1. 1 Platform Provides Financial packages that range from financial instruments trading account management contracts; for private and cooperative traders, to trading career educational programs, membership & fundraiser plans!
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1Platform is the world’s #1 1-4-1 platform where you find your best financial opportunity to earn higher income your best way, and stay in control of its growth as your sure & true source of easy life income earned without stress.

1Platform serves you the right financial opportunity to earn the kind of income you always dream of, without the frustrating rat race of a 9-5 job; instead, with fun and happiness that you’re the master of your time and your money works for you: to live the life of your dream, and enjoy the fun life of real personal and financial freedom.

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1Platform is the 1-4-1 income opportunity to earn much higher income your own best way, you only choose one best way and start earning with it on 1platform.

1Platform’s Five Ways At A Glance

  • First WayTucip $120 Salary For Life Cooperative Commodity Trading Portfolio

  • Second Way: Journey from $100 to $400k Annual Income Personal Commodity Trading Career

  • Third Way: FXTAM $250 to $50,000 Monthly Income Financial Instruments 9 Months 0-Trading Contract

  • Fourth Way: HTML $650 to $3,250 Monthly Income For Digital Marketers In The New Economy

  • Fifth Way: BMBHT $2000 to $12,000 Weekly Income For Ordinary People Co-Funding Their Weekly Budgets By Bringing Their Best 6 Peers To Team up on SECSTA FUNDING…

The Benefits

  • Freedom to choose one way and move up to Earn higher income on same way

  • Above-average income to fulfill your dreams on your best way

  • Work less than 1 hour a day on any way you choose without earning less

  • Zero loss of fund on each way with 100% assurance of profit and easy life income on any way you choose

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When you access 1platform for the first time, you access it completely free of charge, but when you want to partner with 1platform to share your contacts for new partnership engagements through us, you pay N5000 for letting us convert each contact you share with us into partner to grow our membership base, that way we pay you for conversion achieved!

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