Tecfclip is a multiple income portfolio management and talent development startup.

It’s different from other portfolio managers because it will stay in business for the duration required for every child to acquire programming skill and eventually become a tech startup founder, it will continue to support aspiring tech talents to find placements in tech startups, and help aspiring tech startup founders to acquire the tech skills they need and meet the funders who will take their startups to the next level.

Techclip’s investors, mentors, founders and talents communities will show up in this site’s navigation menu when the products have been fully developed, funded and launched.

While waiting for the technologies being built, any person can start with the NYIC membership offered on this site until the products have been launched, then they can switch to choosing which other community to belong to among the four aforementioned.

The NYIC Offer…




The NYIC offer is one that introduces users to potential opportunities for spreading, multiplying and diversifying their income. It consists of four later membership levels and one initial membership level, namely:

  • NYIC Creche: Where people visiting this site in Nigeria are free to join in order to be qualified for the personalized opportunities to start nurturing their income.
  • NYIC Kindergarten: the first level of graded membership where the income stake is at its lowest and users get 1000% returns over a period of time, before moving to the next membership level.
  • NYIC Nursery 1: second level of graded membership where the income stake doubles on the precedent level’s stake and so the return is also doubled.
  • NYIC Nursery 2: third level of graded membership where the income stake is multiplied 5 times over the precedent stake and that makes the return also multiply 5 times over the former.
  • NYIC Nursery 3: fourth and ultimate graded membership level where the income stake is a double of the precedent stake and so the return is also a double of the former.

The users of the NYIC offer enjoy a number of benefits relating to being able to triple earn higher income and prepare better for retirement. (And it gets even better as a way of getting involved in a risk-free investment opportunity.)

…there other reasons why the NYIC offer is great:

  • Users have access to an unlimited number of opportunities to diversify their asset by spreading their income across the new areas of multiple income customized just for them.
  • They see their income grow exponentially in their bank account without their banks being able to stop their income growing, even while they are not making any personal deposit into that account, in order to track their income yields from the Nurser Your Income Community offer.
  • They never take an investment risk that will cost them a loss they cannot bear, so they get recommendations that have been verified and have a guarantee of multiplying their income legally.
  • They never fall into the hands of online scam as they don’t nurture their income themselves, but their income gets nurtured for them through the community support they get when the right opportunities tailored to their indicated level of commitment is sent to their inbox from time to time.
  • To keep getting paid and seeing their income rise without worrying about what they have to do to make this rise happen.
  • They have financial goals that they are able to meet with ease and keep making more money day by day through the support of the community.
  • They are able to make the money they need to live decently!

As a new startup, tecfclip is committed to building technologies that matter, but won’t keep you waiting long without enriching you first. Join NYIC!

Whatever order made in this store will be processed via email, mobile phone and offline payments.-- Cooperate with us or call: 08102427303 Dismiss