Benefiting from the ELITS One Membership Three Incomes Streams Financial Opportunity starts with the first level of membership denoted as “FEMID1”.



Tim Made Over $20,000

Tim attended the FX Chief’s Mastery Course and when asked
if he was glad he took the class, he, as expected, replied “Ecstatic!”.

Tim R.

Forex Mastery Client

Woke up this morning and I couldn’t believe my eyes. I was looking at it. And that’s what it was about.

Tim was here for the Forex Mastery Course with Jared Martinez and he had some pretty good results. Tim shares his story of making $20,753 overnight with the strategies taught in the Forex Mastery Course.

Chief: Did you make money last night?

Tim: Yes, made $21,000.

Chief: $21,000 Dollars.

Tim: $20,753 to be exact.

Chief: Alright, good. You glad you took the class?

Tim: Ecstatic! An important thing that I learned was that.. I’ve traded before. I traded for a living and the reason I came here is because I was Scalping. But to Scalp, you have to sit in front of your computer every day and this was the first time I woke up and had this kind of experience as far as not having to look at it [the market] every day. Literally, we went out last night. We had a nice dinner, wine. Woke up this morning and I couldn’t believe my eyes. I was looking at it. And that’s what it was about.

The benefits of this level of membership are very enriching, namely:

  • Start receiving a membership loyalty cash reward of $10, monthly, … paid to your wallet on every 28 day after your initial membership …. or 28 days after your previous month’s loyalty reward earning.
  • Enjoy a free monthly $10 reward for being a loyal member… from month to month for a life time.
  • You could save this $10 monthly free stipends… earned just for being and remaining a member of the ELITS OMTIS Financial opportunity, … it turns into a perfect 401k (retirement savings) alternative income, … though you always have access to it… in your personal wallet, once paid to you.
  • You don’t need to be a salary earner to start enjoying free $10 monthly stipend
  • You don’t need to do any work before receiving $10 monthly stipends.
  • You don’t need to refer anyone, in order to qualify to receive $10 monthly stipends
  • It keeps coming into your wallet, 100% free!
  • … and … consistently, monthly, for as long as you remain a member.

Secondly, You get full scholarship to Learn how to trade Forex

  • …. from Pre-school level of Trading to the professional trader level.
  • Your first 3 to 6 months is dedicated to your FOREX trading free training.
  • … compulsory financial education
  • You get a FOREX mentorship opportunity  … that doesn’t cost the conventional $500 … for being able to start making money on FOREX Trade, … daily, from day 1,  Only $5 gets you a FOREX mentor … to start trading FOREX profitably on day 1.
  • You get a $500 funded real FOREX trading account … to get started making profit, … and only pay 10% of this fund; when you make 10% profit on this real trading account balance of $500 … funded for you.
  • Your assigned FOREX mentor helps you trade by yourself … and make your first 10% profit in your first week of the trade.
  • You can choose to apply for a loan of $50 … to help you pay the 10% fund required of you … to fund your real trading account … after making your 10% profit on the $500 balance you received … as your initial trading capital.
  • You can pay back this loan in up to 3 months … after making over 100% profit on your claimed $100 fresh trading capital.
  • You get monthly trading signals … from your assigned FOREX mentor … to help you trade profitably every month … making up to $200 monthly profit
  • Instead of subscribing with the conventional trading signal rate of $2500, your mentor provides you a signal subscription subsidy … that brings the price from $2500 to only $25 … paid from your monthly $200 profit … from daily trading gains of up to $10.


  • Thirdlyyou are free to tell people about this EASY Life Income Financial Opportunity daily
  • … and enjoy $2.70 (1000 NGN) linear income … paid to your wallet … as soon as any new person, referred by you, pays for their membership too.
  • There is no obligation to refer people, … but you can choose to do so … to support your daily income.
  • Just 5 persons, referred by you, daily, makes you earn up to $11.33 daily.
  • You can use this new linear income stream to support yourself, every day.


All of these benefits are packed into just one membership level

Only level 1 ELITS OMTIS membership, that costs only $83.33 (N25,000), lets you get paid a monthly stipends of $10,

… Without any work  required,

… just as membership loyalty reward,

… reward for being a member.

If you choose to refer 5 people daily, you earn a linear income of over $11.33 daily,

… and on top of this,

… You get a fully sponsored FOREX Trading financial education program for 3 months,

… plus a fully funded $500 live FOREX trading account,

… Plus $50 worth of interest-free trading loan, to bail you out of any situation of stagnation when testing the waters of FOREX Trade, at any time you may want to request for this loan …

… to support your FOREX trading,

You get a FOREX mentor for only $5, instead of $500…

… and monthly trading signal subscription for $25, instead of $2500;

… and this guarantees your monthly FOREX trading profit…

… of $200 added to your monthly $10 stipends, or lifetime free money, earned just for being a member.

If all of these benefits seem too much for just an $83.33 (N25,000) lifetime membership, then take advantage of it today and claim your membership now.

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Past results as represented in these testimonials are not necessarily indicative of future results or success. Testimonials may not be representative of all reasonably comparable students. Trading involves significant risk of loss and may not be suitable for all investors..

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Training Sessions

Lesson 1:

  •  What is the Forex Market
  • Trading different lot sizes to determine how much money you need vs. how much you want
  •  Where to locate charts 
  •  Where to find a broker and demo accounts 
  •  How to read charts and Candlestick formations 
  •  Review of resources 
  •  Exclusive look into the London Daybreak strategy  
  •  Create daily rituals to find the most profitable trades
  •  Find and place new trades

Lesson 2: 

  •  Review and build off of day one lessons
  •  Go over trade setups 
  •  Practice daily rituals to find profitable trades 
  •  Master the Counter Trendline Break strategy 
  •  Learn the formula for trade profit growth
  •  Find and place new trades

Lesson 3:

  •  Review and build off of day one and two
  •  Practice daily rituals to find profitable trades 
  •  Review the London Daybreak strategy and trades 
  •  Review Counter Trendline Break strategy
  • Set the date of your retirement and the day you will finally make the income you desire
  •  Find and place new trades

Lesson 4: 

  •  Review days one through three
  •  Review daily rituals to find profitable trades 
  •  Review strategies and trade setups 
  •  How to overcome stumbling blocks  
  •  Find and place new trades

Lesson 5: 

  •  Review days one through four
  •  Review daily rituals find profitable trades 
  •  Review strategies and trade set ups 
  •   Find and place new trades
  • Real Students. Real Results.
  • My students are using my strategies and seeing real money results in the market!

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Great Sample!

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