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The Most Valuable Part of This Program: Your Coach

Part of what makes this program successful is the use of coaches, who will answer your questions and do all they can to make sure you get through all 21 steps.

MOBE’s coaches have served more than 100,000 clients worldwide in over 62 different countries. As a MOBE consultant, you will have access to a variety of coaches:

  • Your business coach. He or she will guide you through the introductory stages of your business planning and goal setting.
  • Your senior business coach. As you progress, if we feel your level of commitment in becoming a top performer in the business is at a high enough level, then you will be chosen to work with a Senior Business Coach. Your senior business coach has advanced business knowledge and industry experience and will help you take your business to the next level.
  • Your traffic coach. Traffic Coaches are available for those who have purchased any of our traffic or advanced training programs.

Working with various coaches will give you more access to specialized knowledge which is not possible with one coach only.

You are expected to reach out to your coach at specific points during the 21 steps but you can also contact them to let them know what you’re learning, any “A-ha!” moments you’ve had, or anything you need help with to better understand.

There have been some would-be consultants who complained that their coach “abandoned” them. The reality in each of those situations was that the consultant was not carrying forward on the course and was not reaching out to the coach.

Your coach is there to act as your guide. They will push you, challenge you, and help you be the best entrepreneur you can be. So do each step, stay in touch with your coach, and he or she will help you. As long as you’re living up to your commitment, your coaches will live up to theirs.

You can give us feedback all along the way. (You will see the “Leave Feedback” button.) If you feel we can do better in any area, then tell us.

If there is a case for concern regarding your coach, you can contact support to get a new coach.

Be Coachable

Part of the reason I’ve been able to experience success is that I was always willing to learn and be mentored by others who had much greater results than I did.

I’ve invested literally over half a million dollars so far for business consulting and advice. I can document that too.

Some people would rather act like they have all the answers. They don’t get good results.

So be coachable:

  • Keep your commitments. If you say you’re going to complete steps by a certain date and time, you honor your word.
  • Show up on time for coaching appointments.
  • Be willing to take advice and be coached by someone who may be younger than you, or who has less experience in certain areas of life than you, but who knows more about earning an income as a MOBE consultant than you.
  • Finish what you start. You have made a decision to invest in this step-by-step training program. So now make a commitment to complete all the steps.
  • Be proactive in getting your own business education.

You take one step towards your coach, and your coach will take two steps towards you. But if you don’t step, your coach won’t step.

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