Accessing The NYIC lifetime opportunity to grab your 30 minutes daily strategy to EARN 6 FIGURE MONTHLY INCOME


You need a surprise this time, and that’s what we’ll give you, because we always surprise our students with not what has ever been packaged into a lesson or found by students elsewhere, for them to learn what has failed, but learn what has never been taught in any training program to make earning up to $500 online, every single day, not just possible, but so much easier and happen faster, 30 minutes only.

Learn in 10 minutes and earn in 20 minutes after then, but turn the 20 minutes into “an endless income of a lifetime” by rinsing and repeating time usage every day, trying our new ways to earn more each new day! Never get stuck on one thing, get done with one in 20 minutes, and move on to the next, and next!

We’re best at surprising students every single day, nothing will be like what you’ve thought of or tried before, yet will be easy all the way when trying them out for the very first time. That’s because our lessons are easy to understand and apply. That’s why many a student calls us the surprise-filled trainers!

If you’re looking to make money online than you’ve ever made or that you’ve never made before, because no one has taught you how to earn $500 the easiest and fastest way every day, then this is the time or there’s never going to be your time, if you miss this last chance for our company to train you and get you kitted for every day “income for life” online. If this doesn’t make you excited, then what will?

If you’ve never paid for a training program like this before, then this is good because you will be saving yourself from paying for so many “not-good-enough” others out there. Tecfclip is not one of the many names out there making promises that don’t get ever fulfilled, you can get just the kind of money you’ve been dreaming of, but only if you make the promise to cooperate with us in doing everything we tell you. Don’t attempt to do anything your way this time, learn to do it our way that gets the most result.

Remember, what we’re talking about here is “income for life,” not income for one day, few days, few weeks, few months and so on. And what that simply means is that you won’t have only one income stream; because no millionaire success story ever happened with only one income stream.

Compound interest profit comes with a mix of income streams. That’s what makes what you’ll get from us really interesting.

You’ll be surprised!

While other schools take you a specific time to attend and get through with the training they offer, our “Income for life” Nursery School for earning steady income online, daily, happens to be so very different.

Rather than learning once and that’s all for the multiple sessions of school fees you pay, ours is the exact opposite, you pay once and that’s all for the single fee, while you become a life-student with us, because we are a company and we exist independent of our founder.

Our founder’s knowledge alone is not enough for the sustenance of our “Income for life” Training Program, so he thought well to get external support, and that’s what makes our company not one of but actually the biggest company you’ll ever get trained by to earn money online.

Our existence is dependent on the existence of the internet. The more time passes, the more things are changing and new things evolve on the internet on daily basis, and the more new ways of making money are replacing old ways, the more fresh millionaires are minted, who recognize the opportunities first and run with the opportunity to cash in big profits before others realize they exist.

Won’t You Rather Be Positioned For Being the Next Newly Minted Internet Millionaire?

So, you can intuit what we mean by having you as a life-student. It means simply doing one thing: “Updating you with new lessons on any surer way to make money” just as soon as it is arriving from the factory where it was created and has been fireproof tested by our own team of internet product testers.

We have an extensive network in the industry of “how making money online can be automated,” and we have pitched our tent on every platform where new creators and new program developers would first and always go to get the word out about their new product.

It’s mostly on the research panels for sampling new products and programs among registered product testers while still on pre-launch, and we step in to get it known, heard, and felt by our own team of testers.

We’ve just let you in on our little secret.

That is the way we get our firsthand information of the opportunities we bring to our students, so that we bring you the greenest opportunities to capitalize on, especially when the prices are either lowest or free entirely. So, if you start taking our lessons today, we’ll start sending you lessons directly to your email box, and you can rest assured that no other eye has seen what we’re showing you. It’s a surprise!

The moment we confirm that you need the new opportunity, we’ll make sure you know about it. We do the confirmation of its value for you, so you only have to do one thing…

Take the lesson and apply it as soon as you learn it.

Don’t delay to act on every lesson you’d have learnt, since the price you’ll see on our announcements, in every new lesson, will not remain low, as you get to see it at its lowest. It’s sure to go up when more eyes see what you first saw. You don’t want to be paying more for what you were first to learn about.

There’ll never be an overload of information for you, because we won’t give you more to bite than you can chew. Our lessons are presented in very short segments that you can spend only 10 minutes on each day, and have the rest of the day taking action or implementing what you’ve learnt.

By devoting more time to implementing each new lesson learnt, you’ll be on top of the money-making game on the internet, and people won’t know where you get all the knowledge, tools and steady income from. Best of the surprise is you’ll be taking your lessons and applying them all from your home, without exposing your secret to anyone else.

Since no one has access to your email account but you, you could decide to repackage each lesson we send you into a course that you will resell to people still wandering how you make your money.

When they come asking for insight, you’d have had your own energy, with the new package ready for combing profits off its resale, so you’ll bill ‘em. Yes, you’ll offer them your courses at premium prices. That way, you will make more money from selling courses than you spent buying our lifetime Nurse Your Income training program.

Even if you want to take these courses online, we’ll show you just how to go about that and sell them to even hundreds of thousands of waiting buyers, on the best online education platforms for course creators.

Subsequently, you’ll have nothing to lose from the NYIC training program, and merely repackaging, rebranding and reselling our lessons as courses, with each package having your personal tracking code embedded within it, you’ll be making hundreds of thousands of dollars often from repeat buyers, because those who will buy them from you first, will keep coming back and asking for more from you.

You’ll Build Your Own List, and It’ll Be Your New Online Business In A Box!

You’ll be the go-to expert for selling online money-making courses, without writing a single word of it or conducting a single research on it yourself. And yes, you’ll always have our permission to resell whatever lesson we have sent to your mail; that’s an exclusive Private Label Right (PLR); which you only get by being our registered student with a onetime fee payment for our NYIC Training Program. Never a second fee!

One thing you may not already know about selling courses like this online is that, they are so easy to do and the buyers will love you for it. A course you sell at $10 without a single work on it yourself, could be bought by over 10,000 persons online, every month, and we’ll show you where and how to sell them to even more than this number.

What does it mean to sell to more?

That means you will be making $10 over ten thousand times from every new course you package and sell to the same buyers every single month. You’ll always have something new to sell to both new and old buyers, waiting online. Can you keep track of how much this would mean for you? Not $10,000 per month as we initially promised you, but even $100,000 per month without doing a single work yourself.

Who wouldn’t want this kind of free money with all the work done for you?

So, what on earth should make you miss a smart opportunity like this? We’ll create the lessons for you every day, and you’ll spend only 10 minutes reading each lesson every day. Then, you’ll make at least $200 daily by applying them, following our instructions given as exercises at the end of each lesson.

We’ll ensure you understand every instruction we dish out in every new lesson, on how it should be applied. Then, at the end of the month, you’ll combine all 30 lessons into a single course and sell it as a single package priced only $10, to 10,000 waiting buyers, where we’ll show you to sell and find buyers.

Plus, you can even have other people help resell the same course to help you reach even more buyers, while you keep track of the sales and earn more income from the same package sold on autopilot.

With our continued content development support, you’ll continue releasing new courses every month. Not only the buyers being happy for this monthly new courses from you, but even the sellers helping you get more buyers and the platforms where we’ll show you to create an account, will be happy to have you as an active creator and instructor. Plus, you can triple your revenue from same courses by spending only $17.50 per month, on advertisement, for each new course you create every month.

This “Triple Earning Higher Income” Effect Is What We Call “TEHINCOME!”

Where else did you get all this with a guarantee of continuing to rinse and repeat the same income strategy for life? Nowhere, right? So, you see why Tecfclip is the company for everyone who wants to make money online than they’ve ever made. Tecfclip is the owner of the Tehincome opportunity. Click Here to Learn More about the Tehincome Effect’s ‘Income for Life’ Program we’ve created for you too.

We created this program ourselves. So, we don’t see anywhere some else will be able to beat the results you will achieve after you enroll in the NYIC Training Program. But we didn’t create this opportunity for everyone. Just for a few 100 students who will benefit from it, so that the number of re-sellers of our lessons will be kept at a barest minimum. This will allow you to grab this opportunity to make big profit.

We even make the work of course creation much easier, by creating a few 100 possible topics for the courses you can create, and we distribute each hot title to the few 100’s of you who grab this program. That way, you don’t worry about what to title your course.


Having 30 LESSONS FOR NEW PRODUCT CREATION THAT takes you only 30 minutes to apply each day really EARNS YOU OVER $100,000 Monthly, no doubt! This is why if you miss this lifetime opportunity to grab your 30 minutes daily strategy to EARN 6 FIGURE MONTHLY INCOME, you’ll spend the rest of your years in regret, not a joke! You just can’t find this massive and instantaneous life-changer elsewhere.

You’ll just follow our instructions on uploading the courses, once the 30 lessons are complete every month, and use your own unique recommended title for each of the new package you’re about to release to the public. By so doing, buyers will only see these titles once, even if a few 100 variations of the same content actually exist with different titles by other students, and will be spreading all over the internet at the exact same time as yours. Nonetheless, no buyer will be able to question the circulation of this money-making and life-changing content, because you have your own PLR to resell them.

We are not a lazy company, so we make sure we keep working on the contents that can make every one of our students keep earning more money online on a daily basis. As they make you money in profit from resale, so will they be making the consumers of these courses money in abundance, right?

That’s our way of spreading happiness to everyone.

That’s why we strongly recommend you follow our course creation and marketing strategy to make all the tens of thousands of dollars for yourself every month.

We’ll not bill you for selling our lessons with our titles. We’ll give you the titles ourselves and we won’t ask you to make any payment for them.

You get this service from us every day. In 365 days, you’d have created and sold 12 courses already, each generating well over a $100,000 in revenue for you, that’s how we help you turn into an internet millionaire the fastest way you can think of today. We actually invented this strategy but not the wheels.

We’ll like you to know that we are giving you all these because we want you to be our success story of creating replicas of Matt Lloyd, Founder of Mobe. He has made over $100 million dollars in only 4 years creating and marketing courses as you will be trained to do. We’ll give you everything you need to do the same thing Matt does, and you too will be our millionaire success story.

We intended this consequence of Making You Our Newly Minted Internet Millionaire!

So, your wealth will not be an accident or a surprise to us, even though it may be so to you, because we are using the same battle tested method used by Matt Lloyd, and also by other millionaires, to seat you on your first million dollars on the internet.

Don’t worry about how we get rewarded for being so benevolent!

We have built the biggest company on earth, already. Maybe you don’t even know that we are hiring over eleven hundred and one thousand (1101000) people from around the world. And we pay each of them well over $10,000 per month. We are the first company to do this, and we do it silently.

So, there’s nothing you’ll achieve that will be a surprise to us, because we wanted you to achieve it in the first place.

Let’s help you start Celebrating Multiple Achievements Repeatedly

with our NYIC Training program today. It’s up to you to grab this opportunity, limited by the number of available positions for students to occupy. So, if you don’t occupy one of the few available positions now someone else will take your place! Will you let that happen?

Now, don’t miss out, go down now, see the rest of the details about us and about this fascinating opportunity, then make your purchase of this program before it gets all sold out. Okay?



While NYIC 101 Is a program for financial literacy and internet marketing career education developed for getting newbies into the world of internet marketing, NYIC that is Nurse Your Income Community is the only Internet Marketing Institution or Nursery School any aspiring internet marketer will ever need that gives not only all they’ll ever need to start making money, right from day and every day; while in enrolled in the school’s program, but provides a lifetime support, through coaching and mentorship, that enables them stay focused in their new internet marketing business and make the most out of every new day they spend focused on their business in this multi-billion dollar industry.

As a platform, NYIC is the startup initiative of TECFCLIP that seeks to provide diverse startup development and personal growth training products and tools for helping put not just food but more money on the table of every income earner, who takes part in any of its programs.

As a startup, Tecfclip is bigger than its platforms and programs. NYIC is one of its platforms with its first program being NYIC 101 for internet marketing education.

Other platforms of TECFCLIP are derived from its name, which means a technology for clipping together Career Learning, Investment and Partnership opportunities.

And, true to its name, platforms such as Tecf3N1, GFPOnline, DYAonline, and others, are among the technology development assets of the startup preparing for its major launching, anticipated after recording an all-time 5 years steady growth, after test running its NYIC platform with NYIC 101 and other programs yet to be developed.

This brief introduction gives you an idea that you are taking part in something bigger than you already feel it is, because Tecfclip is a global startup with its initial pre-market value estimated at $3.4 million generated from NYIC and other test-run similar platforms it’s creating, yet to be announced on the occasion of the post-incorporation startup launching to take place at its pro-headquarter operational hub located at Boulder in USA.

Tehincome, is one of the first support platforms created by Tecfclip to handle a few personal growth training events, while other support platforms not included in this introduction stand at a far higher value with regards to the efforts of Tecfclip to:

  1. Celebrate Career Achievers All Over the Continent of Africa…
  2. Have A Directory For Career Mentors Celebrated on It’s BACEHA platform…
  3. Provide the first and most successful indigenous payment gateway for developers in Africa, to top the Fin-tech startups, in this part of the world. This add-on tool for developers provide B2B services to merchants selling African products and services online through their merchant accounts to be managed by Tecfclip’s platform…
  4. Provide the first foundational training in computer programing languages to primary and high school students; through the development of an indigenous software program for teaching programming skills to children, across all levels of their talent development in a formal educational setting.

With the fourth platform above, Tecfclip hopes to make teen students the next most successful generation of tech startup founders, who will find the Tecf3N1 patented technology invaluable for their use and lifetime access, after their successful college program in a tech field of study.

That is a horoscope into the future with Tecfclip. This will give you an assurance that; what you are getting involved in today is what you’ll always be proud of and decades to come. Not only will be content with the results you will start making from the NYIC program, but you’ll be made financially buoyant enough to take up initial membership in the startup itself, in order to be a lifetime beneficiary in its total growth.

That is a horoscope into the future with Tecfclip. This will give you an assurance that; what you are getting involved in today is what you’ll always be proud of in decades to come.

Not only will you be content with the results you will start making from the NYIC program, but you’ll be made financially buoyant enough to take up initial membership in the startup itself, in order to be a lifetime beneficiary of its total growth.

That’s the benefit you get for holding equity shares in Tecfclip, which does on the job programs will not enjoy or are not entitled to.

But like those in the DR.LEADGENS job, we shall take some minutes of your NYIC 101 training program duration to introduce you to a few ways you can make money every day using your smart phone and internet connection.

How to Register For the NYIC Training Program

Registering For the NYIC Program is easy.

Copy the following details and use the information provided here to make payments in order to purchase the NYIC Training Program, by ensuring you make payment for the program not later than five days from today or immediately after exiting this page.

Purchase Order Details:

Product: NYIC $10,000 Monthly Income For Life Training Program Package

Amount: N27,000 (Twenty Seven Thousand Naira Only)

Merchant: Francis Bestman Isugu, Founder of Tecfclip

Payment Method: Bank Deposit

Merchant’s Account Details: (Pay to:)  Bank Name: Guarantee Trust Bank (GTB); Account Name: Francis Isugu; Account Number: 0151588663

Email of Payment Proof: Submit payment proof (scanned copy of Deposit Slip / Payment Teller), mail to:




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