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Welcome! Are you new to online lead generation? The Specialist School of Lead Generation is our paid online training resource that helps beginners learn how to generate leads online. If you’ve always wanted to learn to generate leads but have no idea where to begin, then this training program is for you.


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Get 1,000 Daily

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Quick Start Video

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Viral List Builders

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Get More Traffic!

EZ Blog for Leads

EZ Blog for Leads

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Traffic to Leads

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1 Million Hits FREE

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1-On-1 with JOE


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Aweber? Solo Ads? Lead Capturing? Totally clueless about Leads? Here’s an introduction to the lead generation specialist training.

Course Outline

  1. What is Lead?
  2. Why use Aweber?
  3. Who uses Solo Ads?
  4. When Can You Capture Leads?
  5. How Do You use Traffic Exchanges?

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Every Pro Started Out As An Amateur

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Paula Frye‘s review…

I love Aweber — It’s an amazing autoresponder service. I have been a member for many years, and I have always been very happy with their product. Here are just a few reasons why I use Aweber as my main list builder and autorespon 

Continue reading


Solo Ads

Solo Ads


What Are Solo-Ads and Why Do We Use Them to Generate Leads?

Solo Ads are a relatively new and highly-scalable traffic source.

It’s quite different from other red-tape-intensive, self-serving, PPC networks such as Facebook Ads and Google Adwords in three significant ways…

First Of All…These Are Warm Leads

Solo Ad leads are delivered to you in a high state of readiness to BUY.

It’s a proven fact that people make buying decisions with their emotion and justify with logic. This is true 100% of the time.

With traditional PPC sources, the prospects you get are skeptical and analytical… Solo Ad prospects are highly-emotional…

Translation… this makes them a perfect fit for anyone who’s looking to generate $ALE$, which we all are, right?

There Is No Red Tape

Another reason why Solo Ads have become the preferred choice for results-driven marketing is, rules and regulations…


I’m sure you’ve heard the horror stories from various marketers that had their incomes wiped out overnight by some low-rank, white collar, pencil pusher for no reason at all!

The great news is you CAN’T get “slapped” or “banned” with Solo Ads… EVER! You’re safely protected against bureaucratic BS!

We Get Instant Results

Traditional Pay Per Click sources are painfully S-L-O-W!

The first obstacle you face are the endless hoops that you must jump through just to get your offer listed and approved on their network which can take weeks… not days or hours.

You won’t have to deal with any of that nonsense with Solo Ads.

Free Traffic Tactics 1

Free Traffic Tactics 2…
Get Ranked With GetResponse?
Lanyrd is A Ranking Powerhouse…
Yes, it Works! Some Quick Results…

Success doesn’t come from what you do occasionally but from what you do consistently!

Brand new to traffic exchanges, or just need a quick refresher? Below is all the training you will never need to get your online business on the path to success.


Viral Traffic Rush

Viral Traffic Rush

Traffic Exchanges

Traffic Exchanges

What is a traffic exchange?

A traffic exchange is a membership site where all members can surf and view other members sites. This is done based on a system of credits where 1 credit is equal to one random member of the site to visit your page for a set amount of seconds. You can also convert these credits into banner and text ads to help promote your sites even more. Each exchange has upgrade options which will allow you to earn more credits and normally a higher commission rate as well.

By referring others to these traffic exchanges you will earn a portion of their credits earned while surfing along with commissions if they upgrade or buy advertising on the site. By creating a solid downline of active members you can drive more traffic and even earn cash paid to you via Paypal for doing so.

What should I promote on a traffic exchange and whats acceptable?

Each traffic exchange has their own terms of service so be sure to review them and understand the rules before posting your site. Violation of the terms of service could be a simple warning or having your account suspended.

In most cases porn, warz, illegal, hate, paid to promote etc. are not allowed on these sites. Please use your best judgement or contact the owner if you are unsure before you start posting your ads.

What you should promote are squeeze pages, landing pages and splash pages. Below is an example of each style of layout.

Splash page


A quick loading image that when clicked opens your website in a new window. This allows the surfer to keep surfing but if they find your ad interesting they can click on it and fully interact with your site when they see fit.

Landing page


A bit larger then your standard squeeze page and a longer opt in form. These are mostly used when joining MLM type sites or to create an account to a membership site.

Squeeze page


A fast loading image that fits with no scrolling that asks the visitor to input their name and email address to acquire more information about a product or service you are offering. These are great for building an email list and promoting your products and services to this person via email marketing. The best auto responder I have found to use so far that is both user friendly and has a high rate of delivery is aWeber which you can get started with for just $1

Important Resources


Take Action List Building.com

I am sure you have heard it already, it could not be more true “The Money Is In The List”This is the primary strategy that companies have used for years to build their business.

But what they have never shared with you are their secret methods that ensure their massive lists are full of targeted buyers!

=> Unlock Ways To Explode Your Lists With New Opt-Ins

=> Learn How To Keep Your List Active and Buying Again and Again

=> How To Set Up Your TrafficWave or AWeber Autoresponder For Maximum Results

=> Create Effective and Profit Pulling Squeeze and Splash Pages

=> Drive Almost Limitless Traffic To Your Squeeze and Splash Pages




Traffic Exchange SOS


 Learn my proven techniques to creating huge profits using Traffic Exchanges!

  • The one thing you MUST HAVE to succeed with Traffic Exchanges
  • Why making a sale is NOT your
    top priority
  • How to stand out in a crowd
  • How a PIG can make you wealthy
  • And much more…

Featured Advertisement & Traffic Source

Infinity Traffic Boost

Infinity Traffic Boost (ITB) is one of our favorite advertising and traffic sources. ITB is still in early stages but experiencing rapid growth do to the quality traffic and Bitcoin (BTC) opportunity it provides.

Advertise with full web page views plus text and banner ads.

ITB ensures REAL people are actually looking at your advertisements!

1. Visitors or surfers must remain on your site for 15 seconds. If they switch tabs to look at an ad in another traffic exchange, they do not earn any credits.

2. The surfing feature also includes a “cheat proof” system to keep bots out. No more wasted credits because of a bot viewing your advertisement.

Earn FREE Bitcoin with Surfing Reward Shares daily!

You can also earn up to 80% in Instant Pay Commissions to infinity. This is a lucrative money maker!


Join Infinity Traffic Boost Now

Never rely on only one advertisement! This featured ad and traffic source provides a great starting point, but your success will be greatest by using as many traffic sources and targeted ads as you are able.

LeadsLeap is an established system that has come a long way since it first launched in 2008. It now has 7 ways to boost your leads, plus traffic generators, ad trackers and other marketing tools. It also has 5 WAYS to EARN FREE MONEY, like surfing 10 ad pages to get DAILY EARNINGS. LeadsLeap shares up to 90% of its revenue with ALL its members, no purchase needed. Join today. You’re going to love it! (Affiliate ID is a username.)

Click Here to Sign Up

You can set up Credit Ads and get free traffic to your website. You should also explore other tools like The Real Tracker and Social Review.

If you are a serious internet marketer, you should check out the PopupXpert and OTO List Buider.

As you can see, there are quite a bit of things you can do and use in LeadsLeap. Take your time to learn and explore. Remember, the more you learn, the more you earn.

Top Recommendations From Your Upline

    Hi there, here is Frank Sirianni.

Check out my reviews of these top recommendations.

It’s a “Jungle out there” as they say. It’s especially true if you are trying to earn money online. … more
CBProAds is an affiliate program that provides several tools for the marketer to successfully market … more


RealHitz4u is a top-rated traffic exchange with dynamic surf ratios and extra bonus traffic. Give your advertising the punch it deserves with high quality traffic and hungry website visitors. (Affiliate ID is a number.)

Click Here to Sign Up

Here are just a few RealHitz4u Features

  • Random Referrals for all pro level members to earn you more traffic
  • Amazing Dynamic surf ratios – The more you surf the more you earn
  • Fantastic activity bonuses – Very generous random activity bonuses
  • Site wide banner and text advertising – Your ads shown all over the site
  • Superb customer service to answer your questions and concerns
  • Instant site approval and activation – Have your site up in seconds
  • Power Surf Central charter member, where traffic is terrific, bonuses are abundant and rewards pile up.

Traffic To Your Site In Minutes

There is no better way to drive unlimited free traffic to your websites and offers. Thousands of new people are joining traffic exchanges every day online to take advantage of this amazing free traffic building resource. Are you one of them?

You have a website you want everyone to see and others have their websites they want you to see. Everyone wins!

What you can expect from Realhitz4u is a fun and rewarding
atmosphere where your ads get quality visitors. As a free member
you can earn credits and rewards however upgrading your
account will allow you to maximize your earning and traffic.


Keep up to date with what is going on at Realhitz4u
by liking us on Facebook.
=> https://www.facebook.com/realhitz4u



Marketing Training

  • Marketing Equals Money.Without marketing, you have no customers. And without customers, you have no money.
  • In fact, you should be spending 80 percent of your time, money, energy and learningin the arena of marketing!
  • Let’s face it…
  • If you are a great marketer, chances are you will make great money. And if you are a poor marketer, chances are you will struggle financially. Most people don’t focus on marketingand that’s why most people are working too hard AND earning too little. You may be one of them.
  • The good news is marketing is a learnable skill…
  • For Instance, Email Marketingis without question, the most powerful tool you’ll ever use to build your business. A lot of marketers have generated millions of bucks from their business through email marketing.
  • Email Marketinghelps all kind of business, small, medium or large business to reach bigger audiences.
  • In this marketing training, you will learn every other way you can market cost-effectively.

You Now Have The Keys To The Online Advertising Kingdom…ENJOY!


Classified Advertising

“Early to bed, early to rise … Work real smart and ADVERTISE.”


There is an almost endless list of places for you to place free online classified ads. These are the top sites according to Alexa and get the most traffic of all classified sites.

It is the sheer power of advertising that makes TEHINCOME opportunities work BIG TIME. The more ads you place, the more money you make.

Obviously, there are many other forms of advertising that you can do, most are covered on this Guide, but starting out with classified ads is definitely the most economical. Even though some of these sites may appear to be just for merchandise, they all have a “job or employment” section where you can post ads about the First TEHINCOME opportunity and these sites get HITS!

Online classified advertisements have been proven to be an effective method of generating targeted free opt-in subscribers every week.  And because these types of ads are 100% free all you need to do to make this marketing method work for you is to be consistent with placing new ads everyday through various online services.

The key to success with free advertising is real simple – “QUANTITY”.  Free ads without a doubt work and are very effective, but they take time.  That’s why they are free.  The secret is to get out as many as you can on a consistent basis.

The more income you want, the more ads you will want to post.


Craigslist – Craigslist is obviously a great place to put free ads.  We suggest you post ads on here everyday to see the best results.


(WARNING: You Can Only Place 3 Biz Op Ads In Craigslist Per Phone Verified Account. Multiple Postings Will Be Flagged For Removal…Don’t Risk Posting More Than 3 Ads Per Account! ALSO make sure you change your titles for each ad)


IMPORTANT: Before you start placing classified ads you NEED to have your OWN Domain Name. You can try posting with your long Internet Payday System Capture Page URL, but you may find that many of the classified sites do not accept it. It is best to get a somewhat generic domain name instead of some hyped up name like workfromhome-paiddailyfree-supercash-makemillions.com DO NOT use anything like workfromhome or homebusiness or free or paiddaily. Make the domain name generic and somewhat nondescript such as: yourlastnameinc (smithinc) or yourlastnamejobs or startworktoday. You can get a domain name in several places, but you also want the domain name in and of itself to be a money maker for you. That is why I suggest that you  Get Your Domain Name HERE.

 Classified Sites In Order Of Importance:


To Dramatically help with CraigsList Ads Click Here





























































Placing Craigslist Ads

Craigslist BY FAR is the trickiest of the Free Ad Sites, but the videos below will help.

You should try to place several ads here everyday and  CHANGE EACH ONE. DO NOT try to place the same ads over and over and certainly don’t place the same ads in the same categories.

If you try to place in major metropolitan areas CL WILL try to charge you $25 per. If you try to type just craigslist.com into your browser it is going to take you to YOUR local area craigslist.

So if you want to place CL ads in other areas you will need to go here: http://www.craigslist.org/about/sites

The reality is however that you must have a phone number and email address for EACH CL account that you have, so if you have more than one phone number and email address, you can have more than one CL account, BUT it does throw up a red flag for CL if your accounts are very far from where you live.  That being said, if you set up multiple accounts, make them in surrounding areas or states.

REMEMBER, that some of these places will NOT allow you to use a long affiliate link  Well, Craigslist IS one of those places. 

THIS is why you should get a Domain Name Right Here.

 You should view that and MAKE SURE to FORWARD AND MASK the Domain Name IF you decide to get one. You then USE the NEW Domain Name in your ads. A .com, .net, or .info are the best suffixes to use.

  Pre-Written Category Ads

Here’s the deal:  DO NOT call this a “Job” or even INFER that it is a regular hourly wage J.O.B or a “Salaried” Position. DO NOT be misleading in any way. There are some examples below of what you can say, but you don’t need to be Mark Twain to write your own ads. You can look at other ads in the places you are trying to post and get a good idea of what to say. Some people will never try to write their own ads and then you end up with a bunch of the same ads in the same place, obviously, that is not good.

You need to MAKE SURE and watch the videos under Craigslist on the “Classified Ads” page of this training site. Craigslist is the strictest of all, so if you follow these suggestions with all the other sites, you’re good.

 Below is some ad info you can use for either offline or online classified advertisements.  You can also turn these into display ads if you decide to go that route for offline marketing, which is nice because Wolf Enterprises will design the ad for you, free of charge as part of their package (see Offline Advertising & Direct Mail for more info on this).

 Again, DO NOT advertise this as an offer of paid or salaried employment of any kind.

  • Be Sure To Create Great Headlines For Your Ads!
  • Always place all “Call To Action” In Every Ad ie: “Call Now”..”Listen Now”… “Visit Here”… Email Me Now”… Etc.

Another little tip: Some of the Classified Ad sites have this feature and some don’t, but:

You can actually mark this as suitable for “Disabled Persons” and it extends your ad even more.

Marketing – Finance – Sales/Marketing – Customer Service

                  STILL don’t know how to copy and paste? Click Here


-What NOT to do in Employment Sections:

NEVER use the words HOME / WORK FROM HOME etc in your TITLE or in the BODY of your ad…


Instead of the words WORK FROM HOME, use words like..





See the Ad Headlines (Titles) below…

Remember to get the readers attention. If it doesn’t get your attention then it probably will not attract anyone else. Use different headlines for each ad.

These Headlines Are Just Examples: Feel Free To Create Your Own

Money Motivated Pros Needed

Professionals Needed

Remote Agents Needed

Marketing Reps Needed

Senior Account Executives

Promotional Managers

Looking for Talent

Junior Account Executive

We Need Strong Phone Associates – Incoming Calls

Seasoned Reps /Team Leaders

Looking for Experienced Pros

Inbound Phone Associates

Confident Strong Reps for Easy Phone Work

Inbound Marketing Representatives

Team Leaders Needed – All Calls Incoming

Freelance Advertisers Wanted

We Need HELP – NOW!

No Sales – No Experience Needed

Start Today – Serious Individuals Only

Will Train The Right Person

You see that none of these make promises of income or that it is a job. They are somewhat low key andMAKE NO PROMISES.

Ad Body Examples:

Serious Individuals – Work Without Supervision. 

  • Flexible Hours
  • NO Sales
  • Daily Pay Available

Contact Me Here: (In most cases you are going to put an email address that will automatically respond with your .WS Domain name (that you should join, that points to your capture page). MAKE sure and watch the videos under Classified Ads. )


Available Immediately.                                                                                                                                                 We Need Help Now!

Start Today

  • Set Your Own Hours
  • NO Selling
  • Daily Compensation Available

Contact Me Immediately Here:


We are overwhelmed and need Help NOW!

The ideal candidate must be organized and be able to achieve without supervision. 

  • Contact Me Now and Start Immediately.
  • Set Your Own Flexible Schedule
  • NO Selling
  • Paid Daily If Qualified.

Contact Me Immediately Here:


” FREE LANCE ADVERTISER S Needed ASAP in Fresno area”

Free Lance Advertisers ASAP

No Experience Necessary – Training Provided!

CLICK HERE to get started Today!


Needed in Las Vegas!

SUCCESSFUL Home Business Opportunity!

Full Time/Part Time

No Experience Necessary

CLICK HERE to get started Today!


FREE LANCE MARKETERS needed ASAP in Albuquerque! (Albuquerque and surrounding area)

New Advertising Business needing FREELANCE MARKETERS ASAP!

Set your own hours

No Experience Necessary

CLICK HERE to get started today!


Here is an ad that is being used effectively and you will see how many variations you could make from this: 

This is not MLM, Networking, Gifting, Surveys, or any other
Banned Company Type on Craigslist, so please be kind.


The hours are completely up to you.

WE MAIL WEEKLY PAYCHECKS EVERY WEDNESDAY. Or Pay Via Paypal Daily if you qualify.

With Over FIVE years in Business we have shown consistant growth!


▀▄▀ JUST VISIT: http://www.YOUR DOMAIN NAME and watch the  overview video.

I am sure that you are getting the idea here. You can mix and match these Headlines and Bodies. It does take a little creativity, but not much. You DO NOT want to put up the same ad in the same place on the same day and ALWAYS CHANGE THE HEADLINE. As you can see, these are creative, but NOT MISLEADING.


You see:


You actually DO: Do This From Home (virtual, remote, telecommute)

There really is: No Selling Necessary (the video does that)


They can: Do It As Much or As Little As They Want

They will: Set Their Own Schedule


 ZNZ WILL: Pay Daily (if they have completed referrals.)

 There IS: Training Available (As you can clearly see.)

There Is:  No Experience Necessary

They WILL: Get Inbound Calls (if they show their number) 

They Can: Get Checks Weekly

You Are: Looking for Self Motivated Individuals

You do: Want people that can work without supervision

So using statements such as these is not misleading, they are a matter of fact.

 You may think that this is really difficult, but just slow down and DO IT, you will get the hang of it. I had to learn too, but this is NOT rocket science!

Business Opportunity Ads


You need to MAKE SURE and watch the video under Craigslist on the “Classified Ads” page of this training site. Craigslist is the strictest of all, so if you follow these suggestions with all the other sites, you’re good.

 Below is some ad info you can use for either offline or online classified advertisements.  You can also turn these into display ads if you decide to go that route for offline marketing, which is nice because Wolf Enterprises will design the ad for you, free of charge as part of their package (see Offline Advertising & Direct Mail for more info on this).


In the Biz Op Ads: Always use “PAID DAILY” In Every Ad.

Also feel free to add your own touch to the ads!

Be Sure To Create Great Headlines For Your Ads!

Always place all “Call To Action” In Every Ad ie: “Call Now”..”Listen Now”

See the ad titles below…

Ad Body

EXPLODE Your Cash Flow…
New System Does It All!
Converts HUGE Numbers. See It Now:

Automated Downline System
Is Flooding My Account With $20 Payments!
Wanna See?

Need More Money?
Want It By The Truckload?
New System Delivers!

The Easiest Program
Ever Devised For Mankind.
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DAILY Income…
Is it real or only a myth?
Find Out Here:

Ridiculous Little Business
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Huge DAILY Income.

This is HARD to Believe
But It’s True. I Made $ My 1ST DAY!
See What All The Fuss Is About:

Revealed For The 1st Time…
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15 MIN Video
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Simple FREE Business
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My Bank Account Loves Me!
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Cuz I Keep it Full of Cash!
You Can Too…Check It Out:

Got Your Own Cash Register?
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See Why Here:

Need an Honest, Ethical Business?
We Have It Right Here… Just For YOU!

Got Laid Off? Out of Options?
Think Again. We Have Your Plan B…
And It Works Like Crazy!

This Ad Is Not For YOU!
It’s for Your Wallet!
Get Filled Up Here:

Success Is Waiting For You –
Proven System To Your Success.

Do You Want A Program To Believe In?
This Simple System Just Plain Works!
No Hype, Just The Truth.


No Hype – No Lies
Proven System To Success
Finally, A True, Real Program For
The People! This system just works!

Are You Looking For An Authentic
System That Gets Results?
No Hype, No Lies, Just A Real Program
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Prepare to Be Amazed


Pre-Written Emails


  FINALLY Succeed Online!

Quit failing online in Crappy Programs,No Selling,

Explaining, or Any Convincing!

Simply Copycat Me to a T..!!! Quit Failing Online, YES, the
Top People On The Web Truly Do Receive Serious Cash.


There is NO Hype, NO Boss, NO MLM!

For details go to: YourDomainName.com

Then Call Me!

Your Name Here
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Quit Failing Online – Check out my Power System!


Check the system that crushes all other systems to the ground.

go to YourDomainName.com

Then Call Me!

Your Name Here
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Have you seen the Power System yet?

Quit Failing Trying to Sell Crap. Change Your Life
today not a month from now.

No Selling, No Explaining, No Convincing

It’s changed my Life, and it’s the Easiest thing you
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Go to this website, I have some video proof for you!

Your Name Here
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Start Making Money.


More time? Less stress? More money? Better future retirement?
Living debt free?


Chances are……..Nothing. You are NOT alone! Most of us
have been in this position.

************ There is GOOD News for YOU!!! ***********

*You have stumbled across THE VERY SITE that can make a
true difference in your life


Safelist Advertising


A safelist is a closed loop (aka: “double opt in”, “opt-in list” or “closed community list”) e-mailing list of like minded persons. These people agree to accept email ads from the other safelist members. In return for a chance to send their own email advertising to the group. If one agrees to belong to a e-mailing list it is NOT UCE (Unsolicited Commercial Email).

There are also different models of safelists including free, free and paid, free credit based and free credit based with a paid option. Safelist advertising is a free or very low cost way to increase your web traffic and profit.

BASICALLY, when you join a safelist, you agree to let others send you there ads. When you open the emails that they send and click on their link and stay on their websites for a certain length of time (usually about 15 seconds) you earn “credits.”

The more credits that you earn, the more emails that YOU can send out. It is a very simple concept. As I said, most work basically the same way. Many will let you putout “text ads” and some will let you use the “credits” that you have built up on Solo Ads.

You WILL need a Separate Email Address for each safelist you join such as a free gmail.com account (which takes about 5 minutes to set up). For example: If you join ABC Safelist, your “LIST Email Address” (that you put in when signing up) could be something like: abcsafe@gmail.com. This is where all the emails that others send you will go to. It’s crazy how many people you can reach with this, IT WORKS.

If you find yourself with a very small or non existent ad budget, safelists are a VERY good way to spend your time. All have free or paid options and if you can pay a little to upgrade you will be able to send out A LOT more emails per day, if not the free versions give you a great deal of exposure. Whatever your situation you should be doing this, either way, like I said… it works.

Remember however, You NEED to finish ZNZ One and ZNZ Big Cash with 1.0 credits each BEFORE you start advertising.


(ALL Safelists work in a VERY similar way)


(You should join several)
















Traffic Exchange

Join By Clicking The Links Below (opens new window)




Remember however, You NEED to finish ZNZ One and ZNZ Big Cash with 1.0 credits each BEFORE you start advertising.



Solo Ad: Definition A “Solo Ad” is an ad which is sent out to subscribers to an ezine, but without any other content. In other words, it’s like a special issue of an ezine which simply contains a single ad.

Many advertisers believe that Solo Ads, are more effective than ads embedded within normal ezine issues – because Solo Ads have the readers’ undivided attention.


Remember however, You NEED to finish ZNZ One and ZNZ Big Cash with 1.0 credits each BEFORE you start advertising.


The PREMIER Solo Ad Marketplace CLICK HERE

Guaranteed Solo Email Advertising – Targeted Double Opt-In Leads
10 Dollar Solo Ads – Guaranteed 10% Click Rate


Other Free Advertising Methods

There are several methods of free advertising that can be used when marketing the  program. These methods may take a little more time than paid methods, but the one thing you need to realize is they are FREE! When you put these methods to use, not only will they create traffic – they will also help name brand your business with the search engines.


If your like me in the beginning, you probably thought only “Twits” sat around wasting time on Twitter, but that was a BIG misconception. You don’t need to sit around and do it all day, but you do need to do it and hey, i’ts kind of fun. Just go on Twitter a couple of times a day and type in a positive thought. Take some time to follow people and they will follow you back and it can grow very quickly. DO NOT straight away try to “sell” anything because after a while, since you usually put “up lifting things” on there folks will WANT to read your “tweets.” You just make subtle references to “how you just love this free program.” Folks will be asking YOU, what program?  It’s all about building relationships (loose though they may be).  You can build quite a following in just a few minutes a day and remember: Everybody wants FREE MONEY!

By the way, FOLLOW ME on @ www.twitter.com/tecfclip after you open an account NOW,  Right Here 



Facebook And Blogs


These can be great for driving additional traffic to your Website.

If you have a page on Facebook, use it to promote your system and share it with other members in the community. Believe me, everyone is interested in a free program, but DON’T sell it, just SHARE IT.

If you do not have a Facebook page, you can set one up easy and it is free. Just click on the link below.



You can also create a blog online and talk about basically anything you want, but the idea, as with Facebook, Twitter, etc. is to engage people socially, NOT to hard sell them. Blogs are free and easy to create.

You can create a blog for free at any of the following websites and they are very easy to create.






Once you have finished creating your blog, write a few articles on the your Program and then ping it so it will get registered in the search engines. Ping it simply means that you notify the search engines that you have put something new on the blog (which is nothing more than a website in actuality). You can ping the search engines about a new post on your blog (website!) for free at the following websites.





(Do Not Over Ping Your Blogs)

Remember that you are not trying to sell with your blogs or Facebook, but use them for creating traffic to your website so be sure to include your website link. Share what you’re doing and when people want more information they can just click on your website link.

You want to think of these as having an interactive classified ad, draw their attention so they want to click on your link.


If your like me in the beginning, you probably thought only “Twits” sat around wasting time on Twitter, but that was a BIG misconception. You don’t need to sit around and do it all day, but you do need to do it and hey, i’ts kind of fun. Just go on Twitter a couple of times a day and type in a positive thought. Take some time to follow people and they will follow you back and it can grow very quickly. DO NOT straight away try to “sell” anything because after a while, since you usually put “up lifting things” on there folks will WANT to read your “tweets” and you just make subtle referrences to “how you just love this free program.” Folks will be asking YOU, what program?  It’s all about building relationships (loose though they may be).  You can build quite a following in just a few minutes a day and remember: Everybody wants FREE MONEY!

By the way, FOLLOW ME on Twitter @ After you open an account NOW Right Here


Video Marketing




Click Here For Video



Click Here For Video

Popular Video Sites To Submit To:




Write And Submit Articles

This is another proven method of driving traffic.

The concept is very simple. Write an article on your program, and within the article include your Website link.

Again this works great for driving traffic and it is also free.

Remember to design your articles to attract traffic. It is the same rules as with any other form of advertising. Do not try to sell them in the article. The idea is to create interest so they want to click on your website link to find out more. You could write a different article each day and get it published online.

I would recommend reading a few articles first so you can see exactly how other marketers are using this method to create traffic.


Video 1


Click Here For Video

Video 2


Click Here For Video

Below is just a small list of websites that will let you post your article for free. Each of the links will open in a separate window.


Google picks up on these Article hubs the most









Submit your articles to the following sites



Free Press Release Sites



Discussion Groups And Forums 


Discussion Groups and forums are all over the internet and are free to join.

When using these methods, you have to be careful. If they allow you to post ads or display your website link then do it. However, many forum groups and some discussion groups consider this spamming. If you violate their terms you will be kicked out, so be smart when using this method of marketing.

Most of the forums and discussion groups however will allow you to post your link if it is requested by another person in the group. Many of these groups have thousands of members. It is another great way to drive traffic to your Website.

Below are some of the most popular discussion groups on the web. Be sure to use them wisely and only join groups related to the topic of marketing, income opportunities, work at home, etc.

Yahoo, Google and MSN all have great discussion groups, but there are a ton of them out there.

Yahoo Groups

Google Groups

MSN Groups

Finding forums to use in helping promote the our Program is also easy.

For this you can just use search engines. For instance – just type in “forums, marketing” into your search bar on Google or Yahoo and thousands of them will pop up.

Just be sure not to cross traffic on a forum that doesn’t apply. That means do not join a forum for downhill skiing and then start promoting our Cash Gifting Program. Only use open forums that are related to making an income online where you will not be creating any conflict.

Below are some popular forums for marketing and network marketing and again, use them wisely. Each of the links will open in a separate window.

Freelance Mom Forum

Innovateurs Forum

Money Maker Group Forum

SitePoint Forum

Web Developer Forum

Webmaster Talk Forum

Webmaster World Forum

Web Pro World Forum


Always use discussion groups and forums wisely, and you can produce some great traffic very quickly.

Submit Press Releases

 Get Tons of Free Traffic From the Search Engines!

Today you become a creator of the Internet.

You see, what the Internet is all about is INFORMATION.

It is primarily a global communications platform that allows people to share information with each other.

Therefore, what people value most and what people look for and what search engines seek is unique and useful info.

Thus, if you become a PROVIDER of unique and useful information your affiliate site will become a traffic magnet.

The mechanism by which this will happen is creating original press releases, submitting them to free press release services and attaching your Daily Income Career Network affiliate link (or forwarded domain for more professional results).

Every new press release that you submit becomes a brand new page on the Internet. In other words, every time you send out a new press release, you CREATE a page of the World Wide Web that never existed before; and Google and other search engines are *watching* what you create and will start indexing/ranking your press releases in their listings. Thus, giving you free traffic and when those people do ZNZ

A good mindset to be in while creating a press release is to think of it as a testimonial. Explain the business and use specific examples on how it has impacted you (example: easy to use, no up-front fees, free website, no selling, make money right away, free advertising methods, step by step training, how quickly you made money etc.). You can also throw in some details on how the business has benefited you and why you think it is a must for everyone.

Be sure to use specific examples, because social proof is the most important validation. Always leave your readers wanting more and the only way they can find out more info is to click on your affiliate link.

Another great way to find specific press release submission services is to do a search for “free press releases” on Google.

Once you have a press release created and ready to submit, find 3 to 5 submission services to submit it to. Submit the same press release to all of them. This will ensure that you’ll get your information seen in a natural search.

Don’t write an article that’s more than a page and a half long, or more than about 800 words. Keep your lines short and your paragraphs to no more than four sentences long. No one reads on the Internet, they just skim, so keeping your lines and paragraphs short will keep them reading and not skimming.

See the example of a press release below to get an idea of how to create one.

DO NOT pay for these services! By submitting your article to multiple services you get almost the same results for free. Don’t submit to more than 5 with the same article.



Example Press Release:

Las Vegas, NV {Change to Your Location & Use Today’s Date}, December 15, 2012 — {YOUR FULL NAME HERE} in partnership with Martin Wilson today launched the Daily Income Career Network. The Daily Income Career Network is a very unique way for people to work from home, work alongside fortune 500 companies and get paid cash that is deposited right into your bank account every day.

The Daily Income Career Network is one of the few genuine make money online programs that you can actually start getting paid without any investment. That’s right there are no sign-up fees, no start-up fees, no website fees, no hidden fees, no catches like free to start and pay later gimmicks. There is absolutely NO Cost out of Your Pocket In Order To Work from Home and Make Money Online with this amazing opportunity.

You can earn up to $100 for every person you refer through your free Daily Income Career Network affiliate website. Don’t worry no need for hunting down your friends or family members either, because you are provided with a step-by-step FREE online advertising guide filled with lessons that show you how to automatically find prospects that would love the Daily Income Career Network. Struggling online marketers, people with zero money to invest but want to make money, and people currently looking for an honest and legitimate way to make money online.

There is no selling involved because there is nothing to sell. You simply offer the Daily Income Career Network using your free affiliate website and when those people take the free challenge like you did, you make $20 or $80 every time that gets deposited directly into your own bank account daily. You can set your own hours and decide how little or how much money you want to make.

In fact, people with no prior experience or online marketing background have been earning as much as $200-$500 every week working only 30 minutes to an hour per day.
Martin stated “Before I released this program I tested everything myself using only free advertising methods and started from scratch just like I knew the participants of the Daily Income Career Network would be doing.

The results were nothing short of amazing. I have never seen anything like it in my 14 year career. I made $200 on day one, $170 day two and $420 the third day, that’s when I knew this, was a winner for anyone taking the challenge. After the first week I was averaging $1,000 a day using only free advertising methods that are now being provided to all members”.

There are only three requirements for anyone wanting to start making money fast with this income opportunity. And they are, 1) You must join the Daily Income Career Network 2) You need your own computer (cannot be from a library or shared college computer), and 3) Have the ability to take action on a no brainer money making opportunity like this by following the step-by-step instructions that are provided at no cost.

To create a free account for the Daily Income Career Network, please visit {YOUR DOMAIN HERE}


This is simply an example, change it how you see fit, put in your own real world examples/results, and by all means be creative and create some of your own.

The best way to get the most out of press release marketing is to write a new one every 3-5 days and submit it to 3 or 5 submissions services. Keep in mind that more is not better. Only submit one to several submission services (3-5), and then move onto your next press release.

Over time your press releases will build up and the traffic will start to come all for 100% free. But you must be consistent and submit press releases on a regular basis.

Some of the resources above will ask you to pay or contribute a dollar amount to get better submission. It is not necessary. You can simply put in “$0” or choose their free option.

You may need to sign up to get a free account with the services in order to submit your work.

Direct Mail

Direct Mail can be one of the most cost effective and highest profit methods to market a Biz Op.

The reason is that for many, many years, people have been marketing Business Opportunities through the mail, creating a GIGANTIC market, with MILLIONS of people on thousands of lists, waiting to receive YOUR new offer!

Finding an offer that works in Direct Mail has made thousands of “small time operators” MULTI-MILLIONAIRES!

What you need to make this work is:

  1. A good List Broker
  2. A great sales piece

“List Broker” is a person who specializes in locating “lists” of individuals interested in particular types of offers. Different List Brokers can specialize in different sorts of lists Some specialize in Biz Op, some in Health Products, others in Men’s or Women’s Interests etc.

The “lists” they sell can include: name, address, phone number, email, special details, etc. For most uses, we just will want the name and physical address.

What is the difference between different lists?

There is a BIG difference Some lists are “seekers” and some lists are “buyers”. You want BUYERS!  The reason you want “buyers lists” and NOT “seekers lists” is that “buyers” have proven 2 vital things that you need when using Direct Mail:

  1. They have money to spend!
  2. They are willing to spend it on something similar to what YOU want to offer!

Save yourself the HEADACHE and MONEY ONLY work with BUYERS LISTS!

My Recommended List Brokers

The list broker I recommend highest for Biz Op. are:


Working with these companies is fun, easy, and PROFITABLE. Don’t be intimidated if this is the first time you are talking with a List Broker. Just let them know that this is your first time, and they will explain everything to you!

4 Rules To Direct Mail Success

  1. Start with a mailing of 1,000 – 3,000
  2. Use a printing house
  3. Track your results
  4. Repeat!

RULE #1: Start with a mailing of 1,000 – 3,000

You don’t want to risk more money than you need to EVER!

When starting to use a new offer OR a proven offer to a new list, always start SMALL! You want to test the waters to ensure you are not throwing your money away.

One of the nice things about Direct Mail, is that results with THE SAME LIST are generally consistent after a test of 3,000 – 5,000 pieces mailed.

This means that if a list has a total of 30,000 people on it, and you test a mailing to 3,000 of them with a result of 2.3% response rate you can generally expect THE SAME

response rate when you send your offer to the other 27,000 people left on the list!

This is great information! It allows you to spend a little and test multiple lists, then after finding the WINNERS you can send your offer to the rest of the list expecting the same positive return!

To “Postcard” or to “Letter”?

When sending Direct Mail, the 2 most used formats for the mail piece are: postcards and letters. I generally prefer postcards.


Recommended Postcard Resources








The reason is that postcards:

  1. DO NOT require being OPENED to be read/noticed
  2. Cost A LOT less postage and printing is cheaper.
  3. Require a strong “Call to Action” and THAT’S ALL!!!

The first 2 points are self-explanatory, so I will address the third.

Creating a “letter” style mail piece requires you to give a lot of info about your offer, WITHOUT losing your prospects interest OR turning them off to your offer.

If you receive Biz Op related Direct Mail, you have seen the result of this Long letters that tell you NOTHING about what is being offered instead they are filled with rags to-riches “stories” and big promises. There is a reason for this If they really told you what they were offering, you would probably NEVER buy it!

So, The advantage to a postcard approach is that you give JUST the BARE MINIMUM of details about your offer, in a way that is very COMPELLING there is that word again!., so they will DESIRE to GET MORE INFO? Leading to your MAIN sales pitch!

This is called a “Call to Action”. The “action” is the prospect going to your website or calling your phone number. Side Note: Some marketers still have prospects write back for more info… I would NOT recommend this approach In today’s world people want everything NOW! not 1 or 2 weeks from now!

The advantage to sending your prospect to your MAIN sales pitch is that today we can use Flashy Audio Recordings on voice mail or via the Internet., long sales copy Internet., even more Flashy Multimedia Presentations that are like Internet Infomercials, to help close a sale, Not to mention automated follow-up through Capture Page / Autoresponder systems.

These new systems have a MUCH greater chance of closing a deal than a simple 4 page letter.



Placing Ads Offline!

 Many people look in offline sources, even if it is for an online business. As I discussed in the written material, you can do well advertising offline in things like:

The Thrify Nickel (You know, the little newspaper they give away free at the grocery store)

 Local magazines can be very cheap. 

Flyers, believe it or not, are GREAT ways to advertise your business, even if it is online.

There are many cheap or free ways to advertise if you keep your eyes open.

Association Publications

Rural Newspapers

Home Owners Association Newsletters

Community Bulletin Boards

Display Ads

I’ve had tons of success marketing ZNZ using offline display ads in business opportunity magazines.  These will be a little more expensive than regular classified ads, but the exposure is worth it.  This has been the primary marketing method I’ve used for over 6 years to promote various products or programs.  Direct mail is also effective for reaching a targeted audience as well.  Here are the two main sources I buy advertising from:

Wolf Enterprises has good ad packages for the smaller display and classified ads, while DAJ direct is better for the bigger ads.  There are over a dozen different publications to advertise in, that are geared specifically towards home based business seekers, and business opportunity buyers.  The circulations and readership numbers will be less than a nationally published newspaper like USA Today, the trade off is, a much more targeted group of prospects.



Benefits of Advertising in Newspapers

Mass media reach – Target market penetration, target specific lifestyle segments, demographics, and geographic locations with wide reach.

Immediate results – Fastest print vehicle, quick turn-around time, classified ads can often go in next day or within the same week.

Inexpensive – Reach a large group of people for the lowest cost.

Permanence – Readers can clip ads and refer back to them later.

Repeated exposure – 50% of professional adults read a newspaper daily, offering consistent exposure to your advertisement.

The Secret to Successful Newspaper Advertising

The secret to effective newspaper advertising is to create a profile of your target audience, locate exactly where you can reach this audience, then advertise in specific newspapers in that area.

Creating a Profile of Your Target Audience

Lifestyle – Interests, hobbies, profession.

Demographic – Income, net worth, home value, gender, age.

Geographic – Neighborhood, zip code, city, state, country.

How to Select the Right Newspaper

Avoid going for the big response right away – smaller targeted papers are better papers with broad reach and large circulation in the beginning.

Do your research – Request a copy of the newspaper to review it’s editorial content and classified section prior to advertising.

Avoid wasted circulation – Pay close attention to the circulation number of the paper and how it relates to the area population.

Avoid free papers – Free papers attract a lower quality audience, inconsistent readership, newspapers with a paid circulation are best.

Budget for longevity – Look for an advertising rate that you can afford to run your ad for at least 6 weeks consecutively, advertise on prime days only at first Wednesday and Sunday issues.

How to Successfully Use Classified Ads Effectively

Create curiosity – Never sell your product in your ad, design your ad with the intention of generating qualified inquiries.

“Sell” the free info – Always mention free information, a free package, or a free report in your classified ad.

Use your website – Provide a link to your website in your ad, be sure to promote the opt-in offer for your lead capture.

Get your ad in the top of the listings – Write your add to get listed at the top of the classified listings – alphabetically.

Differentiate yourself – look at what everyone else is doing/writing – do something different, stand out from the crowd.

Use special text formatting – frame your ad in a box, use bold headlines, asterisks, dashes, underlines [Avoid Caps and Excessive Punctuation].

Select a straight shot category – Place your ad in the most appropriate category to what you’re offering.

Ways to Save Money with Newspaper Ads

Use print classified vs. display ads – More effect for lead generation.

Test your ad first, commit to longer runs after you experience success, negotiate a discounted rate for longer advertising terms.

Place your test ads close to deadline – Negotiate better rates.

Ruthlessly edit your ad – Use only powerful words and eliminate unnecessary language, keep it short and action driven.

A Formula for Newspaper Advertising

Use your best performing ads from your online advertising campaigns.

Test your ad first – negotiate for the least expensive trial run with new newspapers, even if it’s just for 1 day [Wednesday and Sunday] – or 1 week if it’s less expensive.

Duplicate your successful ads – Find similar papers, in similar markets, reaching a similar audience and duplicate your results.

Increase your exposure in prime newspapers – If an ad produces great results in a paper with large classifieds, run the ad twice in the same classified section with different headlines and website URLs.

Don’t focus on the per lead cost with print advertising – measure your results/success in sales and profits not leads.

Business Trade Journals – An Overlooked Resource

Business trade journals reach a highly qualified professional audience, focused on business and improving their skills. Reach entrepreneurs, sales professionals, investors, any audience in an industry trade journal or association website. Reach entrepreneurs in magazines such as Entrepreneur, Fast Company, Inc. , Fortune, Forbes, Business Week.

Getting Your Ad Published

Provide a company name and address to the newspaper sales rep. Talk about your interest in “long term” advertising rates. Don’t mention anything about home business, network marketing,
direct sales, or MLM in your ad copy or website URL.

If the sales rep is hesitant, ask what company information is required and make arrangements to get her the info via fax.

Avoid anything that sounds like a “get rich quick scheme” in your advertising – avoid too much talk about money, wealth, if you do mention money be specific [$250K Yearly].

How To Never Pay Retail For Newspaper & Magazine Advertising

Buying a single ad in a SINGLE newspaper or magazine is an EXPENSIVE way to advertise. What if you could buy “wholesale advertising” in multiple papers and pay a deeply discounted price for your advertising? Well you can.

I almost always go through an ad broker. 99% of the time the rates will be less than if you went to the source directly.

Hot Tip! Look for newspaper and magazine deals that hit your target market and that have some “shelf life”. USA Today has a weekend edition that’s on the newsstands for 3 days instead of just 1 day. Many other papers publish weekly instead of daily. Look them over, then give it a go.

  1. American Classified– 129 papers to 4 million homes. Call 270-683-5557 (Lee)
  2. Nationwide Advertising– http://www.nationwideadvertising.com/
  3. Advertising Connection– 100 million homes. Call 800-326-3468 (Pam)
  4. Wolfe Enterprises(Home-based business magazines and USA Today). Call Randy at 321-449-1211. You can also visit their website at http://www.wolfenterprises.net/

SCAN – Suburban Classified Advertising Network: http://www.wolfenterprises.net/scan.html

* 950 + suburban newspapers

* Blanket the country with ONE phone call

* Great place to run a proven classified ad

Placing Ads in USA Today!

I almost always place at least 1 classified ad in USA Today when I launch a new Biz Op.

The ONLY time I don’t do this is if I look in USA Today and see that 3 or more people are ALREADY marketing the same opportunity. If I create or have access to a UNIQUE marketing message THAT IS NOT being used in USA Today, even if there are several others promoting the same opportunity, I will place my ad.

There are 5 BIG reasons I recommend advertising in USA Today.

REASON #1: Advertising in USA Today gives you HUGE exposure. It’s the #1 read newspaper in the USA, so it is seen by MILLIONS of people.

REASON #2: Another reason it’s so great is that the USA Today Classified Ad Section is only included in the paper 2 times a week: Friday and Wednesday. This means you don’t have to spend tons of money to be in the paper day after day just to reach your target market.

There’s also a BIG trick here you need to know. USA Today is ONLY printed Monday-Friday! This means that if you place your ad in the Friday paper, it’ll be sold FOR 3 DAYS! Friday, Saturday, and Sunday! It’s like getting 3 days for the price of 1 and the reason I HIGHLY recommend only placing ads for this timeframe.

REASON #3: Another HUGE benefit to advertising in USA Today’s Classified Ads Section is that it’s 90% Business Opportunities! This means that almost EVERYONE that reads the USA Today Classifieds is LOOKING SPECIFICALLY for a Biz Op!

I look to the USA Today Classified Section FIRST when I’m interested in seeing what other opportunities are being offered “out there”. This is great market research… And trust me, MANY other EXTREMELY successful Biz Op marketers DO THIS TOO!

Because of this, advertising in USA Today GREATLY increases your chances of bringing VERY experienced marketers into your team.

REASON #4: USA Today’s Classified Ad Section is ALSO seen ONLINE!

This means that your USA Today Classified ad is not only seen in the printed paper, but also on THEIR WEBSITE – www.USAToday.com, which gets LOTS MORE people seeing your ad!

PLUS, your ad will be seen in the Classified Ads Section of their website FOR SEVERAL WEEKS!

REASON #5: The last great reason to test some ads in USA Today is that once you find some ads that work well with it, you can take those ads and now TEST them in OTHER newspapers.

I recommend you TEST everything from large newspapers, like your city newspaper, AND small newspapers, like your local Penny-Saver or other free local papers. BUT DON’T LIMIT YOURSELF to your local papers! You’ll want to expand your reach more and more over time, and to do this you need to go NATIONWIDE! This is the direction you want to be thinking!

A standard weekend ad in USA Today costs less than $300 if you use these guys:http://www.wolfenterprises.net/usatoday.html

  • Excellent resource for running a 4 line classified ad.
  • Use Friday edition ONLY for best response.
  • Can be very competitive so be aware of who’s running what.

Getting started with USA Today.

Another Cool Website

Click here>>> http://www.vizads.com/

SCAN Networks (State Wide Classified Ad Networks)

The key to this type of offline advertising as with anything else is long-term consistency. Also keep in mind that the more frequently you advertise with Wolfe Enterprises the better the price. They’ll even design a display ad for you if you need them to. I highly recommend their service.

The right classified or display ad can swarm your website with gobs of targeted traffic. But do your homework in advance. Go to a Barnes and Noble, Borders, etc… and locate the business opportunity section.

Pull the Biz Op magazines off the shelf and quickly go through each of them.

Take note of the ads that ATTRACT you (instantly) as well as the ads that are appearing in multiple magazines. These are (more often than not) the same ads that are proven winners for the person running them.

Now you’ll know who your biggest competition is, what they’re saying in their ads, and the offers they’re presenting to their prospects.

Use this knowledge to your (ethical) advantage!

One last thing to keep in mind when doing magazine advertising is that there’s a lag time of usually at least one month from when you place your order until when your ads come out in the magazines. For this reason it’s important to keep this in mind when coordinating your other advertising.

Below you’ll find a listing of the SCAN (Statewide Classified Ad Networks) and other sources to purchase offline and print advertising. You can place ads across every newspaper throughout the entire state if you like. Through the SCAN network it’s fast and easy and you only make 1 payment.

Note: The prices below are accurate based on the time of this listing, but may be different depending on price increases.


Alabama State Wide Classifieds Have your ad run in print across the state of Alabama.

$195 – 25 words or less. 850,000 Circulation.

Nebraska Classified Ad Network Have your ad run in print across the state of Nebraska.

$195 for 960,000 readers.

Arizona State wide Classified NetworkHave your ad run in print across the state of Arizona.

$330 – 25 words or less in 90 newspapers totaling 2 Million readers.

Nevada State wide Classified Network Have your ad run in print across the state of Nevada.

$149 for state wide advertising.

Arkansas State Wide Classified NetworkHave your ad run in print across the state of Arkansas.

Contact for pricing

New England State Wide Classified NetworkHave your ad run in 245 community newspapers to an estimated 4.7 million readers.

$275.00 For Your 25 Word Ad

California State Wide Classified NetworkRegional rates: Reach over 3 million Californians in Northern or Southern California!  Place a 25-word classified ad in 100 newspapers for $350. New Jersey State Wide Classified NetworkHave your ad run in 151 papers with an estimated circulation of about 2.4 Million.

$399.00 For Your 25 Word Ad

Florida State Classified Ad Network

Have your ad run in print across the state of Florida.

5 Million Readers – $475 for 1 ad.

New Mexico State Wide Classified NetworkHave your ad run in 29 papers with an estimated circulation of about 240,000

$154.00 For Your 25 Word Ad

Georgia Press Classified Network
Have your ad run in print across the state of Georgia.

130 different papers $300

New York State wide Classified NetworkHave your ad run in print across the state of North Carolina.

$425 – reach over 3 million people

Idaho State Wide Classified Network

Have your ad run in print across the state of Idaho.

$150 – for 52 papers.

North Carolina Classified Network Have your ad run in print across the state of North Carolina.

$315 – reach 1.7 million households.

Illinois State Wide Classified Network|Rate Card Run your ad in 390 newspapers to an estimated 4.7 million readers.

Ads Start At $225.00

North Dakota State Wide Classified NetworkHave your ad run in 89 different papers with total circulation around 400,000.

$139.00 For Your 25 Word Ad

Iowa State Wide Classified Network Run your ad in 248 newspapers to an estimated 1.2 million readers.

$275.00 For Your 25 Word Ad

Ohio State Wide Classified Network Have your ad run in 155 different newspapers with estimated 1.5 million circulation.

$295.00 For Your 25 Word Advertisement

Kansas State Wide Classified NetworkHave your 25 word ad run in 140 Kansas papers to an estimated 1 Million readers.

$300 For Your 25 Word Ad

Oklahoma State Wide Classified NetworkHave your ad run in 186 Different papers reaching an estimated 1.3 million readers.

$285.00 For Your 25 Word Ad

Kentucky State Wide Classified NetworkHave your ad run in 70 papers to an estimate 800,000 readers.

$250 For Your 25 Word Ad

Oregon State Wide Classified Network Have your ad run in 80 different newspapers to an estimated 500,000 readers across Oregon.

$250 For Your 25 Word Ad

Louisiana State Wide Classified Network

Have your ad run in 121 newspapers to an estimated 1.2 Million readers.$265.00 For Your 25 Word Ad
Pennsylvania State Wide Classified Network Have your ad run in 158 different newspapers with an estimated circulation of a 2.5 Million.

$450 For Your 25 Word Ad.

Maryland State Wide Classified NetworkHave your ad run in 126 papers with an estimated 2.2 million circulation.

$495.00 For Your 25 Word Ad

South Carolina State Wide Classified Network Have your ad run in 101 different newspapers to an estimated 2.8 million readers.

$360 For Your 25 Word Ad

Michigan State wide Classified NetworkHave your ad run in print across the state of Michigan to 140 different newspapers.  2.2 million circulation with an estimated 4 million readers.

$299.00 For Your 25 Word Ad

South Dakota State Wide Classified Network Have your ad run in 128 different newspapers with an estimated readership of 700,000 people.

$139.00 For Your 25 Word Ad

Minnesota State Wide Classified Network Have your ad run across the state of Minnesota to different 230 newspapers and nearly 2 million households.

$199 For Your 25 Word Ad

Virginia State Wide Classified Network Have your ad run in 98 different papers to an estimated 1.1 million households.

$250 For Your 25 Word Ad.

Missouri State Wide Classified NetworkHave your ad run to 209 different papers reaching an estimated 2.2 million readers.

$300.00 For Your 25 Word Ad

Washington State Wide Classified NetworkHave your ad run in 84 papers to an estimated 900,000 different households.

$195.00 For Your 25 Word Ad

Montana State Wide Classified NetworkHave your ad run in 66 different Montana newspapers to an estimated 240,000 homes.

$129.00 For Your 25 Word Ad

Wyoming State Wide Classified NetworkHave your ad run in 42 different newspapers reaching a total of 179,000 households.

$135.00 For Your 25 Word Ad



© Copyright 2017





The people that skip over this type of advertising will only cost themselves profits!

Don’t be afraid of PPC, instead you should welcome it!

Start using this immediately, it can create Cash within 24 hours if you follow it correctly!  That’s Immediate Income For Your Business!

At the Bottom of this page, you will see Perry Marshall’s “Definitive Guide to Adwords” and it will increase your profits like you wouldn’t believe. He gives you a free 5 day course and knowing all you can about Adwords will make you a FORTUNE. With Perry’s help you can BEAT the Adwords System and make A LOT of money while spending very little. Learn All You Can From Him!

(but first go through this page of training)


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Pay Per Click Video 2

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If you are experienced with pay per click ads, still read through this entire page.


If you are new to online marketing and pay per click advertising, we recommend that you go to google and take about 40 minutes and learn how pay per click ads work and then work directly with the yahoo staff to create your campaign.


Google Adwords Tutorial


If your familiar with this type of advertising, below are the areas you need to focus on.


Pay Per Click Keywords


Keywords Video 1

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Here is where many people will make a mistake with this type of advertising. They will load in 200 keywords for one ad campaign that are not related or relevant to the ad itself which should never be done.

The most amount of keywords that you should ever use for any campaign is approximately 10 to 15 keywords unless you are advanced and know what you are doing. This will give you a better result and ranking within google and yahoo than if you use 200 keywords mismatched keywords. This means google and yahoo will place you higher on the sponsored listings when people are conducting their searches.


Here is the point we are trying to make. You would rather have 20 different ads with 10 to 15 keywords each under 1 campaign where everything is relevant and related instead of ony having 1 ad with 200 keywords. There is no limit to the number of ads you can generate with sponsored listings, so do not flood your keywords in to 1 ad.


By the way, with our business we hold a big advantage over keywords than just about any other business out there. Follow along closely with this, please.


The keyword “Make Money” has an approximate bid on it right now of about $1.55 per click to be ranked high, and this is where we hold a huge advantage over 99% percent of the programs out there.


Let me put this into perspective. Most programs that are out on the market that use the same keywords we are using sell products that are pretty much selling a $49 to $59 product.


Now if they are using the keyword “Make Money”, they would need a sale for every 30 people that clicked on their ad just to break even.


30 clicks at $1.55 equals $46.50.


Now let’s take a look at the break even point with the 1-2-3 Power System.


At the same cost as used in the example above, you would need one sale out of every 130 people who clicked on your ad to break even which is easily accomplished with the 1-2-3 Power System.


The Website you’re provided with in our program creates sales consistently with this type of marketing.


This is exactly why people are able to make thousands each and every week using this type of marketing. It puts your website out in front of people that are looking to make money online immediately.


To put this in perspective, do you have any idea how many people surf the internet daily looking to make an income online? The numbers are mind blowing.


About 25 million according to Google which means that you do not have to worry about this type of marketing being oversaturated. In fact, this is why Pay Per Click advertising works with this business immediately.


The biggest key to Pay Per Click is to be smart with your campaigns and manage them properly.


To help you get started with your campaigns for our system, here are some of the more popular keywords being used online. You can cut and paste these keywords into notepad or some other document on you computer. Once you have them copied, you want to start breaking them down. You can also use the google tools to help you with finding similar keywords and other variations.


Once you have created several variations of keywords, break them up into groups of at least 10 keywords to 15 keywords. You should not exceed more than 15 keywords in a group as it can only hurt you more than it can help you unless you know what you are doing.


Popular Keywords:
Cut and paste them into notepad and break them down into groups

Marketing Tools 

Marketing Tools:

01) Friend Blaster Pro – Watch Tutorial

02) K.Soft Blog Blaster

03) Article Submitter

04) Website Submitter

05) Message Board Blaster

07) Internet Marketing and Affiliate Marketing Video Tutorial

09) Classified Ad Submitter

10) Video Blaster Pro

11) Automatic Social Bookmarks Submitter

12) Social Submitter

13) SafeListWorld

Very Useful Tips and Tools



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