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We Build a Proven System of Consistently Generating New 100:500,000 Job and Business World Class Opportunity that works and even an idiot can use it; because it’s so simple.

We’ve built a system for you to work with us; while you build a team where 100 others works with you, and we all make money for ourselves.

Our proven system is the easiest way you can create 100 new jobs, by representing us in your local area, without owning your own business, and get paid $10,000 and above every month, while your workers get paid by us too, when your team consistently accounts for 400 unique paying clients every month.

If this model isn’t easy to understand, then our simple idiot’s step’s below will make it so easy in 11 quick steps that describe…

The Global Outlook of Tecfclip’s Administrative Proven System Calling For Local Area Reps To Get Into A Franchise sort of Deal through their equity stake

Create Your Own HITFT-JAB-WCO With a Proven System For Netting $10,000 Monthly

What’s up?

100:500,000 Job and Business World Class Opportunity means,

1. You get started with a training
2. You attend orientation program
3. You pay your training invoice mailed to you
4. You start at Level two of Option B Administration
5. You recruit 5 New Team members daily from week 1 – 4 in your first month
6. You get all 100 recruits trained in four groups of 25 trainees on each of the four Saturdays in your first month
7. Get all 100 trainees pay for their training before the end of the first month
8. Start off meeting your team members to demand their daily productivity reports in 2 hours Skype conference chat from day 1 of your second month, upward, demanding that each contacts 10 unique clients daily and report their experiences daily, while you follow up on the submitted clients contacts, total of 1000 unique contacts daily.
9. Target 1 client conversion per members total 50 client contacts weekly, that’s total of 400 client conversion monthly out of a total of 20,000 unique clients contacts monthly.
10. Repeat #8 , 9 daily to get your steady $10,000 monthly bonuses.
11. Upgrade 4 levels up after each month from month one to three to get to level ten in three months only.

This is the proven system by Tecfclip, and if you understand the way franchise works, you’ll understand how incredibly easy Tecfclip’s proven administrative system really is in the way it works like a franchise. If you are new to the word “Franchise,” then the rest of the details on this topic is for you.

What You Should Know About Franchise Business Model

At the end of the following details about the franchise business model, you should be able to have your answers ready about a franchise model. So, you may want to inquire about buying a franchise.

Specifically, you may equally want to look for franchises that have the ability to generate a seven-figure turnover (more than $1 million) each year. Then, after getting the details provided for you below, you may attempt to answer these questions:
1. Which franchise model you selected?
2. What is the required investment to get started?
3. What kind of support do they provide?
4. What kind of ongoing royalties and operating costs do you need to pay?
5. What is the general success rate?

Now that you know about franchises cost and fees, please answer:

How much initial capital (one time investment) would you invest in a business, a business that could consistently generate you:

• $1,500 a month?
• $5,000 a month?
• $10,000 a month?
• $25,000 a month?

Do well to picture our proven system as a business in itself that generates you $10,000 a month; so on a franchise model, what one-time capital do you think you should have at hand before thinking of accessing what we offer you?

The details below will help you answer these questions correctly.

From an article on Forbes

A would-be entrepreneur is made to think that buying a franchise would be great move, especially for someone who doesn’t want to create a new business from scratch.

In theory, franchisees acquire a model that already works on every level, from branding to pricing to marketing. A ready clientele eagerly spends on Dunkin’ Donuts, McDonald’s and 7-11. The market has tested the best recipes for glazed crullers, Egg McMuffins and the right combo of energy drinks to stock next to the register.

Susan Adams , FORBES STAFF, a senior editor in charge of Forbes’ education coverage.

One of the first of twelve things you should do before you buy a Franchise, is “Personality Test.”

This is as a result of the fact that Franchise is best for people who want to follow the rules, hence military veterans tend to be successful franchisee, says Brown (Josh Brown, one of those three people Susan interviewed, is a Carmel, Indiana lawyer who specializes in franchising.)

Following the rules and operating within a highly regulated system is one thing you must be ready for in a Franchise. If you don’t like following rules and guides, you know “you’re probably not cut out to be a franchisee”, says Kelly,

“You have to know that you’re going to be an implementer, not a creator.”

(Susan also interviewed Sean Kelly, who is a former executive at the successful Amish pretzel franchise Auntie Anne’s. Kelly runs the muck-raking website, Unhappy Franchisee.)

According to the FTC’s Guide

When you buy a franchise, you may be able to sell goods and services that have instant name recognition, and get training and support that can help you succeed. But purchasing a franchise is like any other investment: there’s no guarantee of success.

(See the Federal Trade Commission’s Guide: A Consumer’s Guide to Buying a Franchise)

A few sections from the above named guide which you should see immediately are the following:


A franchise enables you, the investor or franchisee, to operate a business. You pay a franchise fee and you get a format or system developed by the company (franchisor), the right to use the franchisor’s name for a specific number of years and assistance. For example, the franchisor may provide you with help in finding a location for your outlet; initial training and an operating manual; and advice on management, marketing or personnel.

The franchisor may provide support through periodic newsletters, a toll-free telephone number, a website or scheduled workshops or seminars.

Owning a franchise comes with defined costs, franchisor controls and contractual obligations.


In exchange for the right to use the franchisor’s name and benefit from the franchisor’s assistance, you will pay some or all of the following:

Initial Franchise Fee and Other Expenses
Your initial franchise fee will typically range from tens of thousands of dollars to several hundred thousand dollars and may be non-refundable.

You may face significant costs to rent, build and equip an outlet and to buy initial inventory. You also may have to pay for operating licenses and insurance and a “grand opening” fee to the franchisor to promote your new outlet.

Continuing Royalty Payments

You may have to pay the franchisor royalties based on a percelntage of your weekly or monthly gross income.

Typically, you must pay royalties for the right to use the franchisor’s name, even if you are losing money. You may have to pay royalties for the duration of your franchise agreement even if the franchisor doesn’t provide the services it promised and even if you decide to terminate your franchisee agreement early.

Advertising Fees

You also may have to contribute to an advertising fund. Some portion of the advertising fees may be allocated to national advertising or to attract new franchise owners, rather than to promote your outlet.

Franchisor Controls

To ensure uniformity, franchisors usually control how franchisees conduct business. These controls may significantly restrict your ability to exercise your own business judgment.

If having this knowledge scares you, then you’ve just found one reason to accept the cliche that “nothing good comes easily.” They always come at a cost you’ll be unwilling to pay.

Being one of the best business models, Franchising is a tough decision to make; and if you’re not a details-attentive person, then the next couple of advice from the Wall Street Journal May turn you off finally.

According to WSJ

Deciding to go into franchising is the first part, but the next part is where the crust lies. It’s about comparison. You don’t want to make a mistake but take a calculated risk, so this next part is not optional. It is as necessary as it is the hard part and that is…

Picking a winner

That can take some serious study. Many franchise disasters could have been avoided had franchisees spent more time learning what a franchise entailed before plunking down what may have been their life savings.

Start by asking at least two competing franchisers for their offering circulars. These documents, called Uniform Franchise Offering Circulars (UFOCs), sometimes run several hundred pages and are laden with legalese. But they include a lot of useful data, from annual revenues per location to what’s expected of franchisees. They also give names of former franchisees who no longer own a franchise.

Pay special attention to three-year percentage figures on franchise turnover. Anything double-digit could be reason for concern. Also read the section on litigation. Lots of lawsuits can signal a troubled system.

Next, compare prices. Besides the initial entry fee and royalties — the percentage of annual sales paid to the franchiser — check out what you’ll contribute to shared services, such as advertising.

Look at the costs for software rental, equipment maintenance, audit, administrative and similar services. Some franchisers require you to pay for training at their headquarters. Also check what you’d need for initial inventory and store-construction expenses and how much of a cash reserve you’ll need to have in the bank.

All those costs should be considered when deciding whether a franchise is worth the money. While typical returns aren’t stated in circulars, they can be calculated from the revenue and expenses disclosed. See the rest of the details here.

You may have a thick skin for this kind of business model to be easily absorbed, so you may now begin your journey of studying what your options really are; by going to see the…

Ratings and Reviews of Today’s Top Franchise Opportunities

Franchise Business Review provides ratings and reviews of today’s top franchises based on franchisee satisfaction. Go here to learn more about getting started to make a pick that will turn out a winner.

Now that you’ve done the studies, let’s hear your answers to the questions we earlier asked you. While you go over the questions again, you don’t want to lose sight of the opportunity Tecfclip offers you. Thee reason you came here without knowing what to expect from us, in the first place, is our special  offer.

There Isn’t a Single One of those complicated requirements…

We have a very simple system that an idiot can start using today, but we still hold the franchise model in high esteem, so we borrowed a few of the standards of this best business model.

1. We let you duplicate our system; first by letting you endorse our terms of employment
2. We require you pay to use our system through the training fee and additional levels of operation for your upgrade, which replace the royalties you would be required to pay in a typical franchise; so you have very low starting and operating cost, while we pay you royalties and bonuses instead of the other way round.
3. We set the standard you follow, but allow you the freedom to be creative.
These three things means we want you to be the winner, not just the brand.
Our Uniqueness

• There’s no product to sell directly, all you get from us is the knowledge of what we do and how you get to do it the same way we do it in every other place where it works.

• You don’t need any document to read terms and conditions for getting started, just a 1 hour training, and another 1 hour orientation and you’re all set and ready.

• You don’t need a physical store front, design, furnishing, or any of those location dependent stuffs you worry about in a typical franchise; we let you use our system from your home without a physical branding of any kind.

• You don’t need a special software or products’ “how-to,” just the internet the way it is, and a simple communication tool like Skype.


• You don’t need to meet customers one on one ever, just a team of committed and ready-to-dominate young people, who will work with  you locally, as your  team’s members, while you keep in touch with them on the internet.

Case Studies

Results  Backing How Well, Where, and For Whom Our Proven System Has Worked and Continues Working to Consistently Exceed Users Expectation to Deliver Them Well Over $10,000 Monthly High Income

First, you’ve heard people report that they make money on the internet, but you didn’t get the details about who is actually making this money and what they do to make this money, or how much they make and whether or not you can realistically join them to make so much money too.

Well, now there is good news, that you too can now make money on the internet with our proven system, which ends the times you were stranded on how to make money on the internet, our four specific case studies that follow will help you see why…

  • you too will start making money on the internet by purchasing our proven system in place of an expensive and complicated franchise.

A Background to the case studies!

Did you know that internet marketing is a form of franchise?

So, you only have to know how it works and which one to system to purchase and do what those who succeed do, and it would be your new income stream that, opens a pathway to the millionaire lifestyle.

But not every system is able to pay you up to $10,000 because all systems are not the same, though they may all work in the same way.

Our proven system stands out because it is a combination of strategies that, have proven themselves over and over again as you will see in each of the four cases to study below.

First Case Study: MOBE

MOBE comes first simply because it is the best case study we have that features Matt Lloyd and how he made over $150,000 million dollar with our proven system of internet franchise model. Using this model, Matt has paid out millions of dollars to his affiliates known as MOBE Consultants, and is telling you that you can be one of his affiliates if you plug into his Wifi Millions system.

So, we feature Matt’s team on our daily inspirational blog posts, to help you see the kind of productive team you should build on our proven system. Matt’s team has been very successful over the years and 100s of new success stories are published on Matt’s website as case studies showing you how productive Matt’s team really is, and you can learn from these testimonials to focus on building a productive team also.

We update you on selected testimonials on our inspirational blog posts, but you can step ahead to view the testimonials on Matt’s site here, and if you wish Matt to mentor you on to you too can build a successful team on our proven system, then we recommend you let Matt know that you’re interested in his strategy to help you build your own productive team.

Go ahead to purchase Matt’s training programs here. Matt also published the book titled Limitless which he gives away free to those who enroll in his training program, as Matt gets a steady new number of people lining up for his highly priced live events and educational program for small business owners and entrepreneurs.

The basic of these programs is Matt’s 21StepsBusiness Training Program, or you can get an introduction to it by reading Matt’s Wifi Millionaires Book. Watch any of the videos below to get a deeper insight on how much people on Matt’s team are making.

Our proven system has you covered to also achieve similar results, that’ why we train you on personal productivity. So, click here to get into our proven system today to be equipped with the tools for building your own productive team for which we pay you $10,000 monthly bonuses consistently.

Second Case Study: BEW

The Best Easy Work system is the special success blueprint of Martin, and like Matt above, Martin has built a very successful team where each team member is able to make so much money with all the work done for them.

You’ll discover that BEW is the exact model of our proven system in the way it is structured by Martin, and being able to help so many people share their success stories, with none been made up by anyone, you’ll realize that Martin has really done a great job in his team, and you too can be as successful as Martin when you plug into our proven system.

But Martin’s team is there to guide you to understand how well our system works because the structure Martin uses is exactly the same with how our proven system is structured. So we always recommend anyone who uses our proven system to learn directly from Martin by taking a fresher’s pattern from Martin, in order to understand the power of leverage.

So, ready to get started studying our proven system from a team that works in exactly the same easy way, then we recommend you spend some time trying out Martin’s Best Easy Work for you here.

We’ve provided you with an exciting number of video testimonials from Martin’s team mates, so you get a chance to see how excited they are about the work Martin has done for them, and we expect you to do for your team exactly what Martin does for his team, that way your team will become as productive as Martin’s, so you get paid $10,000 monthly for building a successful team. See some of the success stories by Martin’s team members below, after you give Martin the chance to answer your question about his team in his FAQ here.

The interesting thing about Martin’s team is that they are so excited about what’s been done for them by Martin and there is almost an infinite number of testimonials coming from that wing of our proven system, just to show you that it’s as real as you would wish it to be.

But don’t just wish, get into this same system and start making your own team happy and excited today. Click here now to get into our proven system that pays you $10,000 for building a productive team.

Third Case Study GDI

Global Domain Initiative is one of the most populated wings of our proven system, and you have every reason to want to able to leverage the free website and all the supports GDI provides its members.

You noticed that Martin talks about giving you a free website, and that’s exactly what GDI is about, but GDI is a website with a difference and you’ll need to be able to have one so that you don’t worry about creating products before you make money on the internet.

You get a full website with all the stuffs that get you earning over $10,000 in bonuses. We permit you to try GDI today for free, and see how well it works also.

There are thousands of testimonials from GDI, a much larger team than Matt’s and Martins combined, and that’s because the power of GDI’s website is proven to be so easy to tap and anyone without any experience online can try GDI.

There’s plenty of resources inside when you join GDI to help you get started. So, feel free to try GDI today to get an eagle eye’s view of where our proven system works consistently and reliably to exceed user’s expectations. We’ve added just a few video testimonials below to close this case study the perfect way.

Now, you’re in no doubt again that you have several ways to make money on the internet, the time you couldn’t do this is past, so now is your time to rake in the profits our proven system spits out for building a productive team. Get into our system now and we’ll train you to build a productive team that will enable us pay you $10,000 monthly.

Fourth Case Study: CENCASH

CENCASH comes last on our case studies because of all the ones we’ve shown you, it’s the newest and we just want to give you an idea of how new teams are built from scratch, so that you don’t discouraged that starting your own team is such a difficult team to do. Mr. Sam Edem is one who believes in team building like the others, and he has created a way to keep his team member’s encouraged and motivated, which he calls the CENCASH system.

It’s a recent development in the crypto world, just to show you that there’s no kind of idea that can’t work with our proven system. Any team can just decide on what it wants to focus on, but as for the money, it will surely come in.

So, we encourage you to also take a look at how CENCASH works here and possibly get into it also here to see how easy making money with the internet has become today, so you have not excuse for not demanding your own piece of the cake.




That’s the few proofs we have for you here, the rest proofs will come from how successful your own team will become. So, get into our proven system now and start building your own productive team, that will enable us pay you $10,000 monthly. Get started seeing the details here.


You’ve never tried this system before, but try you will when you take the step to read all about what you’ll do by working with us as an admin. We offer it in the form of a job, but you’ll realize that it’s not like the job you know. It’s a job with a difference, with class and with prestige; one on which you are almost your own boss, only that someone is there to guide you and keep you accountable; but it’s surely a manager role you play and if you’ve never been on this role before, there’s nothing to worry about, out training program covers the basics you need to succeed on this role.

Care about what kind of job this is?

There’s a secret to all these and we are going to let you know all about it as soon as you get in.

See what we talk to clients about on the one hand!

You know what, we bring clients into the business of internet marketing, we hold them by the hand and take them the direction of success, which would have been difficult for them to do it themselves.

Let’s show you what we show our clients that get them taking action, such that your team never struggles on client conversion as soon as we are put in touch with the clients through their emails gathered for us by your team working on the field.

There are over 100’s of offers we let our clients take advantage of one after the other, but we direct them on each, one of which is managed by one of our teams up there. Click here to see it.

Now when clients see something like that, which they are already interested in, they know we mean well, and that’s why they pay us, and we pay you. They pay us to let us train them, and we’ll show you what we also train them on. Click here to View our clients training page.

You see, we don’t want you to ever worry about this whole thing, that’s why we don’t ask you to learn any of them, we just ask you to build a team that gets us the clients, and we pay you and your team for each client that pays us. Isn’t this fair enough?

So, would you want us to pay you $10,000 every month?

Come see the details here.

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