If I asked you to choose between spending only 2 hours to save both time and money, or spending so much as 2,160 hours for the same opportunity to deal profitably in the Foreign Exchange Market, and at 3 times higher cost than a 2 hour deal, will you choose 2 hrs / 2,160 hrs?

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Let's proceed with the deal!


You know what you have to do...?


Did you Just say: 

"Welcome too?"

And maybe you're also asking:

What do I do to start?

Then, I don't have to waste anytime on this, because...

It's easy...

To start, you pay the admission fee...

And that's just it.

You want to know how much?
Okay! A quick response right here:

$120 only….

As soon as your initial payment of the admission fee of $120 is received, you will be scheduled for a 2 hrs live session with me, starting by 10:00 pm tonight.

Why Is $120 Admission Fee The Best Deal Ever?

Well, I will tell you why.

That's the deal.
I am charging below the $300 benchmark admission fee for this kind of deal.


Do a little research on the cost of Forex mentoring...
In Nigeria,...

The standard rate is 100,000 NGN, that's over $300.

But I charge less than that, above 50% discount applied already.

Yet I give an accelerated program that gets you all set and ready for your first $120 profit in less than 24 hours after only 2 hrs live session with me... [No where else can this happen so fast]

Make your inquiry, no other Institution beats this margin and speed with 200% guarantee of success that sets me apart from competitions.

You see, I am very fair in my pricing.

What's more, other mentoring academies require you to fund your account yourself even after paying their fee of well over $300, and even after spending 3 months in training, plus commuting cost.

But I am even more generous to the extent I even fund your account for you and show you how to start making profit from day 1.

Do you think I am not fair?

If you joined my Whatsapp channel and have been there up to 4 hours already, then you must have seen my message there.

I posted the admission fee there in the message you saw.

And what do you say about it? 


Well, that is a pretty response!

And that's just to say, you can become a foreign exchange trader when you get admitted with $120 and you are scheduled for a live session with me.

I'm sure I didn't just here you say something like "I'm not interested!"

Or did you just say:

"I don't have that money now and the deal you are talking about I don't know...?"
Maybe you mean I should expatiate.


If you say something like...

"I don't have that money now!"

Then, I'll take it that you haven't understood the deal. So I'll just expatiate.

This is the deal... 

A little bit of allusion to it might help.

When You Make Money From A Donation Received Or Linear Income Earned On A Job's Wage, That Money Gets Spent And Finishes, While You Await Another Such Money, Right?

But What If You Wanted That Same Money To Replenish or Bring In More Money, Instead of Just Spending it or leaving it locked up in your bank account,  What Will You Do With It?

Trade With It, Right?

Which Trade Deal Do You Know That Can Beat The Profit Margin of Foreign Exchange?

None, Right?

Why Is That So?

It's Because The Cash You Have Can Worth More, If Exchanged With a Weaker Foreign Currency, and If You know how to Use the cash you have to acquire all the stronger Foreign Currencies, It will be Worth More When You Want It Back In Your Local Currency.

I am Sure You Think This Kind of Deal Takes Time....

But It Doesn't.

It's A Transaction You Can Make In Minutes, and Even Start Immediately If The Cash You Have Now is Up To $120 (45,000 NGN).

If You Start This Deal Today... In the Next 12 Months, Your Profit Will Be Something Like This:

Month 1: $100
Month 2: $200
Month 3: $400
Month 5: $800
Month 6: $1600
Month 7: $3200
Month 8: $6400
Month 9: $12,800
Month 10: $25,600
Month 11: $51,200
Month 12: $102,400

Are you seeing that? 

In Only Two Years, if you continue the monthly trades resulting in a 100% Month on Month Growth, you'll be amazed at how much you little admission fee of $120 has fetched you.

If you didn't get admitted in the next two years you, is there a way you could possibly be making this kind of profit?

Hell No! 

This Is the Deal, and if you are willing to Learn, then I am willing to show you what your $120 is worth without you making another investment to get the projected high yield in 12 months, which saving it in the bank can't never guarantee.

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Invest in yourself with the payment of your admission fee of only $120 that will enable me show you how this investment in yourself could generate a return of $102,400 in only 12 months, without another investment.

Don't be a Mr. Thomas, enroll in my class and this deal will be kicked off immediately.

Want to deal?

Maybe you're still saying ...


And what's your reason for saying "No?"

It might be because someone did same thing I am doing and duped you the last time you went into a similar deal.,


That's a Terrible Reason You've Got For Saying No, Because Bad Experiences In The Past Don't Spell Doom In the Future. Correct me If I'm wrong.

You Shouldn't Dwell on Ugly Experiences In The Past, Otherwise You'll Never Take The Next Step To Move You Forward.

If I've never Duped You, Then I might Never Dupe You. 

Is that clear?

Are hesitant because you're trying to know how you can locate me, so you're asking: where is your office?

I feel ashamed to see you don't even realize that you're with me in my office as you're listening to me right now, otherwise you couldn't have heard me talk to you.

This is my official point of contact, so it is called a website, meaning, you meet me on my own site on the web, a sort of office online, not quite different from when you meet me in office offline. 

The important thing right now is that I am expressing myself the same way I would have expressed myself if you met me offline, and it's even easier for you because you don't have to take flight to catch up a schedule with me in my home office or workplace. 

I can service you right in your bedroom from my own bedroom, and that's really what is beautiful about this thing called internet and distance communication made easy and fast.

Yes, you've learnt something cool today, that deals of this kind can be closed without both parties meeting each other in person. 

If you didn't know about this before, then welcome to the New World of Communication made easy.

But it's what happens...

I believe you won't want my deal if I can't persuade you to take it.

Ok! Since It's for your own good, I'll just persuade you a little bit.

Do you wish to ask me any questions regarding this deal?

I see how it feels listening for a long time without asking questions... 

If you're feeling frustrated right now, then just join my Whatsapp channel and ask me questions in private chat. 

Is that okay?

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This is about foreign exchange...

You know what that is I guess!!!

That's to say...

You do business like the bank...

But do it cashless...

You don't collect deposit...

You don't process check or withdrawal slip (Cheque at the teller)....

You only transact on the same system the banks transact...

They have big Money...

But you can have just $120 and still be able to get good trades...
You know the currency changers at your bank teller....

They deal on cash...

You deal cashless currency exchange...

The banks buy and sell currencies to their customers traveling or returning from travel...

You take part in all the transactions done worldwide; by learning the system on which it is happening... And having a stake there as a trader.

Your goods are the money others are exchanging around the globe.

But You don't stock them... Yet you trade them.

It's a really convenient business, or the most convenient business for anyone.

You profit like the banks do from everyone's money, yet you don't work long hours like bankers do.

You don't do any supply like the street corner currency exchange merchants, yet you really buy and sell world currencies every day.

It's a very lucrative business... or the most lucrative, I should claim... 

And I teach you how to start this business from your home in only 2 hours.

I teach you how to make profit everyday.

Your daily profit grows from...

Month 1: $5 daily
Month 2: $10 daily
Month 3: $20 daily
Month 4: $40 daily
Month 5: $80 daily
Month 6: $120 daily
Month 7: $240 daily
Month 8: $480 daily
Month 9: $960 daily
Month 10: $1920 daily
Month 11: $3840 daily
Month 12: $7680 daily

You can see it growing, and you can feel the wave, and you know no job can make you comfortably earn $7680 daily in with only 12 months, just 1 year experience on it. 

That's what makes this the giant deal, and if you start today, you are really securing your financial future with this deal.
I am Francis Isugu

Reading this far shows you're still interested in this deal.

That's fine!

So, why shouldn't I care about your interest?

Let's Talk Just A Little About Me Now.

I work with people all the time and they have their interest that I protect before mine....

That's why I train students...

I love being personally involved in my students affairs, as they learn to trade foreign exchange, after their first 2 hours in my class.

So, I focus on development of talent... training traders is my hobby!

Attending to their needs takes time though, because it means I'll spend less time with family, just to make sure my students are doing well as traders.

As they trade with my directives, they are directly seeking out my counsel.

And I can deny them my attention every day, that's how I take care of my students...

I trade...

You know...

My priorities are in talent development.

Okay, if I'm a trainer when do I have time to trade?

A trainer is always in class...

So, I teach my students with live trades...

I am resident in Port Harcourt, Nigeria.

You can meet me in person for your training, but that's not part of this deal...

If you prefer to inconvenience me by seeking a personal meeting with me, then you'll pay my fee of personal meeting for the higher price of this deal worth $1500... 

I won't say no to that.

If you want such a deal, then you can locate me at 38, AIRPORT Road, RumuodomaYa, Port Harcourt, when you've already paid my $1500 to book me for a personal meeting, which makes you a VIP among other of my students, so I will attend to you in such a way.

Are you saying, you will contact when  ready?

It's fine! But why delay to raise $1500 to book me for personal meeting and training, when $120 is all you need to join my students for a live session with me online?

I believe in practical teaching method.

I love to get my students started quickly.

That's why I don't keep them in class for 3 months as other trainers do.

I believe 2 hrs is all you need to learn the ropes of getting started...

Practice is where the core lessons are learnt...
Then you practice afterwards, like my  other students....

They become better traders by actually trading...

So, my objective is first to help them start trading faster...

I teach the entry level traders what is required to start trading...

After then...

They see it working on the field of real trade....

It's proven to be the best training method I've adopted so far, so I stopped depending on the regular 3 months training....

I have been teaching my students in only 2 hours and they get

Then they continue learning along the line...

That way they see the risk and learn the ropes along the way.


I will show you how today's trades have gone for my students who started early enough.... and that will be when you join my channel on Whatsapp and send me your full names in private chat.

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You've got a good idea now...

So, will you become my student?

Please send me your full names to my private chat after joining my channel below!

Are you ready to process your admission now?

Send payment of $120 (45,000 NGN) fee for your admission to the Daily $120 FX Income live session coming up by 10:00pm - 12:00am tonight.

For Students In Nigeria Only.
Pay to:
Francis Isugu

Send payment proofs to my whatsapp private chat here: 07080067890 when done.

Your payment will be confirmed and you will be added to the class for your first 2 hrs live training session with me by 10:00 pm - 12:00 am tonight.

After that, you will receive details to login to your newly created live trading account, which my support agent will set up for you, while I fund it for you. 

So for your first month's deal with me, after your admission fee has been paid, you will have $100 equity in your trading balance funded by me; 

With this, you will be able to start your first day's trade, and start collecting your $120 daily FX income in less than 24 hours with only 6 month of closing this deal with me.


For Nigerian Students Only
Assuming you're ready to pay  your admission fee now, then won't you prefer an easier payment method?

You can pay via mobile banking.

Use Code below for your quick mobile payment...



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Best regards!

Francis Isugu,

Whatever order made in this store will be processed via email, mobile phone and offline payments.-- Cooperate with us or call: 08102427303 Dismiss