Profit Makes You A Fortune

What Amount of Profit You Want Determines How Fortunate You Can Be!

You’ve probably heard of MSFMPS & FFIGS only once, and maybe you read my LinkedIn Post or a classified ad about them. But, perhaps, you couldn’t fathom how much is in each of these concepts for you to profit from and net big cash flow, as a professional, or aspiring small business owner. Whatever your priority, this will make sense.

You may haven’t had the slightest idea how much a Big Brand-Based Business Model(BBM), like each of these two concepts, is really worth in supplementing your income stream. So, for a basic appreciation as to the value of a big business, I’ll refer you to one of my books, Big Business Great Personality©2015. Click here to grab a copy first.

Hopefully, reading THIS BOOK will clear any lingering doubt as to why making profit is better than earning wages, to help YOU EXPERIENCE financial success. You may not even believe it if I tell you that I’ve never earned over $200 in wage although I had graduated with dual 1st  Class Honors / Summa Cum Laude in my Degrees. How’s is that?

Do you have what it takes to make 100% profit with the right business model? Don’t worry, I will be offering you a system that will enable you become a financial success, in only one month of trying out my big business model (BBM). I’ve always strived to reset my financial thermostat for netting billions of dollars, all in profit, not in wages.

On this page, I’ll be revealing…

  • My discovery of this 100% profit-spitting brand-based business model …
  • How you can take advantage of this fascinating opportunity built through the sweat and tears of my brow…
  • How to plug into the MSFMPS system today and pull out $100,000 every month, starting from the first month…
  • How to make the most out of the FFIGS System to put your business on top gear for making 100% Profit steadily.

A brief background

My name is Francis Isugu, and I spent the past four years testing out and experimenting with different business models.

During this time, I wasn’t earning any income, and my financial thermostat was practically set at below zero dollars per month. To stay alive, I totally relied on my wife’s very low income to support me and for the daily upkeep of my family. We had no other source of income, so we could just scrape by on what my wife brought home monthly. To survive, we scraped in with the scrawny food stuffs that the single income stream of my wife could afford daily.

Except when I had to live alone once, only for one complete week, it was never easy for me to stay focused on or dedicated to my research tasks, due to the distractions from my wife’s continuous disapproval of my self-sacrificial venture. But I persisted with scanty meals and wore tatters, shaggy hairs and muttonchops on my body and façade. Traveling 10 kilometers on foot became my ritual, so much that I had no decent shoes to wear and protect my feet, when embarking on my daily mileages. I couldn’t beg or buy anything I needed; never had what I wanted.

Daily Life stereotypically went from one Good Friday to another Sad Friday, and so did Our living condition go from bad to worse. My expectations though stayed pointing northward, always contradicted my southward pointing hoisted flag of reality. It soon became a subject of debate whether I wasn’t lying to myself or was. There was always something lacking, fizzling out and filling our hearts with bitter animosity and emptiness that stole our joy, such that, with the frequency of picking up quarrels at each other, my wife and I stopped facing each other on bed.

It was always easy to anticipate what would be the bone of contention the next night, as we hardly ever slept with smiles at each other, instead, the once beautiful face will cramp up with despairing eyes dripping alkaline moist on the pillow, at the other side of the bed, facing the outer space, while the once handsome face stays plastered with the mud of arrogance, as I kept muttering that I will never give up on my chase, just in order not to seek out a job.

“When will you stop chasing shadows and start living like a man, taking care of your home; otherwise, go sell your manhood for money?” These words of my wife rang noisy bells in my head, a reminder that I was kissing the wind and missing the mark in life, yet I kept waving the noise aside as meaningless distraction that can’t assuage my determination.

Thus I spent the most part of these four years moving from one website to another website, buying one software and another, reading one book and another, and investing in one something good and another something better, all in a bid to find out one “something-that-really-works.” But what I discovered was that…

There were many things that did work for others but didn’t work for me.”


So, I never recovered my investments, neither did I fulfill my promise to make my wife happy with and proud of me. The losses which included her own loans to me were hurting her even more. How could I come out of this mess without seeking a job? How could I assuage the tornedos of curses that now flooded my life and were threatening to sweep me off my feet, unless I abandoned my goal to trap the wind? What could be so wrong with me that I stuck with what wasn’t yielding any results, over 4 years?”

This continued until it was now only 3 months countdown time to the birth of our 2nd baby. I hadn’t yet recovered all my lost investments, hence wasn’t sure how I could afford both a new accommodation for relocating my family, since the rent for our apartment had expired, and I was worried about not even having any savings to insure the compulsory CS that; we both knew we wouldn’t escape, due to the event surrounding the birth of our first baby.

Having absorbed innumerable ferocious abuses from my wife, I once felt so abstemious that I could then grasp all my flaws at once and what to do to correct my mistakes. Implementing the resolutions from this self-appraisal was the singular factor that spurred my breakthrough. Thus, I could finally experience the dawn of my financial success.

The resultant success led to a new book titled ” Celebrating Multiple Achievements Repeatedly” Copyright 2018. Click Here to grab a copy for yourself now. I shared the other parts of this story of how my life went from emptiness to multiple achievements in this book, and hopefully, reading it will inspire you to stay focused on getting results, rather than chasing shadows, as I was doing for over 4 years, and I never experienced financial success until I decided to stop chasing shadows, and start focusing on doing more with the right business model, to keep getting more results that led to celebrating multiple achievements repeatedly.

I decided to stop chasing the shadows around my big dreams, and lower my gaze to try out a business model I am sure works for everyone. That was when I discovered my 100% profit-spitting brand-based business model, and I decided to invest into building this model. The result of that decision is what you’ve heard of, namely:

  1. MSFMPS = My Six Figure Monthly Profit System
  2. FFIGS = Franchise Five Important Golden Stars

What are these results about?

The first result above is the non-local version of my brand-based business model, while the second result above is the local version of the same business model. That means, I found a way to correct the mistakes I had been making by not looking down to see the little things that matter in choosing a business model. I had only wanted to do what was proven to really work for other people, so I spent not just hours, or days, weeks or months, but over 4 years researching out secrets and methods behind other people’s success stories without first thinking of what I had or hadn’t in common with those people it worked for. I never really knew I was doing the wrong thing all those years.

But I came to know of this after reading Limitless by Matt, and I realized that I was unique and needed to remain that way. So, I decided not to pursue what other people were doing but to build what I will pursue myself, and the pursuit must not be one-sided, but be such that I could have plenty of time for myself without staying idle at day or at night. The non-local version would keep me busy at day until 12 noon, then I will go for a break, while the local version would keep me busy at night until 10 pm, then I’ll retire home with a cash flow of abundance every day.

How does this decision concern you?

The result could be duplicated in many other persons without requiring much from any other duplicated user.

  1. Since I’ve finally built the system to work just for anyone, when duplicated over and over again, you can now plug into it and start making 100% profit from this system, without doing any work on or worrying about brand building.
  2. Though I’ve finally built the brand, there’s still work ongoing to make it globalize my unique brand, by working twice as hard to promote it. That way, it would get known to over 4.7 billion internet users, and you’ll leverage its popularity to make 100% profit and earn daily high income, than you ever earned in wage outside my BBM.

That’s how this decision concerns you. Moreover, …

  • Since I spent over four years to come to this decision, you won’t be making the mistakes I made about finding a business model that works.
  • I suffered for several years losing my investments looking online for something that may truly work; you won’t be wasting your time and investments.
  • I did all the work myself, slept less than 3 hours, slept without food almost daily, toiling to finally come out with a system that can be duplicated, you won’t be doing any of those sacrificial works.
  • You’ll only plug in and play on the system to make 100% profit…
  • Yes, you’ll be duplicating my system for yourself.

How the 100% profit system works

It works the way any other joint venture business works, but is different from all the others because it gives you full-control over the money-making system; where you make 100% profit on whichever aspect of the system you choose. You can choose both online and offline aspects, but when starting out, begin with the one you are most comfortable with, and if possible focus on only that one, because…

  • You don’t have to do what I did all over again.
  • You only have to do what you can do using what I have built for you.

I spent time to build, so…

I made myself like a grain of wheat that had to first fall to the ground and die in order to bring forth new life, so:

  • You don’t have to fall to the ground of building something new,
  • You don’t have to die by failing several times through trial and error,
  • You only have to live and enjoy the new life that has come from the price I had to pay as the builder.

The price I paid that nearly cost me my marriage, and brought pain to my home in the form of real hardship for me, my wife and my son, was hard to endure.

Truly, it was a torturous price, so horrible that I don’t wish you ever experience such horror. I paid for and endured all the sufferings that were part and parcel of the cross I had to carry;

  • But you don’t have to repeat my experiences in order to enjoy what I now enjoy,
  • You only have to plug into the system I have built and start enjoying 100% profit.

Why 100% Profit?

You enjoy 100% profit because…

  • You’ll not be working for me, but working for yourself.
  • You’ll be doing everything you do with my system for yourself, and that’s why…
  • I won’t be sharing in your profit, yet…
  • I will be the one laboring for you to keep the brand growing.
  • I will be the one building the stuffs you need for the online aspect of the system, and
  • I will be the one spreading the word of the brand for the local aspect, so that…
  • You always find steady buyers when you are out there using my brand to make money for yourself.

What’s the online aspect of the brand about?

The MSFMPS brand is a simple 100% profit system; which allows you to make $100,000 steadily, every month. You heard me right. From the first month, to the next 100 months,

  • You’ll keep making $100,000 and never fall below it, but …
  • have a free atmosphere to earn 10x of it in any single month where you do the “something more” that I will show you.
  • You’ll profit 100%, reselling my new profit system for Making $100,000 monthly.

As the name MSFMPS implies, it’s my six figure monthly profit system, so…

  • I built a brand that allows me to make $100,000 monthly, and
  • You can duplicate my result by having access to this same brand I’ve built.

All you’ll do when you have access to it is to…

  • Resell it where I’ll show you, and…
  • Consistently make 100% profit every month.

This system will convince you that:

“Making profit is better than earning wages, because Profit earns you a fortune, but wages earn you a living”.

I want you to earn a fortune online, so I give you access to my system all for nothing, just because I didn’t pay the price for myself alone, I paid such a great price to build the MSFMPS system for you benefit from it.

So, now, if you feel comfortable making your money as a professional instructor online, then this MSFMPS system is for you. To see the full details of how to take advantage of the MSFMPS system that spits out 100% profit that lets you make $100,000 monthly, then click the link below.

Click here now, to start earning $100,000 Monthly with the MSFMPS 100% Profit-Spitting System.

What’s the offline Aspect of the brand about?

The FFIGS brand is a simple franchise business that allows you to choose between five areas of focus, known as “Five Important Golden Stars” (FIGS), and focus on that aspect that will enable you make money at your own convenience, comfort and location, by plugging into the brand.

Each of the FIGS are proven small businesses that can earn you supplementary daily income from direct sales of the products that are sorted in that chosen area of focus. The five areas of the FFIGS brand are:

  1. Barbeque & Food Bookers
  2. Frozen Foods & Bars
  3. Department Stores, Salon & Boutiques
  4. Vegies Food Marts, Eateries & Cafeterias
  5. Recreational Centers, Gym & Spars

What makes this model unique is that…

  • You own a complete locally verifiable small business that can supplement your full-time income…
  • You run your local business with full autonomy…
  • Choose your products with 100% freedom tailored to your specific niche of interest, and
  • Service your customers with full control.

The only thing you lack is a personal brand, and that is to your advantage still, because…

  • You run your business with a done-for-you brand building strategy, and that is also because…
  • You will run this small business with a joint venture business model.

You’ve never tested the effectiveness of this model on a locally verifiable small business, and you’ve hardly experienced anyone testing it around you, and that is equally to your advantage.

  • You’ll be the first to plug into the FFIGs brand in your area, and…
  • You’ll get complete Done-For-You brand-building support for your business promotions…
  • People you don’t know but who know the brand will locate you from different places, and…
  • You won’t be doing any personal marketing for your business, whatsoever; it’s all done for you.
  • Since you’ll be using the FFIGS brand, you’ll get a complete marketing gearbox that allows your business marketing to run on auto-pilot.

You’ve never experienced this system before. When you plug into the FFIGs system…

  • You’ll be like a small business owner that outsources all their marketing to a marketing consultant, so…
  • All the burdens of worries concerning brand positioning, strategy and promotions will be heaved from your shoulders.
  • The best part is that you won’t be paying for this.
  • Once you’ve plugged into the system, the entire future of your business promotion will lie on the owner of the brand you’re using for your business.
  • Moreover, since this same brand itself is not built by you, so will be free of certain basic worries as all that has to do with projecting the brand will be done for you.
  • Wherever you are, you’ll be a Google verified location of the FFIGS brand.

That means the world will stand still for you every week.

  • People from anywhere will know the location of your business, and that means…
  • Anyone can contact you from anywhere to make a supply, if you’ve chosen the type of this business that allows you to make supplies.

As said before, you’ve never experienced a thing like this in setting up a small business before. This is the first time setting up a small business is given the outlook of a global brand, because you’ll be running your own small business with a global brand’s identity.

FFIGS is the name of the global brand I built for aspiring small business owners to plug into. It’s just new, so…

  • You’ll be among the first to benefit from the popularity of this brand…
  • You will easily see sales results that are overwhelming , so much that…
  • You’ll be able to spread your tentacles in every street.
  • The more the new outlets you open, the more customers you’ll have; because…
  • Every new outlet will become a new focus for business in the minds of people around the globe, through the use of Google my business service for brand promotion.

Want to learn about the team that will be doing this promotion for you, go here to see how I hire and train my team of workers for promoting my FFIGs system around the globe.

If you’re planning to start a small business, or you want to supplement your full-time income, as a professional, then go ahead and choose any of the FIGs listed above, and before you commission the business, write me a mail piece of application to provide you the FFIGs Branding Service, and you’ll get your own FFIGs brand identity for your new small business, and this way,

  • You’ll never worry about your customers again, as…
  • People everywhere, using the internet, will know that you’ve just opened a new FFIGs business, and…
  • Customers will troop to patronize you; because…
  • You’ll be seen as a global brand, not a local brand.

To take advantage of this system and plug into it at any time, whether now or in the future, you will only have to write to me directly with an email subject line: “I Need FFIGs Brand for My New Small Business” and I’ll respond with an inexpensive quotation; where you only choose which offer suits your budget, either…

  1. A onetime payment for a lifetime premium brand complete affiliation, where…
  • You use our FFIGs brand and…
  • Enjoy all the promotions for free, after the affiliation,
  1. 2. Or a recurrent purchase of either a single week (weekly) or multiple weeks (monthly) brand subscriptions, where…
  • You retain your own brand’s name and…
  • Get weekly and regular “Google My business” brand promotion services.

This is the freedom you get on this service, and as aforementioned, the best choice you’ll make is to be a FFIGS Brand Affiliate, where you can set up your small business around any of the FIGS, and get a lifetime brand promotion support that;

  • You’ll never worry about marketing and customer acquisition anymore.
  • You’ll only leverage the popularity of the FFIGS brand plus
  • Enjoy lifetime promotions of your business without an extra cost to you.

Click here to mail me now.

P.S. The price quotations are not impossible to purchase, so mail me now to put your business on top gear.

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