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NYIC Kindergarten Membership Contract
First Graded NYIC Membership for 1000% Return on Income Stake

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In Your NYIC Kindergarten Membership Contract
First Grade NYIC Member
  • The NYIC Kindergartner offers you a very minimal stake of income you’ll nurse for any period of time required for it to germinate the total return expected.
  • Your income stake is going to return 1000% over a naturally uncertain period of time, but not longer than 6 months, since the nursery depends on natural organic compounds or nutrients reacting on your seed or “income stake”; through a process of nurturing required for the seed to germinate as expected.
  • The best thing about this nursery level is that you will keep receiving payments through the accounts registered into the NYIC, so that you don’t need an online wallet to store your money for you.
  • You keep track of what you’re earning right within your personal account in which payments are made directly, so that when the goal is reached, you freely come back to NYIC to take the next NYIC membership level choosing whichever level you prefer going up or down.
  • There’s no automatic upgrade requirement, it’s entirely up to you to come back to move to another NYIC membership level or to just stop after your first seed has germinated the amount expected.



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