alive and remain members of this online community.


Nothing of this platform has been tried or experimented elsewhere; this is the first time it’s being designed and built by the same startup known as Tecfclip, whose founder, Francis Bestman Isugu, is equally the author of “Celebrating Multiple Achievements Repeatedly. (CMAR)

CMAR is a book which practically conceived the possibility of this platform — with the multiplying effect of experimenting the achievement of the same results by all who use the tools of funding their weekly budget on the platform, to raise up to $12,000 in 6 weeks, repeatedly, from equally motivated peers, without debts.

So, read the book that laid down the principles behind the success of this platform, and it’s no surprise that every user on this platform also becomes a multiple results achiever, generating well over $300,000 in direct weekly budget funding, consistently, from lined up peers on the platform every 36 weeks.

A typical user of this platform raises $2000 to $12,000 budget fund from a network of only 36 locked peers, weekly, without being in debt.

Thus, this is a truly remarkable accomplishment for implementing the principles published in the book on “Celebrating Multiple Achievements Repeatedly.” Hence, the power of this book is proven in the very existence of Tecfclip founded on its principles, as well as SECSTA FUNDING achieved through it.



SECSTA FUNDING is real to the extent its framework has been designed and awaits launching, with the registration of the limited number of first users (pilots) to be brought onboard.

It has not been hosted online yet, until a certain number of interested pilots have confirmed their interest in it, by not only submitting their interest, but also paying to secure their spot on it, before other users will be allowed to get on the platform, and be eager to use it to their own benefits only after the pilots have made their early adopters’ gains and published their verifiable testimonials and success stories on the platform.

If you secure a spot on this platform, it turns into gold as soon as the platform is hosted live online; because, then the public will access it only after the success stories of its pilots have been published; and you. being among the pilots, will be able to attract many new users to join your team, to your own profit, if you’ve shared your testimonials that are verified by everyone out there, seeking to join too, though at a higher price.

For everyone who joins this platform, something happens to be pretty amazing, and that is the realization that they can move from generating their first $200,000, from weekly peer-to-peer budget funding, as newly incubated accredited investors, to generating their first $1 million net income, in less than 5 years, as accredited investors, and so be publicly considered fit for every kind of SEC regulated public offering (PO) or private investment opportunities, both regulated and non-regulated other crowdfunding deals out there.

All these money will be generated only on this platform, and they have this success in the form of raw cash deposited in their bank account, on each and every day of using the SF platform.

For each time they raise $300,000, successfully, in 36 weeks, they leave back $100,000 transferred to their SF ESI OC investment portfolio account, which appears on their member-area dashboard; for monitoring their spread of automatically selected investment portfolios; while the remaining $200,000 goes to their private local bank accounts, all in net profit, and nothing of it is paid back in debt to anyone; a complete tax-free income generated on this platform.

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A Closer Look At The SF PLATFORM VERSUS OTHER Equity CF (Crowdfunding) PLATFORMS

SECSTA FUNDING is an innovative Fintech solution, in the startup capital raise space, that has never been conceived elsewhere or realized by any other startup until Now!

But before you request a spot reservation for you, first understand that…

  • this is not just a money making platform, even though it appears as though that’s what it is;
  • there is no guarantee that you will make any money on it, if you don’t comply with the terms of use, regarding staying active for 36 weeks, and building your own peer-to-peer personal budget funding network of 36 team members,
  • being on this platform is like being on any other crowdfunding platform, where you need to promote your campaign for backers to find it.

Nonetheless, this is different from the regular CF structure, as…

  • you do not need to create any campaign page nor promote any,
  • instead you create a user account and join a group where you get accredited at a fixed price for starting,
  • then you get a personal promo link; through which you get 36 interested peers to join you as ordinary users, like you,
  • but in this case, they get locked to you. as your team mates and that’s just it.


You Do by promoting your group’s team building (promo) personal link!

So, if you can do this, either directly, or by consulting a digital marketer. to help you promote your link at a price, as a typical CF campaign is being marketed and promoted; by digital marketers contracted by the campaign team, then you guarantee your own success.

For, as you know…

  • not all who start a CF campaign on popular platforms like Indiegogo, Kickstarter, and the others, achieve their campaign goals or succeed to raise even a cent.

  • Most of all successfully launched campaigns fail to raise any fund, because they are not well promoted.

So too,

for you to succeed on SF, you think of your SF promo link as you would think of your CF Campaign promo link.

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Doing The Needful To Guarantee Your SF Weekly P2P Budget Funding Success

If you make the initial investment in your Promo Link, probably spending up to $50 to get your promo link out to the public on just one chosen digital marketing platforms, either doing so yourself, or contracting an internet marketer to do so for you, as soon as you are given access to this link, then you can rest assured of succeeding to fund your weekly budget afterwards.

SECSTA FUNDING (SF) is technically designed to not just disrupt but overhaul Crowd Funding (CF) for ever.

  • The SF Platform takes the burden of creating professional campaign pages away from users; and
  • it takes the power of generating funds, from the popular monopolistic hands of established campaign managers, and puts it in the hands of ordinary people known as peers;
  • no need again to find 100’s of wealthy baby boomers, to back your CF campaigns by donating to your perks, when you don’t even need a perk or campaign page before …
  • raising $2000 in your first week,
  • $12,000 in your first 6 weeks, and
  • $120,000 in your first 36 weeks,
  • only relying on 36 peers equally motivated to be funded like you.

You get the picture; but don’t be in a hurry to conclude, the big picture is much larger than the frame of merely overhauling Crowdfunding for ever.

What’s the Simplest Way To Define WHAT THE SF PLATFORM REALLY IS?

Technically defined, SECSTA FUNDING is the first incubator for aspiring accredited investors.

All parts tied together, you can’t have a SECSTA FUNDING effect. on your fundraiser goal, without first taking into account what SECSTA Funding seeks to achieve, as reiterated below:


Now you’ve got the big picture, and still want to be a part of the pilot members of SF Budget Funding Online Community, in support of the mission of SECSTA FUNDING, you have just one thing to do and that is to reserve your spot.


Reserve your spot as a pilot member of the SECSTA FUNDING ESI OC & PSI OC, by submitting an SF PSP (SECSTA FUNDING Preference Shares Partner) request via email to, before or after paying the set pilot fee on the page for patron rewards.

When you submit this request, you will be invoiced for payment of the set pilot fee, if you have not already done so.

The fee is payable instantly, after receiving a mailed invoice or going to the patreon page to do so directly from this page, without waiting for an invoice.

If you are invoiced, then note that the number of invoices meant for pilots is only 1000; so if you’re not fast in reserving your spot by submitting a request to via the email above or directly on the patreon page, you may not be among the pilots.

The Patreon page for billing invoices is meant for public transparent tracking of pilots and for open accountability of tracked sales of pilot spots, not for crowdfunding as it may seem.

So, if you land first on that patreon page, and become a patron early enough, you may be lucky to be the one to secure the top pilot spot as the first of 1000 pilots, and that’s the best spot to go for now.

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Chances are, by the time you submit your request, if you are not fast enough, all available invoices may have been mailed out.

And so, if the 1000 available pilot spots get sold out before you check in, you may have to wait until the first 1000 pilots have each earned their $200,000 in their first 36 weeks, all in profit from SF Budget Funding platform’s online community, before you can be allowed to queue behind thousands of other public users, without expecting to enjoy any special privilege over the other public users.

Only pilots enjoy special privileges over the rest users of the SF platform.

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So, don’t delay… submit your request now.

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  • Ge a spot among SF PSP 1000 Pilots
  • Enjoy 100% Daily Budget Fund Income Growth every 6 Weeks
  • Become one of the first few to benefit from the weekly budget funding program on SF PSI OC to raise up to $12,000 in Your First 6 Weeks.

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