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The Following are the Highlights of Our Ongoing Human Resource Admin Officers Recruitment

Are you looking for a job you can do in a high performance organization, with investment in your career development and a real sense of income and productivity growth? Then this job is for you.

Experience needed: Intern, Entry Level, Mid-Level, Non-manager and Manager / Executive Levels

Qualifications: SSCE, NCE, OND, HND, BSC, B.A., M.A., M.Sc.,

Skills: Sales, Digital marketing, planning, goal setting, team building,

Industry: Human Resource Talent Development

Type: Part Time / Full Time

Training:  OJT (On the Job Training)

Pay rate: N100,000 – N500,000 Per Month

Pay type: Performance Based!

Job Type: High Target Administrative Daily Pay Job

Location: Virtual.

“Employment Hackers” Wanted For Immediate Employment!

Job Objective: Human Resource Admin Officer

Application: Apply HERE  or forward credentials via email to our HRM.

Job Description: See terms at HERE.

Timeline: Apply on or before the closing date for accepting new applications – May 20, 2018.

Career Development Training Incentives: Fees apply, for all except the first 10 successful applicants

Training Fee: N67,000 for all others.

Training Sponsorship Confirmation:

  • 100% career training sponsorship is available for only the first 10 applicants (makes it free training),
  • % for 2nd 10 applicants (pay only N5000 instead of N67,000),
  • % for 3rd 10 applicants (pay only N10,000 instead of N67,000),
  • % for 4th 10 applicants (pay only N15000 instead of N67,000),
  • % for 5th 10 applicants (pay only N20,000 instead of N67,000),
  • % for 6th 10 applicants (pay only N25000 instead of N67,000),
  • % for 7th 10 applicants (pay only N30,000 instead of N67,000),
  • % for 8th 10 applicants (pay only N35,000 instead of N67,000),
  • % for only 9th 10 applicants (pay only N40,000 instead of N67,000),
  • % for only 10th 10 applicants (pay only N45,000 instead of N67,000)
  • % for only 11th 10 applicants (pay only N50,000 instead of N67,000)
  • % for only 12th 10 applicants (pay only N55,000 instead of N67,000)
  • % for only 13th 10 applicants (pay only N60,000 instead of N67,000)
  • % for only 14th 10 applicants (pay only N65,000 instead of N67,000)
  • % for only 15th 10 applicants (pay only N66,000 instead of N67,000)

And so, until the 15th 10 applicants get their % sponsorship, the full training price will not be applied in any recruitment round, going by the goal of recruiting 150 applicants in each round; so the earliest applicants get higher sponsorship by us their Employer.

Training Focus: Productivity & Income Growth

The OJT (On the Job Training) covers lessons, activities and final assignment before the commencement of the job on:

  • Lesson One: Introduction to Personal Productivity

In the age of the smartphone, we are expected to be more productive than ever. We all seem to be busy all the time and the more we do, the more stressed we sometimes feel. We rarely stop to think about whether all this busy-ness actually makes us more productive! See more in the training.

  • Lesson Two: Getting things done

This lesson focuses on how to execute your priority tasks. To move from planning to execution you need to break down big tasks into smaller more manageable chunks. Learn more in the lesson.

  • Lesson Three: Managing priorities

Most managers start their days with to-do lists that keep them busy throughout the day creating the illusion that everything is important. When we approach activities in this way, we sometimes lose focus on the things that matter most, hence the reason why we need to learn to priorities. Learn more in the lesson.

  • Lesson Four: Managing your time

This lesson focuses on how you can manage your time to ensure the most important things get done.
Have you ever heard the phrase ‘African time’! There is a perception that in Africa people don’t keep to time. Is this true? What do you think about punctuality? Is time-keeping important, or is it more important to make time for people?
This may be influenced by culture, and you will need to decide this with your team, boss or check your company policy on time. Learn more in the lesson.

  • Lesson Five: Results & Accountability

This lesson focuses on holding yourself accountable for delivering those results. As a manager, the buck stops with you; you can delegate various responsibilities and tasks but you remain accountable for the final outcome. Learn more in the Lesson.

Moving Forward Into The Job After The Training!

To help you apply what you’ve learnt in the job you’re being trained for, we’ll conclude your training program with a Review of the course objectives and next steps. Then present you with activities for each of the five lessons you were trained on, to test how well the lessons improved your understanding of the subjects taught, then we’ll give you a final assignment to submit, which replaces the formal job interview, hence your screening will be based on your final assignment submitted.

And finally, to get you set for the job, we’ll give you five tools associated with each of the five lessons, namely:

  1. Daily Planner Tool
  2. Planning Template – Gantt Chart
  3. Time Quadrant Template
  4. Weekly Task Planner
  5. Agenda for Playing Accountability Partner with your team members.

These tools will help you implement what you’ve learnt in your day to day work and life, so that the results you will achieve from this implementation will be income growth measurable in your performance on the job and in the pay you earn for your daily productivity and measurable monthly output for the company.

This job is thus tied to helping you achieve administrative career success.

Entering Into the Job Itself

You’re required to work with us as an “Employment Hacker”. This is a creative, administrative role; which we created for everyone who applies for our limitless admin jobs. For your job specification Click Here to View Terms of Employment.

You’ll be one of our human resource admin officers and will have the privilege to learn our startup’s strategy of “Generating Employment;” one of the core areas of our startup’s social impact.

The best part of this job is that we created it out of the box, in an area no one is thinking millions of jobs can be created.

We are the first company to to break the code in the Human Resource industry, through our H.R Talent Development strategy tied to another of our core areas of social impact – “Capacity Development;” which is one of the reasons we create jobs that are hooked on training; for career development in the specific areas we chose to specialize on, in our internet business niche.

We create jobs for everyone to be a part of our growing team, irrespective of academic and financial background. It’s particularly with this strategy that we achieve the “Capacity Development” area of our company’s Social Impact, being a Startup with the legal structure of a virtual Community Interest Company (CIC).

Post Application Expectations From New Applicants

When you apply for our H.R. Admin job, you’ll be a part of our growing team of trainers building the capacity of our dynamic team of recruiters, through whom we continue building capacities, in the 3 other areas of our stellar training programs, namely:

  • Human Resource Specialists Training for Consultants
  • Direct Response Lead Generation Training For Graduates
  • Google My Business Technical Writing Training For Freelance Writers

We provide these training programs and a fourth one; where your team’s focus will mostly rest on – Income For Life Training For Aspiring Business Owners – that all target developing the capacity of over 100,000 graduates, 1000,000 youths, and over 100,000,000 aspiring business owners, entrepreneurial aspirants and internet business enthusiasts.

What’s Our Company’s Reputation Like?

We’ve broken the record of being the fastest growing startup, with the largest training capacity, and a size of over 10,000,000 employees in only one country, even though we are a completely virtual company, that’s not run from a local office.

We retain the capacity to expand our team to every region by duplicating our strategy through regional reps, and that’s what makes us really sustainable, since our business model is scale-able and highly profitable. There’s nothing stopping us from localizing whenever and wherever we like, but we remain an online company so we can reach more people through targeted and domesticated social impact; which we’ve begun from Nigeria and Africa.

No other company has achieved this record neither does any company  have the capacity to pay the high rates we pay all our hired and trained new team members. It’s because we’re extremely profitable and stay always accountable as our Founder disclosed here.

Our History

We started building our startup as a side project on Patreon, so we begun making efforts to attract investors all to no avail here, it was all by the effort of our founder, then we went to make better plans for our startup on angel list here. but in spite of all the efforts made, we never received funding from anyone. 

Our Founder worked his butts out in 2017, and still didn’t achieve the local hub for launching the startup, and all these disappointments led him to decide to Poise the company on the internet as a non-local company. The final starting was in February 2018 when our Founder authored a new book titled “Celebrating Multiple Achievements Repeatedly” in which he disclosed how he would focus on the mission of Tecfclip even without any investment.

That’s why the official date for the founding of tecfclip is February 13, 2018, significantly based on the publication of the book “Celebrating Multiple Achievements Repeatedly”  and suffice to say this book is the manual for everyone who becomes a part of the Tecfclip Team. So, it’s necessary that you secure your copy this manual before it gets all sold out on Amazon. Click the image below to get your copy.

Despite not being funded by  any investors network, we could still achieve so much and have remained the one startup that everyone will look up to, for their best paying jobs, irrespective of their academic and financial background.

Who Do We Prefer For Our Jobs?

We prefer anyone who is career focused and interested in self-development. You may be asking whether you have what we’re looking for in an Admin officer, and we’ll tell you exactly what you need to know about this job.

Your role is to hire and train our recruiters known as Human Resource Consultants (HURCs) in three specialist areas for grouping them, namely: a. FGS-TRS, b. OJT-TRS, and c. NYIC-TRS. You’ll learn more about this grouping during your orientation, after the training.

It’s important to take note that you’re being trained in order to be able to train them with the same lessons you’re being trained with, and the freedom will be yours to bill them for the company, using the company’s 3 different price structures set for them, as found here. The best pricing will depend on your level as an admin as well as their ability and timing. That’s all about it for now, you’ll learn the rest about this during your one-on-one orientation with your assigned manager. If you’ve never done this kind of job before, there’s nothing to worry about, provided you’re ready for this job; where your previous job experience and academic background is not important to us.

Even though we prefer graduates for this job, anyone without ever being  in college can excel in this job with the support of our training program plus orientation. What we’re looking for in any applicant, like you, is a strong desire to succeed, and a keen interest to work with us.

So, graduates and undergraduates and any other interested person may apply for this job. There is a space for almost everyone; over 500,000 openings are available and 150 set to be filled right now, as at every recruitment round. And all these people are working directly with Tecfclip. You’re not recruited in order to be sent to any other company. We’re not recruiting for any company out there. We are recruiting you to join our own dynamic and creative team.

Our HRM (Hiring Manager) will review all applications and furnish you with the name and contact details of an admin manger assigned to train you for your job, as your coach and mentor. You get this training free if you apply today among the first 10 applicants for this round of recruitment. This round will be repeated until over 5000 people like you have been hired to our admin team.

After the first 5000 applicants, the other 495,000 will pay a whooping N67,000 for this training, with no sponsorship given to any of them; so apply now to save 100% of the training fee, among the first 10 applicants on this round. If you’re fast enough to be among among the first 10 of each 150 per round towards hiring our first 5000 applicants, you’ll pay absolutely nothing for the training required for this job.

What More Before You Can Get This Job?

If you want to get this job, to join our team of 500,000 H.R. Admins, then you may want to submit your application on the next page, and you’ll be invited to review our terms of employment, if you haven’t done so already, just before joining us. If you accept our term of employment,  that’s only when you can get trained to start working immediately.

The pay rate set for you is very high and all the benefits of this job have been included in the terms of employment; which you’ll access immediately your application has been received by the HRM. Your training will follow immediately you contact your assigned admin manager with the contact details to be sent you after your endorsement of the employment term has been received.

How to apply:

Your application can be completed in less than 2 minutes by filling the form on the next page and submitting it. Click the link below to apply now.

Click Here to Apply or Your Limitless Admin Job Now.


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