Terms of Employment!

Endorsing this term of employment means you consent to it and pledge your loyalty to Tecfclip to be guided by its business process to be managed by you, while reporting to your assigned manager duly consulted; for the establishment of this term is informed by Tecfclip’s BPM (Business Process Management), as set forth in the following order of your engagement with Tecfclip…

  • Section One:

Choose an Administrative Level of Engaging with Tecfclip and It’s Recruiters in the light of opting into any of the 11 levels of upgrade possible to start at as a second option of benefits among the two options available to start your work with Tecfclip, as defined below:

  •  Option A: Start as a non-equity H.R. Admin after training undertaken free of charge:

This first level entails:

  1. Free participation for as long as you choose to work as an admin, where your role will be to hire and train only NYIC-TRS HURC workers, and earn only N500 for each worker you recruit and train, while the responsibility of guiding these new recruits will not rest on you but on your assigned Admin Manager (H.A.M.), so the H.A.M takes the credit for their productivity plus the benefits associated with being responsible for the productivity of new recruits, by way of guiding and supporting them in and out.
  2. Upgrade to the next Admin levels only one next level at a time for your lifetime on the system, but can only upgrade to the next level only after a minimum of 100 new recruits have be achieved on the previous level, since you literally need that much to make enough money from direct recruit, hence work your butts out for it. True indeed, nothing is free. When money is not involved, time is the price you pay for the result, and when the results come slower, and the average turnover stands lower, then the work is truly torturous.
  3. Roll up all N500 team members productivity bonus to you Manager until you’re mature enough wit a minimum of 50 recruits to start handling responsibilities for their productivity by yourself,  a period of time that helps you build the portfolio to prove to those you recruit how hardworking you are, so to motivate them to work hard like you, using your own success story as their mentor.
  4. Start keeping your team members’ productivity bonuses for yourself, and begin taking full responsibility for managing and inspiring their productivity, by providing their day-to-day need of guidance, support and directions, while motivating them and encouraging them to take full responsibility for their own success.  That’s what qualifies you for the reward of the bonuses that starts coming in like rain drops to moisten your arid bank account and flood it with passive cash flow. The value will look something like N500 x 50 every month per team member you manage, that way, the more team members you have the more N500 x 50 bonuses you earn in each month, given that 50 means the number of times each time member proves productive in a month. But the limitation here is that the first 50 members that were rolled up to your manager remain locked to your manager for life, while you need to start building a new team that will also be locked to you for life from your 51st recruit upward. So, to get to this stage, put all effort into getting your first 100 recruits as an non-equity admin, so that your second 50 that made your team worth 100 will enable you earn over N25,000 x 50 per month if you motivate them all to focus on 50 productivity results monthly. Then you can decide to upgrade to the next level having had your 100 recruits, or remain at this level with your 100 recruits and stop working to recruit more if you choose so you can concentrate on coaching your team members to see them staying productive wile you keep earning regular N25,000 x 50 monthly in passive income. This is the power of 100 that gives you the sense of having your own big business where 50 people work for you for life. And if you’re greedy, you can go on recruiting more people to work for you, so you keep earning more by upgrading your admin level, one next level at a time when you recruit a new 100 team members at each next admin level you upgrade to.
  5. Use Zoom to provide one-on-one coaching to train every new recruiter you bring aboard on your team. Knowing that your team can stay productive when you keep each member motivated and healthily competitive, it’s your responsibility to train each new recruit to the standard of productivity you expect of them.
  6. Use Skype to keep a steady eye on your team members, being available to responding to their questions and clearing their doubts at an time they are in need, as well as checking in on them from time to time, to make them feel accountable to you as their accountability partner and productivity mentor.
  7. Work hard on your team to see each member productive so you can guarantee your steady earning of N500 royalties when you recruit a new member to your team, plus enjoy N500 bonus when each member of your team reports being productive with their own recruitment of their unique trainees, according to their scope of work as Human resource consultants (HURC), knowing how best to target their prospects, but these bonuses start rolling in only after the 50th team member has been recruited and trained by you. That’s your set target to become an achiever yourself. Without achieving this mark, you can’t earn bonuses.
  8. Keep in touch with your manager to stay notified of due payments and get paid as soon as your team member is sent any payment for their productivity reports.
  9. Get started as an Admin by attending your training with your manager using zoom and skype to connect with and schedule your training at your own convenience after endorsing this term.
  10. Populate your network with the contacts of other admins and keep in touch with them to know what is working for each in other to know how to improve the capacity of each member of your team.
  11. With a sense of team work, stay active on the community level of using skype to interact with everyone on your team, as well as any admin and their own teams too, sharing general updates that are beneficial to every member of the community, such as what is working on your team, how successful your team is and how well your team is growing, while advising other team members too to work hard and stay dedicated to growing their individual and collective teams, since ever member of the community is a team builder.

Option B: Start as an equity level-upgraded H.R. Admin after training undertaken free of charge

This option of benefits entails choosing any one of the following levels to upgrade your status from the start, in order to avoid being given targets you must meet before upgrading in the future as was applied to the non-equity level admin status. Any upgraded level requires an equity stake in cash payment you make to the company, to purchase the equity role it has created for you to earn higher benefits.

Without this equity stake paid upfront the company will automatically assign you a first visitor status as an applicant, which means you are a non-equity applicant, and will remain so automatically according you only the rights and limits and privileges of a non-equity admin, such that any upgrade you make after 24 hours of your first site visit will treated only as an advance payment for future upgrade, not for immediate upgrade, hence they upgrade will take effect only after you’ve met the requirement for processing upgrade as discussed in section to of option A above.

So to avoid seeking any refund after equity stakes have been paid, ensure you pay within 24 hours of submitting your endorsement of this terms, otherwise the payment that come later than 24 hours after submission of endorsement will be treated as an advance payment for future upgrade not as payment for starter upgrade. So take note of this section, and see the amounts for each level of upgrade that applies to Option B Admin roles.

The 11 Levels you can start from or upgrade to in the future are as follows:

First Upgrade/Starter-Point: Level 1 HR.Admin Role:

Starting at this level will cost you N25,000 equity stake. As a level 1 admin, you’ll benefit from:

  1. Earn N1000 Royalty payment at this level for recruiting any available HURC team member across all three (3) specialist areas created for Tecfclip’s trainee recruiters. Click here to learn more about the HURCS you’ll be recruiting
  2. Earn N1000 team member bonus, as each trained member of your team stays productive, you’re paid foreach productive report that comes in from any member of your team. That’s why you provide training, coaching, mentorship, guidance, and support for your team members using zoom and skype, in order to keep all new and existing members of your team productive. It’s this work you do that earns you the bonuses at this level.
  3. Upgrade whenever you feel you should to any higher level of your choice without first meeting any recruitment target or going one next upgraded level at a time. You can upgrade straight to the highest level from this level. There’s nothing stopping your upgrade.
  4. Have complete database access to all the members contact info to build your network with it, from the highest ranked member to the lowest ranked member, and enjoy more contacts added to your list on the data base whenever a new member join the community from any team wherever and whenever the recruitment is made on the system, so you can establish a relationship with just anyone you want to network with on the system.

Second Upgrade/Starter-Point: Level 2 HR.Admin Role:

Starting at this level will cost you N50,000 equity stake, that means, you’ll stake N50,000 in Tecfclip, to be allowed to enjoy the benefits on this level, including: all the benefits on the previous/first upgraded level, but most importantly, you get paid N2000 royalties and 2000 bonuses; that’s a difference of N1000 above the first level’s royalties and bonuses. And the best part is that, since you’re not given any form of target for recruitment to meet, you can decide to recruit only 2, or 5, or 10, or 50, or 100, and relax from recruiting, in order to earn only bonuses from the productivity of the few members of your team, while keeping them all motivated and inspired after their training.

Third Upgrade/Starter-Point: Level 3 HR.Admin Role:

Starting at this level will cost you N75,000 equity stake: that means, you’ll stake N75,000 equity (capital) in Tecfclip to be able to enjoy the level 3 admins benefits; which include all level 2 benefits, but most importantly, get paid N3000 royalties and N3000 bonuses.

Fourth Upgrade/Starter-Point: Level 4 HR.Admin Role:

Stake N100,000 equity to Enjoy all other benefits – but most importantly, get paid N4000 royalties and N4000 bonuses.

Fifth Upgrade/Starter-Point: Level 5 HR.Admin Role:

Stake N125,000 equity to Enjoy all other benefits – but most importantly, get paid N5000 royalties and N5000 bonuses.

Sixth Upgrade/Starter-Point: Level 6 HR.Admin Role:

Stake N150,000 equity to Enjoy all other benefits – but most importantly, get paid N6000 royalties and N6000 bonuses.

Seventh Upgrade/Starter-Point: Level 7 HR.Admin Role:

Stake N175,000 equity to Enjoy all other benefits – but most importantly, get paid N7000 royalties and N7000 bonuses.

Eighth Upgrade/Starter-Point: Level 8 HR.Admin Role:

Stake N200,000 equity toEnjoy all other benefits – but most importantly, get paid N8000 royalties and N8000 bonuses.

Nineth Upgrade/Starter-Point: Level 9 HR.Admin Role:

Stake N225,000 equity toEnjoy all other benefits – but most importantly, get paid N9000 royalties and N9000 bonuses.

Tenth Upgrade/Starter-Point: Level 10 HR.Admin Role:

Stake N250,000 equity to Enjoy all other benefits – but most importantly, get paid N10,000 royalties and N10,000 bonuses.

Eleventh Upgrade/Starter-Point: Executive Level HR.Admin Management Role:

Stake N500,000 Equity Enjoy complete freedom from recruiting any team member, but get assigned 10 admins to work with your team as their mentor and coach, while you get roll over bonuses from their teams if any of them is a non equity admin, plus halve level royalty when an admin is getting paid royalty on you team, as well as halve  admins’ teams bonuses, when admins are being paid their bonuses.

With your equity stake in the company, you’ll be putting in little effort to make more money in income whereas the non-equity member will put in more effort to make not so much money. So, if you put in the same amount of effort a non-equity member will put in, then with your equity role, without looking down on your need to work hard, you’ll make so much money as an admin, unless you are an executive when starting, then you will experience true financial freedom on this job.

The non-equity admin roll is provided for people who truly cannot afford an upgraded level and are willing to exchange large amount of time for money, since their growth process requires much amount of work than is required of an equity level admin, all through their lifetime on this system. Be that as it may, this is the most assured job that can secure your financial future, and any level you choose to start with can help you achieve financial freedom on the job. The job is equivalent to your own internet businesses, so treat is as your investment of time and money in your own business at which ever level you choose to start.

  • Section Two:

Build and foster friendly relationship with your team members; by following up with their progress reports, inspiring and motivating them to stay productive and grow their teams and business respectively, as this aligns with Personal growth & Financial Productivity  which is one of Tecfclip’s three chief areas of focus as a Social Impact Company.

  • Section Three:

Monitor and Evaluate the performance of the trained members of your team, to ensure they are not becoming lapse, slacking backward, becoming inefficient and unproductive, but keep boosting their zeal and passion to stay efficient and productive, by requesting their productivity reports on a daily or weekly basis, so as to give them a good sense of accountability to you as their partner, coach and mentor.

  • Section Four:

Forward payment request for productive team members on a daily and timely manner to your H.A.M (Human Resource Admin Manager), to ensure your team members who are productive get paid by 6.PM daily, according to their area of productivity reported, and based on the number of inputs recorded for them in their daily productivity reports, (input here means the number of recruited trainees tracked to their individual efforts make payment in the day before 4 PM., otherwise payments after 4PM from their recruited trainees will be recorded in their productivity report for the next day’s payment.

  • Section Five:

Ensure the admin manager you report to sends payments to the right member of your team at the right time, and by extension to you too for your bonuses. This is a daily pay job, so you really get paid daily, depending on how productive the members on your team are trained, mentored and inspired to be, through your constant follow-up on their progress reports.

  • Section Six:

Call your trained team members from time to time to remind them of their daily goals, weekly, monthly goals, as the case may be, and ensure they understand how to stay productive. Since you are also their mentor.

  • Section Seven:

Whatever level of Administrative employment you prefer to start with, you can only earn the most when you are operating at level 10 equity / upgraded level admin role; so ensure to keep your team productive, so you can earn more quickly in order to upgrade your admin level to a higher level of benefit, until you find your self at the top of Tecflcip’s Administrative corporate ladder.

  • Section Eight:

You are part of Tecfclip’s administative arm, and at the top of the corporate ladder, you feel more like an executive with the opportunity to also become an admin manager by upgrading for it. The benefit of an Admin Manager is mind blowing. This is the only true executive level on the admin role that can be aspired for, and the price is worth it. Here, if your 10 Admins are on Non-Equity level, all their roll up bonuses  for their first 50 recruited and trained team members will be rolled up to you, an inflow of cash on a daily basis. That’s over N25,000 (N500 x 50) per admin’s team, so that having a total of 10 admins on your team, your anticipated daily income  from roll-over bonuses will be N250,000 on a daily basis. That’s why paying N500,000 equity stake to get on this level is worth it because you could make that back in only 2 days. But that’s not all, If any of your admins upgrades, you automatically upgrade with them without an extra cost to you. So, here, you half the royalty and bonus each of your admin earns per time from their level 1 to level 10 upgrade. That’s simply too much money for you. Try to calculate it and you’ll see what you will losing if you didn’t upgrade to this level early enough. Especially since this level is for only a limited number of admins, and once their number is complete, you could never get on this level yourself in the future.  All you do for earning this kind of income is simply upgrading early enough to this level, and then make yourself available to train the Admins and their team members assigned to you. You control the payment of all your team members, as you request bulk payment from the General HRM, and you pay to your team members including admins and their trained team members. So consider getting on this level early and you’ll be happy you did. You’ve seen it all.

  • Section Nine:

Endorse this employment terms by clicking the link below to fill the endorsement form, where you’ll be required to state the level of admin role you desire to get started on, plus time to provide your equity stake before the 48 hours allowed you expires, then you’ll get the contact details to reach out to your Assigned Manager and personal coach for your free training, in order to start working immediately. So, consider the options you’ve seen in this terms, and make a choice either to be an executive, or an admin with or without an equity stake. The choice is yours. After making up your mind, go fill the endorsement form and click submit, so you’ll receive the details of your assigned admin manager for the commencement of your free training for the job.

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