SECSTA Funding Budget program is the Ultimate Peer to Peer Crowdfunding Program on the Internet

Joining the PSI community is indeed your ticket to financial security and overcoming financial stagnation, without ever being indebted again, yes, never indebted for life.

Rest assured of financial freedom, where your weekly budget is funded by other people who are doing so for their own interest.

This is so cool because everyone funds everyone for everyone’s own reason.

How it works is simple:

Whatever your weekly budget is $2000, $4000, $6000, $8000, $10,000, or $12,000, and its multiple in the beta stage of SFPSIT network upgrade, you can get it funded in parts every day, by:

  • Building a team of 36 peers in each PSI group every week

This is where one 6 member group of team peers is to fund you in weekly rotational turns, of 1 day per week, for each of your team’s 6 groups of 36 peers.

As such, there is a unique group of 6 peers responsible for funding you on each day of the week, from day 2 to 7.

While you fund another peer in whose group you belong, from day 1 to 6, before funding the CDFA on day 7 of every week.

  • When one group of 6 peers funds you on their group’s day of weekly turns, they do so in order for other groups of peers, that they also lead, to fund them on the next day, and it continues like this, every day.

  • 6 members of your team of 36 peers fund you from day to day, and you do so in the group you belong to; for your lead peers too.

  • With an average of 36 members network, built independently; through your promo link, your personal investors network will comprise 36 peers, out of which a group of 6 peers will invest in your weekly budget, in each day’s turn.

  • You know exactly which 6 members will fund you per day.

So, you know where your budget is funded from. You don’t need to borrow money to fund your budget ever again.

  • Just build your team of budget funders, and you’ll never run out of money in your wallet and pocket every day.

  • You can work with a simple team building goal of adding 6 new members to your group every week,

You may want to do this by promoting your team building promo link, using a low budget, paid advertising.

Or do so by directly contacting 6 members of your social network, and offering them your promo link to help them to join your budget funding group, where people will fund their weekly budgets on a daily higher group level.

SECSTA Funding means a funding method leveraging the power of 6.

It applies to a budget funding formula with which your weekly budget is raised in 6 equal parts every day, 6 days every week.

With this method your revenue actually grows and your daily income soars by 600% return on your previous day’s investment in people.

You actually keep repeating same results 6 times in 6 weeks, and earning 6 levels of profit in 6 days, per group, in any week.

More so, you keep rising to a higher level of earning in 6 different groups approached after 6 weeks on a previous group.

Thus your daily income is spread weekly, covering all 6 groups’ 6 levels of earning, as 36 unique levels of income in 36 through 39 and 40 weeks on SECSTA Funding PSI community.

So your daily group ROI is 600% and continues for 36 through 39 weeks across 6 different groups of increasing daily level profit.

It works in a very simple way!

Level 1 profit in group 2 is higher than level 1 profit in group 1, group 3 than 2, 4 than 3, 5 than 4 and 6 than 5.

And same applies to other levels of profit on day to day basis.

And is repeated 6 times in 6 weeks of being in any group, before upgrading to a higher group.

And it continues in same order until all 6 groups have been experienced in 6 weeks of 6 times repeated budget funding rounds in each.

This income stream can be tapped into fully with your full level 3 ELITS Membership, so go swiftly to become an ELITS Member at Level 3.

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