Should I Trade Forex Also, Why And How To Start Today?

What Are My Benefits And Profits To Start Trading FOREX Today?

Greg R.

Former Truck Driver


“You know, there’s no end. You just keep on going. You’re going to learn more, the money keeps rolling in more.”

Greg: I put thirty years and in the creating business and the economy got real bad in the last five years. I’ve been driving a semi cross country.
I wanted something better for myself and I knew I’m good with math and I’d seen the Forex market, so I tried studying online and tried learning stuff and I got the Chiefs book.

I was reading that and I caught his website down at the bottom and I gave the school a call to find out what’s going on. And, yeah I know this is very thorough. I remember reading a book one time — if you want to sale big ships, you go where the leaders of the big companies are at. So, Chief’s one of the top in the business, so that’s why I joined here to come check it out.

Like I said, I tried a couple things online — just studied, reading books but the books won’t take you like this hands on with this company, MTI. So, no, basically I didn’t know anything till I came here. Sometimes if you don’t know all the in’s and out’s of it, you can get hurt and you can’t bend the rules. You got to to be pretty focused on learning the trade.

My job as a truck driver consumed me, so I can only study part-time and trade only part-time. It was a little slower than I wanted to — my learning curve, but you just got to keep going on, keep going.

Oh, you’ve got a ton of questions, you do. That’s why you get back in the books, read the basics, you know, and you’ve got questions, you know, you write them down, call into the webinars, the online training. They’ll help you. They’ll answer your questions and give you little predictions, so you can make money as you go through the class. And, I was trading pips in my truck and sometimes I’d get it and I’d do a little scalping. Sometimes I’d be okay and sometimes not but I needed to be home more, so I took some time off not trading for awhile. Sold my truck and trailer and I said I’m making a commitment and I came to see coach — Chief — great mentor and [had a] one-on-one with him and that really took my curve to a ninety degrees up and from that point on, lights clicked on and it’s like night and day for me.

I’m done with that, so now that I got rid of my truck and trailer, I’m 100% committed to taking this all the way. I’m committed. I mean, full-time is like right now. The minute I sold my truck to come here, it was full-time.

I’m very very glad I did it. It’s taken me awhile to get here, because my job did consume me, but the point is, I don’t quit, I kept studying, and now that I’m where I’m at, I’m very happy with the way things have turned out. You know, there’s no end. You just keep on going. You’re going to learn more, the money keeps rolling in more. You just get more knowledge, there’s more power and you just keep on going.

I just thank everyone here for helping me get through my journey.

Become A FOREX Trader Today!

Yes! you should trade FOREX also, if you’re not yet a FOREX trader.

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Nelson R.



“You can still realize some good pip capturing even when you’re making mistakes, but you have to learn how to keep your emotions in check and trust the education.”

Nelson, a supervisor out of Tampa, FL describes his experience with the Ultimate Traders Package™ and the Wealth and Freedom Experience LIVE. He touches on how the fibonacci sequence was a real eye opener and that the psychological aspects of trading were brought to light and helped him understand trading even better. He also discusses Analyst on Demand™ and how their alerts and assistance has allowed him to make pip gains while he is learning. At the time of recording Nelson’s trading account had grown 200%.

Nelson: I joined Market Traders Institute in December of 2012 and I began trading in December.

MTI: How did you get started in the Forex Market? What brought you to Market Traders Institute?

Nelson: There was something about the Forex market that really attracted me. I really liked the flexibility, the ability to create your own income based on your education, your knowledge base, what you knew. So, I became very attracted to it and I began to follow it. I knew at some point I needed the right education and that was my biggest challenge, was finding the right place to go and to learn about the Forex market. One day I was just checking my email, and there was something there from Market Traders Institute. It was a link to a webinar, and I said “Well let me check it out.” I went in and began to listen to what was being presented, and the first thing I noticed is that it all made sense. The way they presented Forex education, it seemed very systematic. It seemed it was well thought out, well planned out. The other thing I liked about it, is that it also came with the Analyst on Demand™, and that attracted me as well because I wanted to get in and start trading right away as I’m learning.

MTI: What have you taken away from the Ultimate Traders Package on Demand™ so far?

Nelson: The biggest thing, the biggest revelation for me is how to use the Fibonaccis and the trend lines. That to me is worth the UTP package all by itself because one you understand that, you’re able to decipher what the market is doing. Not that you’re going to be right every time, but you’re going to be right enough times that if you use property equity management, you’re going to make money. One of the biggest things with the MTI educational program is that it gets into the psychological aspect of trading. You can have all the knowledge in the world and you can know all the techniques, but if you’re not in control of your emotions, then you’re going to make mistakes. You’re going to get out of trades when you should stay in. You’re going to get into trades when you should stay out. And this is all based on emotion, so being able to control your emotions is huge in this market. That’s one thing they focus on here at Market Traders Institute, it certainly made a big difference in my trading. I’m probably gaining steadily between 100 and 200 pips a month, which is great because I don’t have a lot of time to trade.

MTI: How has it been working with our live instructors, including the FX ChiefTM?

Nelson: The people here at MTI are great. The instructors are fantastic. Having the opportunity to come here and talk to them live, and be able to ask questions and have them answer in person is definitely a big benefit. It’s something I would certainly recommend to everyone who has purchased the UTP.

MTI: Any advice for potential clients?

Nelson: When I began, the first thing that I did was, I began to trade based on the trading that the Analyst on DemandTM were doing. I would analyze along with them, and if I agreed with their analysis, if it made sense to me, I would jump in along with them. That provided me with some initial pip gains. And then as I began to understand what they were doing, I began to apply the same rules. I started making my own trades. The thing is, going back to the emotional part, because of not being in control of my emotions I made some tremendous mistakes. I gotta say this. My account has, at one point, gone up to over 500% of the initial investment. Right now I’m over 200%, and that’s with all of the mistakes I’ve made. So you can make mistakes and still make money. You can still realize some good pip capturing even when you’re making mistakes, but you have to learn how to keep your emotions in check and trust the education. And then trust your decisions based on that education.


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George P.



“I would describe the interaction as dynamic. I ask a lot of questions and I was not really familiar with all of the nomenclature and terminology, so the communications from my part was not that professional, however Jared understood what I was trying to get at.”

George, a pastor out of Pearland, TX describes his experience with the Ultimate Traders Package and the Wealth and Freedom Experience LIVE. He touches on the communication style of both the FX Chief, Jared Martinez and Instructor Sam Sego and their ability to convey information and work with him at a basic level because his lack of knowledge of the verbiage. This course comes highly recommended by George for those interested in the Forex and have some knowledge base, but still want to learn more.

George: I never would have been able to do, comprehend, or understand without the MTI.

MTI: How did you get started in the Forex Market? What brought you to Market Traders?

George: I think it was an advertisement from The Wall Street Journal. I was curious about it and I went to the website. Then I decided to take the course.

MTI: What have you taken away from the Ultimate Traders Package on Demand™ so far?

George: An understanding of the ABCDs and how to trade the counter trend lines as well as the candlesticks. Whereas I had the written material, I didn’t comprehend it as much as the interaction with the instructors, Sam and the Chief.

MTI: How has it been working with our live instructors, including the FX Chief™?

George: Dynamic. I would describe the interaction as dynamic. I ask a lot of questions and I was not really familiar with all of the nomenclature and terminology, so the communications from my part was not that professional, however Jared understood what I was trying to get at. He’s very perceptive and has a way of communicating with his video illustrations, and I got the message. Learn how to communicate effectively. Be specific. That’s carried me a long ways. I would not have been able to do this without coming to the seminar, but in person learning was very helpful for me.

MTI: Any advice for potential clients?

George: Okay. If you’re talking about someone on the fence, they have some knowledge, limited however, about the Forex Market, then I would definitely recommend that they take some training and I would definitely recommend MTI. No questions asked about it. I never would have been able to do, comprehend, or understand without the MTI.

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Paul P.

Retired Navy Veteran


“I was really motivated and excited when I watched the webinar, and I thought I could do this, even though I have zero experience in the Forex market, but I was very confident that what I learn I could probably apply as long as I’m dedicated.”

Paul, a retired member of the Armed Forces, briefly discusses his journey from retiring from the Navy to discovering the Forex market and Market Traders Institute. He closes with his first steady profit upon starting the Ultimate Traders Package on Demand™.

Paul: Happy New Year everybody. My name is Paul P. I am a 20 year veteran of the United States Navy. I recently retired back in April 2013. Like the peers before me, I was looking forward to retiring from the military and start my second career. Unfortunately for me, the job market said otherwise, so during my job search, I ran into MTI.

I liked what I heard, so I signed up for a webinar. I was really motivated and excited when I watched the webinar, and I thought I could do this, even though I have zero experience in the Forex market, but I was very confident that what I learn I could probably apply as long as I’m dedicated. So I jumped on in back in October of 2013, and read the material, went through, and started trading.

The new years was the turning point of my experience with the Forex. After 6 weeks winning experience, I actually won pips at the end of this week. So I won 480 pips, free and clear. So I’m very excited, and I’d like to thank MTI and the Forex Chief for all their training and I look forward to the upcoming trend trader class. Thank you very much.

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Katrina R.

Law Student


Katrina, an MTI client, describes her experience with Market Traders Institute and the Ultimate Traders Package on Demand™. This former law student decided to attend a seminar with a friend and changed her life path directly afterwards. With no financial background, she decided to become a Forex Trader and MTI helped her get there.

“I realized that this was a wonderful opportunity that anyone can do.”

Katrina: Well, I went with a friend that took me to a Forex seminar and before that I had never heard anything about the Forex — didn’t know anything about it. People were trying to explain it to me and I got a book out of the library and I still didn’t even really know, so I said “okay, I’ll just go to the class and see what it’s like.” And, it was four days and those four days were amazing — completely changed my life, completely changed my life goals.

I was all set to go to law school. I had everything ready and then the day came when I had to pay my deposit to reserve my place and I said “No, I’m not going to go. I really want to do Forex. I want to be a good trader and I want to be able to make a living by trading.” And, that was my goal, so I let the law schools know and told my family and said that I was going to be doing something else that I had never even studied before. I didn’t study finance. I didn’t know anything about business or investment or trading or anything.

But after those four days, I realized that this was a wonderful opportunity that anyone can do and you can live anywhere. It provides the freedom that all you need is an internet connection and a computer and you can trade as long as you’re disciplined and make sure that you make a creative plan and follow that plan, then it’s something that anyone can be very successful at.

From almost wiping out her account with a stop loss slip up, to making just about $12,000 in a single month Trish has come a long way!

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