No More A High Target, $10,000 Monthly Is, In Fact, The Least Monthly Income on SECSTA FUNDING!

This is how it happens, simply with a 1000% weekly profit on your initial investment and 600% daily ROI! 


Hip! Hip!! Hip!!! Hurray!!!


8 Billion Cheers and 1 Trillion Congrats to Tecfclip for Proving the SECSTA FUNDING Model

Join us as we celebrate the successful realization of the proven model of our New Peer-to-Peer Funding idea.

It has been two years since we conceived and started developing the SECSTA Funding Idea.

Many of you were informed when the move started in 2016.

About a few 100’s of you mailed us your partnership request and we promised to update you as we move forward.

We now announce that we have finally completed the concept stage by proving how our idea works.

The working business / transactional model of SECSTA Funding has finally been proven reliable, workable, viable and sustainable.

See a snapshot of the model testing paper work draft, hand drawn by our Founder, below!


It took him roughly two years to arrive at this point, and made several adjustments like Thomas Edison.

The invention of light bulbs paved way for all the luminary innovations in the world; same way as the invention of this peer-to-peer funding model will pave the way for the public acceptance and widespread use of SECSTA Funding, as the world’s first and most innovative way to fund your weekly budget in 7 days only.

SECSTA FUNDING is the world’s only realistic way of raising a bottom-up weekly budget funding goal of $2000 – $12,000 every week.

That’s a 1000% weekly profit on your initial investment and 600% daily ROI through a non-pyramid, non-Ponzi and non-selling  or non-down lines building investment network transaction flow.

SECSTA Funding’s success is sure to disrupt traditional and not-so-traditional peer-to-peer crowdfunding practices.

This clearly stated, we hereby invite you to become a part of our first 1000 pilot users’ success stories towards the successful launching of SECSTA FUNDING.

We have started a countdown time, from the filling of our 1000 available pilot users spot, to the proceeding 40 weeks, towards the first man-hour; with the successful launching of SECSTA Funding.

Want to be among the first 1000 pilot users?

Watch the video below; to see what your benefits will be, then click the “join now” button, below the video, to go to secure your pilot spot today!




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