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Rhetorical Question:

If someone pays you $17.50 at the beginning of next month, with a link in hand, and asks you to help him make $1000 by month’s end, with the promotion of that link done for him, what will you say or do?

You’re probably thinking…

“But I don’t know how I can help someone earn $1000 online, by month’s end, with $17.50 and a link in hand”.

Well, it doesn’t matter whether or not you have any idea of lead generation. What matters now is that you are here for a job that offers a training on lead generation. So you don’t have to worry about what you don’t know for now. But don’t wave it aside yet, until you have heard this…

As a DR.LEADGENS, when finally hired by Tecfclip, after your training, your job will be to take some cash, like $17.50, in one hand, for every link, in the other hand, and turn each link in the other hand into $1000, online, every month.

Don’t Ask “How?”

Yes, because the answer is right here…

See, if you have 10 links in the right hand, 1 link should be worth $1000 in income every month, if you’re willing to throw only $17.50 into the lead funnels we’ll teach you how to use, in your DR.LEADGENS Job Training.

As a take home, you’ll get a minimum of 10 links to promote at the end of your DR.LEADGENS Training, and that means, your 10 links should be converted into $10,000 monthly online income….

if you do what?

Don’t forget the lesson you’ve just learnt now. It’s the most important lesson you’ll ever need to remember and apply in your job every day. But you’ll need to have a goal.

The goal is to make a budget of how much you’ll need to have in your left hand, when starting your first month’s DR.LEADGENS job with 10 links in your right hand, in order to turn all 10 links, on the right, into $1000 each, by end of month, and repeat the same result every month.

Say $17.50 ad spend is your actual monthly budget per link in hand, then 10 links will require a total monthly ad spend / budget of $175.

By spending $175 on monthly advertising, you could be making $10,000 with 10 links to promote every month.

What if you can actually increase the links by 20% every month?

The more the links, the more the ad spend / budget, and that means more money for you. Every link is worth $1000 in income and $17.50 on ad spend, so 20% increase of your links will generate an additional $2000 monthly, while you only spend an extra $35 to raise your monthly income by an additional $2000 consistently every month.

Your monthly income will be growing by 60%, if you put in the required advertising. But leave this part apart for now and let’s concentrate on getting you to earn your first $10,000 by the end of your first month, working as a DR.LEADGENS with Tecfclip.

You’ve just learnt how it is possible to achieve $10,000 monthly income. You didn’t think this was so easy to achieve before now. That’s the first surprise we have for you. The second surprise is: you are actually achieving it at the end of your first month, as a DR.LEADGENS.

Now, what ways will earning $10,000 every month make your life better than it is at this time? 

You know what to do to make your life better, this way, and improve your specific financial situation. You need to grab this very opportunity; to get trained as a DR.LEADGENS, in order to start working with Tecfclip and earn your first $10,000, by the end of your first month of working as a trained DR.LEADGENS.

100,000 Best Paying Graduate Jobs, One of Which May Be Yours Today

Yes, it’s a new job opportunity for you, but the difference it makes is that you’ll be working for yourself, in the sense that; whatever output comes from your input, into the work, will not go to Tecfclip but get to you directly. Tecfclip only generates revenue from your purchase of its DR.LEADGENS job training program, without which you can’t get this “DIY” job that earns you $10,000 monthly.

What difference will earning $10,000 Monthly Income, Starting from Today, Make In Your Life?

It will give your life a new meaning, no longer the struggling lifestyle from zero income to zero savings monthly. When you make $10,000 by the end of your first month working as Tecfclip’s trained DR.LEADGENS, you won’t split the money with Tecfclip, it’s your money, so you’ll keep all $10,000 for yourself. No other job lets you pay yourself directly this way.

For other jobs; you get paid 10% of whatever you generate for the company, while the company keeps 90% of it, but Tecfclip’s DR.LEADGENS job is not even the exact opposite of other jobs, it’s totally different from all others.

Another reason why it’s different from other jobs is that; you’ll be your own boss, and have a sense of absolute freedom, while the only instruction you’ll ever need to follow is to this simple instruction:

“apply everything you learn from the Stage 1 & 2 DR.LEADGENS JOB Training, into the job you’ll do on stage 3.”  

Tecfclip has created the DR.LEADGENS Job opportunity for graduates who want to give their life a new meaning.

One of these 100,000 graduate jobs can only be claimed by you today on two conditions, namely:

  • You’ll decide to quit doing less about your financial situation and start equipping yourself with transformational intellectual resources that will make you aware of your limiting financial blueprint, understand the damages these limiting mindset has had on you and that it was influenced by your roots (verbal, emotional and specific incidence), dissociate yourself from your negative financial past, and declare your way to a mindset shift in favor of what you want your financial future to really be.
  • You’ll take the three highly recommended pre-paid DR.LEADGENs Job training programs seriously, that will help you to not only start working on a forged new path to financial freedom, but help secure your financial sustainability.


If you agree to meet these conditions, then get started with the first entry into the DR.LEADGENs job by watching the full video and listen to the founder of Tecfclip below.


Do you really want to make $10,000 by next month’s end? What about making this, plus extra $2ooo added every month?

You see, you won’t get a salary raise on a monthly basis; on any other job, the least salary raise takes at least 1 year to start counting, and it happens in points that are never up to $200 at a time.

But because the DR.LEADGENS Job is not just another “DIY” (Do-It-Yourself) Job, but the first and only “DIFY” (Do-It-For-Yourself) Job, you take full control of your own salary raise,

Stated differently, you will not only pay yourself $10,000 monthly, but you use the same training support to raise your salary by $2000 monthly, no need waiting years.

So, while others are getting peanuts as their salary raise in years, you’re getting 140% salary raise every year, doing the same simple thing you’re trained to do on the DR.LEADGENS Job.

Does it sound like fairy tale?

You’re going to start making $10,000 per month, just as soon as you’ve been trained for your new DR.LEADGENS Job.

This is the Job that positions you to get the kind of links that can be promoted for $10k per month, in average income, with only 10 links.

But there’s no cap on grossing $10,000 with 10 links monthly. If you double your advertising spend per link, you automatically double your average income from same link. So, this is not fairy tale.

The advertising business in the Direct Response industry follows specific rules that work over and over again; when applied, like the principle of cause and effect, which you don’t need a soothsayer to gain say that; it always works the same way every time.

The same results come from doing the same things over and over again; that’s why $175 advertising spend, in a well chosen lead funnel, always brings in $10,000 with 10 links, and doubling the ad spend by any number budgeted in the same battle test lead funnel, will automatically generate a double of the previous result.

This is not rocket science. Even a 10 year old who follows the DR.LEADGENS Job training program instructions, and applies what is taught, promoting the 10 links to be assigned, and even you, no matter how old you are, will always get this exact same result.

That’s why it’s not fairy tale. It’s simply the principle of “Cause and Effect” at work here. So suffice it to reaffirm that; with the DR.LEADGENS Job training program, you’ll start paying yourself $10,000 monthly, and scale to any level you choose, by testing out increasing your income by 140% annually, and getting started by applying all you’ll be taught to do, in your new DR.LEADGENS Job with Tecfclip.

About the DR.LEADGENs Job

The DR.LEADGENs Job is a job that involves generating leads to direct response offers. Leads are the lifeblood of the Direct Response Industry. This is a $4.3 Trillion dollar industry. It’s an industry where all businesses that sell different products via paid advertising operate.

No product can leave the store without being known to the target audience reached through a form of advertising.

The internet has changed advertising forever, and since the dawn of web 2.0, and its disruption by the advent of social media, advertising has taken a new dimension, leap frogging from a few billion dollars business to over $4.3 trillion big business in the Direct Response (DR.) industry.

Advertising can be done through word of mouth marketing, mass media, television and radio broadcast, print media and internet, but the DR. industry deals with the art of adding persuasion to advertising; through the use of shining copies, as sales letters and controls, written by copywriters, who man the DR. industry and focus on different niches, as advertisers who have mastered the art of persuasive writing; for the sole purpose of generating sales for their clients.

Copywriters in the DR/Industry

Copywriters specialize in the creation of digital and print media sales funnels, and are at the core of the product development team, ensuring the communication done via any advertising media is persuasive.

They create the message used through, in and by different sales funnels; when communicating with a prospect for whom any product has been created. But they don’t work alone. They don’t deliver the message to the desired audience, even when the medium selected can be leveraged, and the message doesn’t walk itself to locate the audience.

Where the DR.LEADGENS Is Positioned In Sales Teams

At the beginning of the sales funnel is the DR.LEADGENS who identifies with the prospects closely and intimately, by choosing the media where the target audience can be best located, and becoming a part of the audience; to test promotions on their chosen media, in order to know what and how the audience feel and how they respond to promotions on the media.

Once testing is done and the media is confirmed to be an effective channel for targeting the desired audience, the DR.LEADGENS begins placing ads crafted by the copywriting team, if any, or writing new ones, if they possess the skill of writing ads, before posting them on tested and proven media.

Writing effective ads is for effectively generating leads to and through their sales funnel, directing leads to where the main copy has been placed by the copywriter, for converting mere site visitors into buying customers or paying clients.

And the sales funnel may extend even beyond the front-end funnel dominated by the DR.LEADGENS and the copywriter.

Where the DR.LEADGENS’ Role Ends

The Back-end funnel often doesn’t involve the DR.LEADGENS, only those handling the phone lines, and the copywriters, on the follow up team, sending emails and newsletters or other product descriptions, meant to up-sell the customer or client, may still have work to do, at the back-end, to ensure a customer or client pays for more and higher value products or services, with a higher price at the back-end.

Therefore, as a DR.LEADGENS you are responsible for driving traffic to an offer, in order to generate front-end sales. You are not responsible for making the customers or clients pay for any offer.

Your only role is helping new prospective customers and clients know where to find the offer you are promoting.

  • You don’t build the sales pipeline and
  • you are not handling any product creation,
  • not handling any fulfillment task. All of these are done by others.

All the hard work is done for you…

You only get involved as the middleman between the buyer and the product owner, working like a sign-post only through the ads you place on your tested and selected media; for your advertising campaigns, and you earn more than any other person on the sales team.

Unlike traditional sales and marketing, there is no door-to-door contact or face-to-face interface or any interference with the product, the owner and the buyer, at any stage of your job.

Your only working tool is a set of letters and numbers, combined together to form a tracking code known as web 2.0 link, that monitors when you are responsible for any visitor that lands on the sales page and makes a purchase of products, on the front end of the sales funnel.

  • You will be doing one of the easiest jobs ever created since the dawn of the internet age.
  • You work from anywhere in the world, from your smart phone or computer connected to the internet and
  • for the best part, unlike other workers on every other job, there is no cap on your earning.

Your income is dependent on two of three factors:

  1. The tons of leads generated
  2. The number of leads that convert into sales
  3. Bonuses and back-end commissions

Note that the third factor listed above is not part of every offer, and finding such offers are hard and rare at the same time, but what you get; for being a trained DR.LEADGENS, working with Tecfclip, is what you can’t find on your own.

Do you want to be trained for your new DR.LEADGENS Job?

You know what this job means to you, … being able to start making $10,000 per month, online, even if you’ve never made money online before.

The DR.LEADGENS Job Training program gives you everything you need to move yourself from where you are right now, earning zero dollars online, to where you’ll be working for yourself, a comfortable place where you’ll find yourself by this time next month, earning your first $10,000, if you take this training today, and start your first month of DR.LEADGENS Job, working with Tecfclip, but doing it for yourself.

You don’t need to be a tech guru, e-commerce merchant, software engineer, stocks and forex trader or doing any investing whatsoever before earning $10,000 per month. It’s all going to happen with your access to the DR.LEADGENS Job training program, only available on Tecfclip.

You won’t need any high profile job, with a promise to earn this margin of income, after your DR.LEADGENS Job Training Program has been purchased.

What You Get From DR.LEADGENS Job Working With Tecfclip

As DR.LEADGENS, working with Tecfclip, you get a 100% guarantee of earning from the three factors responsible for your online income.

The three stages of training programs designed for the DR.LEADGENS job ensure that you earn at three different stages.

At Stage One:

You’ll be trained on how to earn from every lead you generate, at the point of generating those leads, without having to have any affiliation with the offer the leads are generated for.

You’ll earn income every day, by tapping into the worst lead generation source, even where others hardly generate sales from, because you’ll learn how to earn from this source, without a penny ad spend here.

While others are wasting their ads budget on this worst lead generation source, you will learn how to make a fortune where others hardly ever earn a living. It’s going to be your daily source of income as a DR.LEADGENS.

That is a fun way to always keep some peanut bucks in your back pocket, to take care of your everyday spending budget.

You can hardly ever find a training program like this anywhere else, if you didn’t apply for the DR.LEADGENS job.

The DR.LEADGENS Job training program is obviously the first realistic way you can be sure of beginning to earn some money from the very first day you purchase the training program, covering your stage one and stage 2 training needs all in one package.

At stage Two:

You’ll be trained to know how to tap the best traffic sources and find the best offers; which will enable you generate more leads that always convert into daily sales, so you’re sure of earning a few 100 bucks from sales generated daily.

Combining the best traffic sources with the best offers to promote, without worrying about where to find these tools yourself, you will realize, at once, that Tecfclip has set you on a path to true financial freedom.

But it’s not at stage 2 that you will become truly financially free with less work. You’ll need to get to the third stage where everything you need to move from 6 figure income a year to 7 figures and even 8 figures, all in US Dollars, will be made available to you.

At Stage Three:

You’ll be trained to choose and focus on a niche that has the guarantee of making you a millionaire in less time, even when other niches will require decades of hard work and slavery to your routines, before you may begin hoping to ever make your first million.

Stage three is the ultimate stage, where your monthly income, on average, will range from $10,000 to hundreds of thousands, which you may currently be imagining not to be possible.

It’s for this reason that you need a mindset shift, because without changing the way you think about money, from a zero dollar blueprint to a blueprint of earning multi-million dollars annually, you’ll still remain the way you were before finding this job.

You need to take action immediately,

If all you want is an 80 hour/week corporate job lifestyle, then we’ll have no problem showing you where to find the best of such jobs, at any point you change your mind and decide you no longer want to work for yourself with Tecfclip.

But just a warning in advance: you will not have the knowledge, skill and experience often emphasized in the requirements for such jobs created mainly for tech talents, among whom you are not even considered a significant number, and not to say the least, you will be among the least qualified of over 240,000 applicants, applying for same positions, from different parts of the world.

So, your chances of landing such tech jobs, even after years of your previous studies, plus more years of job hunting, will always be very thinner than you think at this time, and you won’t even realize this until you have spent a minimum of 4 years and several thousands of dollars, all in a bid to acquire the tech skills you need.

Developing new tech skills entails getting your finances in place for purchasing the recommended training programs for each new and isolated tech skill you desire to learn. They are not affordable as this training, but over 23 times more expensive than the DR.LEADGENS Job training program, which you’ll be getting for less than $200.

Apart from the high cost of training for acquiring tech skills, to qualify for tech jobs like UI & UX Design, Engineering Emersion, Front-End and Back-End Development, Full Stack Development and Data Analysis, among others, there is also a high amount and large tone of time spent on testing out lower pay jobs.

You need those lower pay but often free service jobs only to build a portfolio for yourself, and not expect spending anything less than 3 to 6 years, on this struggle for “getting ready to be ready” for the kind of tech startup jobs that can pay you up to $10,000 monthly.

Knowing Your Alternatives For Landing A $10,000 Per Month Job Outside Tecfclip

If you’re still in doubt and want to give tech startup jobs a try, instead of going straight for the DR.LEADGENS job training program provided by Tecfclip; which you can complete in one week, for the first and second stage, and start working immediately, you’re very free to conduct your own research on how many startup jobs pay $10,000 monthly plus equity, then find out how much you’ll need to go for the training, if you don’t yet possess the skills.

We’ll recommend three places to start your research, namely: Thinkful, Springboard and Angel List. The first two are the world’s best places on the internet to get the training for acquiring tech skills, while the third one is for finding a job where you’ll be paid $10,000, with your new tech skill set. However, on each course you purchase, you won’t spend less than $500 to get started, while spending up to $14,600 to complete the course you’ve started.

But that won’t be all, you won’t also spend less than 2 years trying to build your portfolio after your training, that’s two years of testing out lower pay jobs, for building portfolios before hoping to succeed in finding a job on your own.

You would have spent over $20,000 learning to build stuffs plus over 4 years of trying out lower pay jobs to build experience, and only then will you be 5% better chanced to get a competitive edge over a mere 5% of the applicants, who are at the same or lower level of experience as you, while 95% of the others will often still be more qualified for the jobs than you will be.

That’s because, while you were, out there all those years, trying to learn new skills, they were already perfecting the same skills by building more project samples that will make 99.9% of the employers prefer them to you. And by this time, having already spent so much time and money, you would still have not started earning even $500 monthly.

But the regretful part is that those who came to this page with you, four years back, and only spent less than $200 plus 1 week at most for the initial two stages of their DR.LEADGENS Job Training program, would have already turned millionaires, earning over $40,000 monthly, by scaling their monthly income, while you wander about aimlessly, lacking focus, hence never succeeding on anything yourself.

Do You Want To Delay Your Tecfclip’s Personal Millionaire Success Story, While Others Starting This Journey At The Same Time As You Would Be Celebrating Their Own Success on the same DR.LEADGENS Job Before You?

You’re responsible for the outcome of whatever choice you make here, today; because you’re responsible for your choices, although you can’t choose the consequence of your choices. Here, you can only choose how you will respond in either one of two ways, namely: grab this opportunity now, or let it slip off your fingers by ignoring it and giving excuses.

So, before you decide to go beating down the forlorn fools’ path of job hunting where there is no opportunity for you, like the oil and gas sector; where the opportunities there are long expired or now extinct, we may advise that you don’t waste your time  job hunting around even those tech startups mentioned above.

The reason is that; even there the opportunities that now abound are for those already prepared by having been long trained to possess the skills needed by the startups and only those on-demand talents are preferred by employers in the new tech startups.

There’s even another reason not to go that direction if you’re not prepared yet, it’s especially because, as we write, only mid stage and just 5% of well funded early stage startups will afford to pay you $10,000 per month plus equity, and that’s only if you’ve already built a pile of project samples in your portfolio.

But Tecfclip, even without being funded like other pre-seed startups, has designed the DR.LEADGENS Job Training program, as part of its pre-money team building goal, that considers your interest enough, to train you for the easiest job that will enable you start earning $10,000, monthly, and scale it, realistically, by 140% annually.

Having read this far, you should really be having a burning desire for the DR.LEADGENS Job Training for getting you started right now!   

Because there’s no cap on your income, as Tecfclip’s trained DR.LEADGENS, do note that; if you are going to see your life start changing with being able to earn $10,000 monthly, and scale this gross income  to hundreds of thousands of US dollars,  then what are you waiting for or what prevents from taking action now? Tell us, what is it that should be let to stop you from grabbing this fascinating job opportunity now?

We don’t want you to go through the pain of rejection when job hunting, or the hurt of disappointment with recruiters who turn down your application. We created this job for you to access it very easily, realizing that you’ve already spent 4 to 7 years in college, nearly a waste of time due to the intention to find a white-collar job with it, whereas no white-collar jobs today will pay you $500 monthly, most especially in this part of the world.

It was an uninformed choice that led you wasting all those years only preparing for a  “DFYE” (done-for-your-employers) job or career, where you can’t even hope for ever earning $1000 in any month, whereas you were told you needed to secure a Bachelors degree in order to assert yourself in society.

Wasn’t that a lie; since you can’t even boast of a good job that pays you at least $500, with your degree, in hand, in this part of the world? What you needed was self-development.

Truly, it was such a waste of time, after all these years, you’ll agree. It’s now obvious that degrees and certificates hold no true financial value; because, if you attempt selling them, in any market, no one will agree to pay a penny to buy them from you.

You don’t need a college degree to be a Tecfclip’s Trained DR.LEADGENS

Is this a sure?

You only need to adjust your mindset, before taking the training program, in order to be capable of not only earning $10,000 per month but holding that amount consistently and scaling it to be well over millions of dollars in net income.

Those who gross or net millions and billions of dollars, annually, are people like you, but they didn’t think and act like you, and that’s why you need a mindset shift and change of attitude towards money, before taking this training.

If You Don’t Need a College Degree for the DR.LEADGENS Job, then Why Is It For Graduates Only?

To be specific, you’ve finally asked the question we’ve been waiting for. We wanted to prove to graduates like you that, making money needs a different attitude from that learnt on undergraduate and postgraduate  programs.

That’s why not a handful of academically excellent (“A”) students become successful or turn into millionaires and big business owners.

The founder of Tecfclip is only one of the few people who take an exception to this…

He had a childhood of A’s in school, and grew with this trait of excellence which made him to outshine his contemporaries in college, as he became a double first-class Bachelors degree holder, and that didn’t end in College, in his 18 professional Business Management Training Courses, he also outshone over 4000 others with “A” grades scoring multiple 99.9% with the average score being 96.8%.

Francis Isugu was just one of the few exceptions. He founded Tecfclip after many failed attempts made at inventing a business model that guarantees earning billions of dollars in net revenue annually. He’s finally discovered the winning business model which he uses to position Tecfclip as a multi-billion dollar startup, and you’re part of his success story.

More often, school drop-outs make life success happen, while first class graduates become their paid servants.

What an irony of life!

Piling up certificates upon certificates may never mean amassing even hundreds upon hundreds of dollars, every month, how about earning over tens of thousands of dollars monthly, or even hundreds of thousands, as is the case with all those doing similar things as you will learn to do in your DR.LEADGENS Job?

You need a reorientation, where you’ll have to unlearn all the wrong ideas implanted in your mind by society, about making money and becoming successful in life.

You’re just another proof we have…


how the rush for certificates makes of many the poorest of people, at best, and breeds the most unproductive of people in society, at worst“.

That’s why we wanted you to be the one we’ll be training, so you’ll discover the ease of making money and the difference which making so much money can cause in your life, when you learn the right things that make it happen even faster.

Knowing how to make money is an entirely different subject from all subjects taught at and studied in schools, and that is why most school drop-outs pick up this knowledge while school-goers never learn them.

You can become a million-dollar person even without a high school diploma, not to mention how useless a college degree really is in the level playing ground of actually making money.

Spending several years in college turns out to be a waste of precious money-making time, if you can’t convert that knowledge acquired into money-making and life-changing opportunities that; are beneficial to you and to society.

Well, since you have your college degree now, what next? Should you throw it away?     

Wait a minute,

you may feel like being angry with yourself for many reasons, notwithstanding, even though we don’t need a college degree for you to get trained for the DR.LEADGENS Job, with less than $200, we won’t be as mean as asking you to go throw away your certificates, testimonials and diplomas, or result statements and transcripts that you spent time and money to acquire. The much we can say is:

“go lock them up in some secure place, waiting for your rainy day.

We believe you were lied to; when you were taught to prepare for your rainy day. Because, for us, making money is more important, since it can afford you the umbrella, the shelter, and the medicare needed for dealing with the aftermaths of tropical storms that may come. So, come rain or shine, we want you to focus on making more money.

What difference does it make, if you are making money while it’s raining?

But, if you have no money, even drops of a light rain on you can become turn into a tornado for you in aftermath, if you can’t afford warm clothing to hide your body from the cold, and this happens most of the time, even after you thought you had been trying your best to get ready for such situations.

A case in point is if you aren’t able to afford your rent for a decent accommodation to shelter you, after working round the clock in 12 calendar months. It happens for obvious reasons: … daily expenses that outsize your monthly wages. And that’s really after spending years in pursuit of some college degrees and certificates. Isn’t it a terrible situation?

We’ve all been there before; with our college and professional certifications in hand, they never helped. So we don’t teach you to make plans for rainy days, otherwise those certificates of yours will get beaten by the rain and prove totally useless, since they can’t afford you even an umbrella to cover only your head from the rain, how much folly will it be to expect to afford a poor shelter with them, you’ll fall sick after all, and sorry, but still die in misfortune.

We teach you to make money  by profit every day, come rain or shine… not to wait on scarce wages!

So now, if you prefer to learn how to make money from our DR.LEADGENS Job Training, then won’t you go out there to find where to sell your certificates and make cold cash with them, if you can’t afford our training program which is less than $200?

What does it mean, if you can’t afford the DR.LEADGENS Job Training Program for earning $10,000?

It means, where having had your certificates, for so long, you still can’t afford a $200 self-development program like ours, then, since you don’t really have the money for our program, you can’t prove that having certificates without money is valuable.

So what will you do in order not to miss this fascinating opportunity?

Hurry, go find a buyer for your certificates and dispose of them quickly, before they get eaten up by rats and get torn in shreds. Getting torn in pieces will make your certificates even more useless to you than they already are to us, since you don’t have a dispensable $200 to afford our program, despite having had your certificates all this while.

If you can’t find a buyer for your certificates, then go find someone who would agree to hold them in safekeeping for you, but away from your reach, as security, to offer you a cash sum of $200 to help you purchase our program.

Yes, you heard us right.

Agree with the lender that you wish to use your certificate as a collateral, and that it shouldn’t be released back to you if you can’t pay back their $200 loan. This will prove to you how you’ve been wasting your time all these years. You shouldn’t have depended so much on your certificates that don’t have any cash value in any market around the world. You wasted several money-making years only to obtain those liabilities that now clutter your profile as a job seeker. You’ve got our message at last! Now what will you do about it?

In themselves, your certificates are mere hard paper statement of your records of futile brain draining exercises, in several wasted years, spent, in dream-killing places; where learning without implementing any thing happens all the time, unless in pursuit of a profession. What you needed was a bank record of your monthly financial statement pointing to steady financial growth that is evident in your limitless net income – an income without a cap.

Having plenty of money without a single certificate is better than having plenty of certificates without a single cash, and President Buhari who said Nigerian Youths are Lazy is a typical example.

Does President Buhari have certificates to boast of like you? Then why is he not as poor as you are? What gave him the right to say Nigerian youths are lazy? Was it a sense of pride in having more certificates than every Nigerian youth does, or a sense of fulfillment in having so much money and absolute power over the economy that sustains the unproductive Nigerian youths, even without having any certificate as the average Nigerian youth does?

Money is freedom of speech, and money is power to influence. He has money so he has freedom of Speech and also has power of influence, but certificate is none of these. That’s why Muhammadu Buhari is President of Nigeria and you are not.

Can you dispute this fact?

That’s why the Founder of Tecfclip dedicated an entire book to Mr. President, Muhammadu Buhari and not a single line of a 400 word article has been dedicated to you or ever will, unless you change your attitude towards money, with a mindset shift today.

The reason is because, when you don’t have money, you’ll be the one called ‘lazy,’ even with millions of certificates in your files. Whereas, if you have money, no one will call you lazy, even without a single certificate. Do you see the difference?

Money is real power!

If you’ve found someone who agrees to hold your certificate for you, then act quickly to purchase the Tecfclip’s DR.LEADGENS Job Training Program, so that; by this time next month, you’ll be $10,000 richer, and then you can tell your story of how you’ve moved from one of those certificate-wealthy but money-lazy Nigerian youths; to be one of the high income earners, who deserve the respect of even the president.

Won’t you love to share your story with your friends and collect back your “good-for-nothing” certificate, for safe keeping? Or do you think you don’t deserve to be called “lazy” if you continue to depend on certificates, in penury?

Some people, who are courageous in their mindset shift, even go back home, having earned their first $10,000 in their first month, and decide to tear their certificates afterwards, because it didn’t fetch them even as little as $200 when they needed to purchase this training program. They know how hard earning this would have been for them if they missed this fascinating life-changing opportunity. You’re now in one of their shoes…

Will you act differently?

When you purchase the DR.LEADGENS Job Training Program, we’ll teach you how to earn your first $10,000 in one month, and hold this amount kept coming in and scaled up, month after month, not a joke!

When you make this money what will you do with your certificates?

You’ll be a fool to think of going to acquire more certificates, or won’t you? All we owe you, as soon as you’ve purchased the training program, is to hold your hand and show you what to do; to repeatedly make $10,000 monthly, and grow it to hundreds of thousands of dollars, in a single month, while doing the simple DR.LEADGENS Job for yourself, in association with Tecfclip.


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You’ll find a link to “click to apply for the DR.LEADGENS Job” below, but first note that your I.P Address has been tracked, while you came to see the details on this page, using the same tool Facebooks uses to track the profile-click behavior of its users on Instagram, for the protection of all of its members’ data from fraudulent users.

What this means is that, if you fail to take any action after viewing this page, then the next time you may attempt to come back to this page later in the future, or to go to any other page on this site, and you take action later, that action will be invalid, as you’re allowed to view this only once and submit your application on first view, otherwise your later application will not be processed, because you would have been spotted outright as being indecisive.

So now, avoid the penalty for indecisiveness; by taking action after seeing the details on how to purchase your training program below.

HOW to Purchase Your DR.LEADGENS JOB Training Program

You can purchase your DR.LEADGENS Job Training Program after applying for the job, with the link below, by ensuring you copy the details of paying for the program, as seen below the instructions that follow:


Copy the following details and use the information provided here to make payments, in order to purchase the DR.LEADGENS Job Training Program, by ensuring you make payment for the program, not later than five days from today, or immediately, after submitting your application.

Final Lap before the Purchase Order expires: Why You Should Purchase this Program Now!

If you don’t purchase this program now, you’re missing out on thousands of dollars of potential income that you could earn from Tecfclip’s new DR.LEADGENS Job, that will pay you $10,000 monthly. And with this kind of high income and fascinating pay rate, you could use this  money to finance a new car, a big vacation, a better accommodation or just tuck away in case of a rainy day.

This new job is one we’ve created ourselves, not some specially handpicked job openings by some recruiters out there, so you know you are dealing with the employer directly, right now, as you read to the last word down this page. And if so, then once the 100,000 created fast-filling vacancies get filled up, you may not find this job elsewhere . We recruit and train all by ourselves.

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Purchase Order Details:

Product: DR.LEADGENS Job Training Program Package

Amount: N57,000 (Fifty Seven Thousand Naira Only)

Merchant: Francis Bestman Isugu, Founder of Tecfclip

Payment Method: Bank Deposit

Merchant’s Account Details: (Pay to:)  Bank Name: Guarantee Trust Bank (GTB); Account Name: Francis Isugu; Account Number: 0151588663

Email of Payment Proof: Submit payment proof (scanned copy of Deposit Slip / Payment Teller), mail to:

    Action Step:

If you’re ready to apply for the DR.LEADGENS Job now, click the link below to apply and proceed to make payment for the purchase of your DR.LEADGENS Job training program after submitting your application below:

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