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We are an idea stage three man startup team, starting as a family owned startup for talent development and career financing, inspired by the travel agency industry, then we replicated the model we discussed for aviation talent development in forming our startup concept for tech talent development focused on aspiring tech startup founders and talents training programs, mentorship, team building and dream financing. We played roles of talking mates at first, but now we are accepting other founders


We are not being vague about our idea. We saw some problems related to high unemployment rate among non-techie college grads.

We decided we could solve this problem with an all-inclusive tech solution which turned into our product idea. Albeit we were not coders at the onset, we had good awareness of what we could create with other codes experts joining our team.

At this moment we believe that we have a powerful product idea and a ready to work team of coding experts. But we want to get backup.


Francis Bestman Isugu

We have an idea that means much to us right now, we are committed to putting everything into making it come through and put all other things we have ever accomplished aside, in order to make this our biggest accomplishment ever.

We have had some great ideas in the past, but this one is really special to us and this is what matters most to us.

Whatever we have done or failed to do before now are past now, so we are looking into the future ahead of us to ensure we don’t fail ourselves on this.



TECF3N1 is a mobile app that can be assessed on TECFCLIP’s website after being completely developed, to serve aspiring entrepreneurs in need of tech skills for founding a tech startup and startup investment for capital raise, as


We want to build a more interactive Educational  and Investment partnership For Tech Skill and Talent Acquisition

Core Product Description

Premier Tech startup to merge Online Learning, IOT & FINTECH
TECF3N1 is a mobile app that can be assessed on TECFCLIP’s website after being completely developed, to serve aspiring entrepreneurs in need of tech

TECF3N1 is our new product that lets you access three resources, which include:

  1. Online Learning resources:
  2. Startup investment resources:
  3. Talent Acquisition Resources

all in one place.

It’s the first time these three IOT broad areas are welded together into one useful technology to disrupt the four markets where our products are on demand, namely: FinTech, Online Education, IOT and M

TECFCLIP is for four types of users, namely: E

TECF3N1 is the first time there are these four users meeting in one place for one purpose, that is, capacity building.

The first two users are building the capacity of the second two; and this is done on purpose.

The first two users are investors and mentors, each having direct engagement with the other two users who are entrepreneurs and talents, on two different platforms, namely startup investment platform for entrepreneurs to meet investors who are there to build the capacity for entrepreneurs to raise capital for their tech startups; and online learning platform for talents and entrepreneurs to meet mentors who are there to build the capacity of talents and entrepreneurs seeking personal development.

It wasn’t easy to come by this idea of welding FINTECH market with Online Learning, in order to create an IOT workspace for fulfilling the dreams of seasonal mentors and investors as well as budding entrepreneurs and aspiring tech talents; but we realized it but needed partnership.

Our Deck

Our Demo

TECF3N1 Usability Details:

There are four action buttons for users to sign up on the account type that connects with their needs, namely: Tech Startup Founder Aspiring Talent (TECHSFAT) Account ; Tech Startup Job Aspiring Talent (TECHSJAT) Account, Tech Startup Investment (TECHSINVEST) Account, and Tech Startup Online Learning Mentor (TECHSOLM) Account. There is a link after the short slug on the homepage leading to this Talent Clip Page.
Our homepage is our landing page, and is simple in appearance, as it only contains our team’s video presentation, Tecf3n1 user instructional video (How to use guide), our team slide show clipping us using the product on our mobile phones, and clips of what pages in the app look like, and how each user can access the app, download and use it, all images.
Then, underneath this first line, after the header video presentation and photo slide show, our four line slugs follow with an action button to “See Details”; the first slug is the product description of Tecf3n1 mobile app, and the second slug is the model slug; which mentions the benefits of our 2 communities to our 4 users.
Our Talent Clip page is where we actually speak directly to the needs of each of our four users, as details of our business model is presented with page breaks, allowing each user to take action just after their needs have been described, in our business model as follows:
TECFCLIP means just what it sounds like – a clip for technology, in three major industries namely; financial technology (FINTECH), Internet of Things (IOT) and online learning (EDUTECH), including mobile app, a fourth industry, which makes us reduce our idea into an app simply known as Tecf3n1; to show what we have done within it as a startup.
And the full meaning of our name “TECFCLIP,” pronounced the way it is written /tekfklip/, is “Talent and Entrepreneurial Career Financing through our Career Learning and Investment Platform.” Our tech startup will be launched as an internet project with the domain address of https://www.tecfclip.com/, as the first link to accessing our product (Tecf3n1); which we’re developing to solve the needs of our four users listed below:
Aspiring Tech Entrepreneurs: We provide you three ways to fulfill your career goals, dreams, aspirations and ambitions, as a tech entrepreneur, by giving you access to our digital learning community, where you are trained to acquire the right tech skills needed to build the right portfolio of a tech entrepreneur. You also gain access to our tech startup investment community, where you submit your portfolio after building them, with the sole aim of letting investors see and fund your tech startup idea, in an easier and faster way.
Moreover, we give you access to our tech startup job boards, our talent acquisition/team building community, where we let you build your team, during or after rounding your seed fund raise in your prototype stage, as an early stage/pre-seed startup. Moreso, you post your jobs on this board calling for co-founders and other talents to form your pioneer tech startup team.
All these you get in one place, by creating a Tech Startup Founder Aspiring Talent (TECHSFAT) Account. You’ll need to click on [Create My ATET Account] or to browse your options for all tech skills training areas for aspiring entrepreneurs and to see the industries you can operate in, with these skills of a tech startup founder, you may Click on the hyperlink, and then you proceed to signup, asap! Tech Startup Job Aspirants: We provide you 3 ways to realize your career vision, namely:
  1. You gain access to our job oriented tech startup career guidance and counseling portal, where you browse through the types of jobs paid top dollars, in tech startups, and see the skills needed to get such jobs, to help you make the right career choice from the onset; then,
  2. We give you the opportunity to take the next step in enrolling for your preferred tech skills-set online learning options, which allow you to be a part of our online learning community, get mentored and graduate with a portfolio of hands-on skills that will aid you in finding your first high-income tech job, and thirdly,
  3. We give you the freedom to visit our tech startup job board, where new jobs are posted by newly funded tech startup founders, and you can apply for the exact job that matches you as a talent fit, and get immediate employment to achieve your tech startup job objectives, without any delay, after completing your job-targeted training program.
You get all these opportunities when you create your Tech Startup Job Aspiring Talent (TECHSJAT) Account. Click on the [Create My TECHSJAT Account] button, or to see the jobs you can find and how much you’ll start earning, as soon as you graduate as a TECHSJAT Account owner, you may proceed to Click the hyperlink and then signup asap.
Tech Startup Investors: We provide you the best, fastest, easiest and most reliable way to acquire shares in a future tech startup before anyone else does so, by bringing the newest and brightest startup ideas of pre-seed tech entrepreneurs, who we have trained, and whose portfolios have been endorsed by global incubator network of mentors confirming that they are ingenuous, relevant, effective and ready for funding, to you. We provide you two ways to invest in our incubated startups, namely:
  1. Initial Shareholders Investment: By subscribing to initial board member shares, which will enable new startup ideas get incorporated after building their management team, and proceed to product development.
  2. Post-launch Investment: by funding the same startups in their series funding rounds from pre-seed to later stages, after the startup has launched its product following its incorporation.

You will find these new tech startup ideas all in one place, where you can easily pick from the diverse options and fund any number of startups in whose initial shares and pre-seed round you will love to invest, before others find it.

We grant this kind of exclusive access to only investors who have created their Tech Startup Investment (TECHSINVEST) Account to join our tech startup investment community. Click on [Create My TECHSINVEST Account], or, to see details of our investment community’s top 10 industries you will be investing in, and categories of investments you can make in a preferred startup, you may Click on the hyperlink, for more details, then you signup asap.
Online Learning Mentors: We provide a very exciting way to earn stipends from our digital learning community, where you can join our global incubator network of Online Learning Mentors, who will represent our team in your institution, as we gather talents from every institution of learning around the world annually, through our mentors working as tutors in these institutions of learning.
And with whose presence and intimacy with the students there, we are able to influence the admin department and career guidance and counseling unit for getting regular referrals of those students, who would otherwise have graduated without a definite and immediate placement on the job of their dream or without getting the mentor support to kickoff and launch their startup ideas immediately.
But, we give them the road-map to career success, where they can find their dream jobs and fund their startup ideas without missing any aspect of requisite talent development. You can get started by creating your Tech Startup Online Learning Mentor (TECHSOLM Account) to join our global incubator network and represent us in your own institution.
By joining our network of mentors you’ll earn stipends from our online learning community, as an online learning mentor, training and guiding, not only students referred from your institution through your influence, but also other students who come to us from around the world.
[Create My TECHSOEM Account] or to see the list of institutions around the world, where our students are targeted to come from and add your own institution if we omitted it on our list, you may Click on the hyperlink to Signup asap. Click Here To See DEMO


Our product has launched a local dimension of human capital development program, to generate the right vibration in view of the online platform to be launched after the first 76 local prospects have taken the program that is designed to raise our first $7.6M, and at this pre-launch, we have reached our first 200 users out of 76,000 first target users, and each will be paying $100.

Our customer research was done using an radio interview and interactive discussion on air in one of our local target locations, and we analyzed our market demand based on the interest expressed by our audience who called into the live broadcast interview session we had on our first radio station, and we intend to continue the research by going to 100 other radio stations in different target locations where our 76,000 target local prospects can be reached at a benchmark of 2000 persons per state annually.


Our special purpose vehicle for your timely participation among our biggest shareholders to enjoy the biggest benefit from our startup has been created. View the full detail of this announcement here

If you have any questions, you may contact:

Send Mail to: tecfclip@tehincome.ws

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Email: byeaceins@gmail.com

Phone: +234 812 622 5948.

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