This section provides an extra layer of information concerning the accountability statement of Tecfclip with a projection of what the startup will make of its social impact in time and in the future.

Having already started taking actions in the direction of its measurable social impact, it has become necessary to define the roadmap of tecfclip’s financial projection oriented towards the social impact and the profitability of the startup’s business model as well as the opportunity for investors in its niche.

For the benefit of clarity to all students directly benefiting from the three training programs designed to help the startup achieve its social impact, it is imperative to note the following  summary of tecfclip’s niche, business model and financial projection.


Tecfclip’s niche is small business owners in need of competitive customer acquisition strategy through their online presence. It also includes a second and third sub niches namely: aspiring entrepreneurs and startup tech talents in need of tech development education and support for team building and equity investment; as well as job seekers in need of work from home job training to help them work online and earn regular and passive income through online jobs and verified investment opportunities.

Business Model:

The development of niche specific training programs and delivering the, educational, job, networking, community participation and investment investment needs is entirely what tecfclip provides as its business solution alongside tech platform development that will service its second sub niche. The realization of this business model makes it necessary for focusing primarily of tecfclip’s social impact and so the remaining details in this page will clarify the process of achieving the startup’s social impact.

Business Process for Measuring Social Impact:

Undergraduates: Become HURCs, then recruit Graduates, and move up to P2F TW Job Training

Graduates: Become DR.LeadGens, then after stage 2 training, begin to promote the P2F TW affiliate program as their exclusive job with Tecfclip for which they are trained, targeting making 20 sales per week, using paid traffic sources to spread the P2F TW Job Training Affiliate Links where the leads they generate are people interested in work from home opportunities and are will to invest $375 into a job training program that will enable them work Part to Full Time 5 days a week and earn $10,000 monthly working as P2F TW staff members of tecfclip.

The network is thus entwined in the relationship between the undergraduates trained as HURC in order to be responsible for recruiting graduates to be trained as DR.LeadGens in order to be responsible for generating leads to the P2F TW Job Training program sold to people looking for work from home opportunity where they can earn above $100 daily.

In the first place, the undergraduates are the first to benefit from the P2F TW Job training package, by taking a part of the training program in their HURC training, and later going to complete the training after achieving their HURC goal in order to start working as P2F TW staff members of Tecfclip, before even any DR.LEADGENS among the stage 2 successfully trained graduates are able to start generating leads to the P2F TW Job training program that will convert these leads from paid trainees into full members of the P2F JW Google Post community, thus expanding the size of the P2F TW service community from only 1000 undergraduates population to tens of thousands of trained workers who bought the program exclusively sold by Tecfclip’s DR.LEADGENS.

The actual size of the P2F TW staff members will be something like 1001,000; where each DR.LEADGENs is limited to making only 100 sales 100 before being moved to stage 3 of their training which is conducted externally, while they’ll be free to sell other offers recommended to them to keep their covers filled while no longer allowed to sell the P2F TW job training package.

Therefore, the exact amount each DR.LEADGENS is expected to make from the sales of the P2F TW Job training offer is $18,750 in commission from the P2F TW Job training offer.

With the total size of the P2F TW service community being 1001,000 staff members, the total number of clients tecfclip will service through its community is 20,020,000, realistically.

This size of the lifetime population of tecfclip’s P2F TW Google Post clients is what the combined effort of the 1000 undergraduates and 10,000 graduates will make attainable, and will thus generate an overall monthly gross income value of $10,010,000,000, leveraging the limited 4 hours daily work of the 1001,000 P2F TW staff members limited to servicing only the 20 clients they each sourced after their P2F TW job training.

This kind of result coming through one network built by Tecfclip in relation to its social impact as a community interest company (CIC) and social enterprise is what tech giants are striving at but haven’t been able to achieve consistently on a monthly basis.

But because of the system put in place, whereby tecfclip is able to watch its numbers and put a cap on its calculated social impact, the result that seems impossible becomes lightly realistic and not merely possible but much easier to achieve within a very short period of time.

The stages to achieving it are all arising from the first exercises conducted by tecfclip as follows:

  1. Recruit and train 1000 undergraduates to be equipped for their HURC part time job after which they are moved up to be trained and retained for lifetime membership in the P2F TW service community with a forum where they maintain close interactions with each other.
  2. Recruit and Train 10,000 graduates, through the work of the 1000 HURCs who are each responsible for recruiting 100 graduates until they’ve all successfully completed their tasks and are no longer carrying it on but moved up to their next level, while at the same time, the recruited 10,000 graduates are trained in two internal stages, and after the second one, they become responsible for generating 100 P2F TW Job training leads each. And that accounts for an additional 1000,000 P2F TW staff members who then source 20 clients each.
  3. The ultimate team managed by tecfclip is the total of 1,001,000 P2F TW staff members who become responsible for the success of tecfclip grossing $10,010,000,000 monthly, by dedicating themselves to working on tecfclip’s team that provides P2F TW Google Post services to tecfclip’s total 20,020,000 P2F TW Google Post clients who pay tecfclip $500 each, monthly and from which tecfclip pays each staff member $400 per client monthly, leaving the net income at $2,002,000,000 monthly, where tecfclip maintains a pricing system of only $500 per client monthly, when the client pays for a multiple weeks package starting from a 1 year package, upfront, otherwise, if the client pays for a weekly service of $500 per week, then tecfclip still maintaining its pay rate per staff member, will net an all-time highest revenue of $32,032,000,000 monthly, hence generate an annual net turnover of $384,384,000,000. This record has not been beaten by any other company on earth.


It thus should be noted that the answer to tecfclip becoming the biggest social enterprise and wealthiest company in the world with only one service lies in its social impact which simply begins from and revolves around recruiting and training 1000 undergraduates as HURCs and 10,000 graduates as DR.LEADGENs.

By this standard of social impact, tecfclip is thus poised to be the most successful company in the world, with the highest annual net turnover, hence having the most successful and most profitable business model as a social enterprise.

Having thus envisaged this potential of a community interest company that is poised to make the greatest difference in terms of social impact in the world, anyone can take advantage of the opportunities now created in Tecfclip by taking one of the three trainings available right away at their unique prices as listed below:

  1. HURC Training sold to the public at only $25 but sold to local undergraduates at only $15 (with this level of training you can take advantage of over 75% discount in the price of the P2F TW Training that comes immediately after this one, at the second level of being able to earn a consistently $10,000 monthly.)
  2. LEADGENs Training Stage 1 and 2, sold to the public at $125 but sold to local graduates at $85 in total only (with this training, you’ll be able to earn $18,750 in less than 6 weeks, after the training, if you apply what you’ll learn from the both stages, and then be qualified to be moved to the third stage of the training which will be external and international coaching, in order to earn above $10,000 monthly, while being able to afford the third stage training fee of $2500 more comfortably, because of what you’ve earned from working as a DR.LEADGENs after stage 2 training.
  3. P2F TW Job Training sold to the public at $375 but sold to HURC undergraduates at only $175, (with this training, you are able to start working immediately and get over $400 daily pay, and work 20 days per month, work from home, 20 hours per week, 5 days per week, and 4 hours per day.)

To make payment for any of the above listed training programs, simply send your name, location, area code, phone number, occupation and interest in any of the specific training programs mentioned above to boldstepcap@gmail.com. With the subject line:

“Request for payment details.”

You’ll get a reply in less than 24 hours, and the payment details will be sent to you, after which, the link to the training program will be sent to you, and you will be able to start working immediately you submit the report required for completing the training program.

You’ll receive a membership identity number for tracking your performance and participation in the job.



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    The total slots open for new trainees each season of recruitment is 3600, and the first 1000 is reserved exclusively for undergraduates, after which the remaining 2600 is open for anyone who can get in before the door is slammed again.
    You’ll typically want to know what the job is about, and this can be explained in very few words.
    The P2F TW Job is a new technical writing job created for people who want to transition for their part-time job to a full-time job, and full-time workers who want to add a part-time job to their income stream.
    It was created by Tecfclip with the intention of providing an additional level of income to students who have already succeeded in their first part-time job meeting their targets as Human Resource Consultants hired and trained by tecfclip.
    It begins with a technical writing training in the specific area where the new trainees will be required to source for 20 technical writing clients using the templates they are given in the training, and then start working for each of these clients, as staff writers of tecfclip, and get paid for each client they service daily.
    The pay rate per client is $100, and each P2F TW Trained worker is required to spend 1 hour per client and work a total of 4 hours only daily.
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