Here’s a really solid article I wanted to pass on about price, and why you should not sell on discounts.  Read it here.
MOBE Daily #192

“You need some rationale for why it makes sense for them to make the purchase. The best ones are so “brain-dead” stupid that makes it shameful and stupid not to buy.”

~ Dan Kennedy, on pricing your product


If you’re selling to business owners – B2B – here’s a quick tip for you…

It’s far easier to sell higher priced programs when you are selling to other businesses.  Why?  Because if you can demonstrate ROI, then really what you’re selling is money at a discount.

Lets say you have a program which increases back-end sales…

A client with a business buys your program, and is able to make 10% on top of what they’re already doing, with the extra upsell revenue.

And lets say that client is already doing 100k a year.

You come along and offer them your program, and show them how it can deliver 10% more, which is another 10k.

And in return for this wonderful information, you ask them for measley 2k in return.

You’ll deliver an extra 10k a year for them in exchange for 2k.  As long as your offer is presented clearly and there’s some certainty in their mind it will deliver, the decision is a no-brainer.

Now during your sales presentation, you want to explain how your product or service will help them get more customers, increase their revenue, make sales and ultimately make more money than what they’re paying you.

And here’s the key;

The greater the multiple of additional money delivered, compared to the costs involved, the more likely you are to get the sale.

So if for the program described above you’d asked for 5k instead of 2k… now the multiple would be only a factor of 2X, as opposed to 5X.

It’s going to be a much harder sale.

That’s because many prospects won’t believe your program can deliver as much as you promise.  They’re naturally skeptical.  But if there’s enough buffer built in they’ll figure, “even if this program delivers half of everything it’s supposed to, I’ll still come out ahead,” – then they have more confidence to move forwards.

Another big confidence builder is going to be a lot of proof in the form of testimonials.

Which other business owners have bought your deal and got great returns?  If you have some case studies, feature them heavily in your sales spiel.

The highest price point I’ve ever sold on a webinar has been $100,000 – through doing exactly what I just explained.  The main reason they bought, is because they believed the program could deliver a positive ROI.  They were buying a lot more than an additional 100k… so spending the 100k to get that extra money made sense.

I go a lot more into detail about the specifics of selling high-ticket programs in MOBE Advantage.  In this month’s issue, I also teach you;

  • Why smart entrepreneurs are all about the LONG game, and how to position your business to last for years to come
  • How to think big, when your business isn’t…yet
  • Where great content comes from and how to produce more of it (and never again run out of ideas)
  • Tired of losing the game? CHANGE it. Perry Marshall shows you how.
  • The one thing to NEVER take your eye off of, in business and in life
  • How to hire a high-level financial leader or CFO, and what you need to know about this mission-critical role
  • How to stop overcomplicating things and DO WHAT WORKS
  • The importance of thinking long-term when it comes to your business investments
  • Why you can never be TOO on top of your financial position—and why it pays to obsess
  • Managing your time like a BOSS—how being a better time manager can make you rich
  • Meet six “blue collar” millionaires and learn their secrets to success
  • Discover the power of packaging to sell your company—even if you never plan to leave your business
  • Creating a legal checks system and why it matters
  • Limiting information overload starting NOW
  • Why your customers don’t care about your products and services (and what they DO care about instead)
  • Five keys to crowdfunding success

Your first issue is on me.  Just help cover shipping.  You can get it here.

MOBE Daily#192-1

Choose to Be a Positive Person

All wealthy and powerful people have something in common. They built their wealth and power by surrounding themselves with people who were wealthier and more powerful than they were.

The people you surround yourself with are the people you will become like. If you surround yourself with positive, ambitious people, you too will become positive and ambitious.

In this video, filmed at the Titanium Mastermind in the Dominican Republic, Chris Lakey talks about the importance of who you surround yourself with.

MOBE Daily#192-2

Getting Perfect Lighting on Your Videos

Do you want to publish a video where your face is dark, the camera is on a wonky angle and there are distracting elements in the background?

Of course you don’t. It’s worth taking some steps to get the right equipment and set-up for your videos, so that you are well illuminated and you don’t look like an amateur.

In this video, filmed at the Diamond Mastermind in Bali, Indonesia, Norbert Orlewicz gives you some tips to get the perfect lighting on your videos.

MOBE Daily#192-3

Why You Can’t Afford Not to Invest in Real Estate

You’ve heard many times that real estate is an excellent investment.

Not only can real estate bring you a passive income, but there are certain reasons why it’s a better investment than particular other asset classes. If you’re not buying real estate, when are you going to start?

In this video, filmed at the Real Estate Investing Summit during the Titanium Mastermind in the Dominican Republic, John Lee gives you 3 reasons you can’t afford not to invest in real estate.

Talk soon!

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