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Begin Your NYIC Membership With A Mentor Recommended Just For You by Tecfclip, Zach Scheidt himself addressing you here. 

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Now, allow me to clarify something from earlier…

As a former multimillion-dollar hedge fund manager I learned plenty of “tricks” from the rich and powerful… after all, I used to work for them!

Managing money for a hedge fund in Atlanta, I saw how the sausage was made firsthand…

After all, I was managing the money for some of the wealthiest and most powerful people in the country.

An heiress to a “soda” fortune… an oil magnate… a top divorce lawyer… a married couple that both had Ph.D.s… and the list goes on!

I rubbed elbows with all of them.

Bentleys… Lamborghinis… Lincoln luxury SUVs filled the parking lot at the annual investment meeting…

Some of these rich and powerful people had vacation homes on exclusive islands that can only be accessed by ferry…

One of my clients even lived off the same creek that runs through Augusta National Golf Course, the home of the Masters…

But there was one thing that never sat right with me…

See, I didn’t come from money.

So it always bothered me that the machine was rigged to make the rich richer.

I also saw that average investors get burned all the time.

That’s why I quit the machine.

That’s ALSO why you’re going to want to lock in your level of commitment to our NYIC Mebership you’re going to want to create an account with us here.

I believe we’ve finally found a way to level the playing field for “little guys” like us.

I’m talking about a tool that can help everyday readers take advantage of BIG stock moves BEFORE the news hits the mainstream media.

So I’ll end with a simple question…

Do you want to continue to let the “rich get richer”…


Do you want to get a piece of the action yourself?

Here’s to growing your income!

Zach Scheidt

Zach Scheidt
Editor, Lifetime Income Report

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