Three Ways Others Will Fund Your Weekly Budget Daily From $2000 In Week One to $120,000 In Week 36

Raise $2000 to $12,000 in 6 Weeks Repeatedly From Peers

Fund Your Weekly Budget Up to $120,000 in 36 Weeks Without Paying Back or Holding Debts

In total of 36 Weeks moving smoothly from group 1 to group 6 in 36 weeks, before returning to group 1 to restart all over again, on every 37th week, your total funds raised from only 36 peers will be $300,000, with $0 in debt to anyone, hence you pay nothing back; whereas other crowdfunding platforms will take you more than 300 donors to fund your perk of this size, and not as easily as this is made to happen here.

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Three Easy Ways to Let Other People Fund Your Weekly Budget

Perhaps you’ve been following up on the weekly posts and sometimes daily updates on social media from Tecfclip, well if you’re here for the first time, you’re welcome.

I’m writing as one who has chosen to build a business around helping people succeed in career and business. My regular posts and updates on this site help me implement this decision.

My name is Francis.

Now that you know me, what do I have for you today?

Today, I will be showing you three simple ways to let other people fund your budget. But before I present them, I’ll quickly give you a background to why I decided to write on this topic today.

In 2015 I started a program known as BYEACE INSTITUTE, Followed by BoldStep Capital later changed to DIC Consult, while in 2016, I went on to start FSJ (Find Startup Jobs), then started another program known as Secsta Funding; all of which never launched.

Not relenting, I then designed another one in 2017 known as NSN, followed by ECFF, and lastly Writality and several other startup ideas were conceived all of which also never launched.

I had one motive for two of these programs (SECTSTA Funding and NSN), “to help people fund their budget with the help of others known as peers.” And the motive for BYEACE INSTITUTE and ECFF was to provide career support to people who needed them. I set up different fundraisers for each of these ideas, but never got funded, until I moved from one to the other.

I had lastly wanted to fund my Tecfclip business through crowdfunding like the others before it, but it wasn’t happening the way I expected, so in attempt at finding an easier way to do it, I researched on what peer-to-peer funding really meant.

From my research, it was really interesting to know that P2P funding was a very easy way to fund your budget with the aid of people like you. At the time of my research, it was a very popular funding practice in the US, while nothing of it was yet seen in Nigeria, until MMM opened the way and others followed.

In 2017, I saw the way MMM was going, and predicted, in one of my posts published at the beginning of January, 2017, that MMM was going to crash, and it did about 6 months later.

I knew why it would crash, because I studied what P2P Funding was in the US as a legal funding channel and realized MMM was just a Ponzi, and yet Nigerians loved it so much, of course, who wouldn’t love Ponzi if it brings in money?

I, however, didn’t go into MMM Ponzi to raise the fund I was still in need of, because I was very skeptical of the way it worked at first, not until the first quarter of 2017 when I needed to raise some extra fund for my wedding budget, and so, desperately, I joined a friend to get on the moving train, and o dear, right in there I got stuck with 100% loss.

Kapow! I was struck stone dead with disappointment. The bad news was that my 130k was never recovered. I saw it happening and it happened.

That part of the money for my wedding budget I spent to get involved in this Ponzi scheme was hard to make, yet it sank deep so easily into the bottomless pit of MMM, and till date haven’t been recovered.

I knew people would fall a victim like me if not guided properly, so I wanted to tell them the truth about P2P which I did in my January 2017 publication.

Now, I have performed my civic responsibility, and think it pays to help people succeed.

So, at this time, I’ve not just spotted but created an opportunity which I will love to share because it’s my dream project about to be launched and it’s my civic responsibility to share it with people I care about, who might benefit from it – people like you who are privileged to learn  about it before others.

When I see something that works, I talk about it, when I see something that wouldn’t work, I warn about it. This time I am going to talk about three ways that walk you to the top of your budget every week.

To learn what these three ways are, click here to find out more.



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