Hello dear student,

This is your instructor Francis Isugu. You can see a new path to financial freedom right here with me, as I discuss how to embark on this very important journey with you.

Journey From $100 to $405,500 In 12 Months

I had always wanted to make this journey myself for several months, before finally starting, and having gone ahead of myself here, I’ll just turn around to carry you along.

Among my over 20,000 Connections on LinkedIn, I started this journey for a few 100’s of subscribers on my first Whatsapp channel, after which I started five other channels, for nearly over 1000 subscribers.

I am now on my sixth and seventh channels at this point, and think things should be made easier for you coming here.

Stories are told everyday, and I tell my stories everyday, but I think your story needs to be told too. That’s why I want to help you start this journey with me today.

I don’t think you would refuse to embark on an expensive career journey if you knew the outcome of your journey was to make you more money than you would have without it. I’m happy about that, and I believe that is what you want to see as the outcome of this journey you’ll embark on.

Well, I just want to break the good news to you that you too can now commence your journey from $100 to $405,500 in 12 months. Come with me inside and let’s make this journey together now.

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